Creek Indian War of Lawrenceville

If you have any information on any of the names in the list below please send me a message. I would like to get as much information on these men as possiable. I have a number of them in my data base already and a number of them came to Arkansas after the war. The ones in bold are already in my data base. I would like to get a family of every man here. Please Help.

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Additional information by Marie Parks


At an election held in the Town of Lawrenceville on the 24th of May, 1836, for the election of officers to command the Company of mounted Infantry raised by voluntyeering in the 45th Regiment of Georgia Militia, We the managers of said election, certify that we managed the election agreeable to law, and that Hamilton Garmany was elected Captain; John N. Reeves, First Lieutenant: Henry P. Thomas, Second Lieutenant, and Isaac S. Lacy Ensign. Done by order of

John N. Alexander, J.P Thos.,W. Alexander, C. Howell,
Georgia, Gwinnett County.
To His Excellency, Wm. Schley.
Dear Sir:

In obedience to your general order of the 13th May, a volunteer company of Mounted Infantry was attempted to be raised on Friday the 20th, inst., there not being a sufficient number who volunteered to form a full compani I thought proper to call out the Regiment to meet at Lawrenceville on Tuesday, the 24th, inst., to make the attempt to complete the Company of Mounted Infantry, and after the men had been formed into line the express from you arived with your orders to raise ever tenth man. The order was then given for volunteers to fill out the Company of Monted Infantry which was immediately done. I then ordered those from the line who would volunteer for a Company of Infantry would step out, when a company was immediately raised. These two companies constitute as near as I can ascertain every tenth man in my Regiment. The returns of the election of officers, their names and the number of the officers and men in herein enclosed. I hope their commissions will be forwarded to Columbus to them as soon as possible, as I have this day started both companies to that place and directed the officers to report themselves to General Lowe immediately on their arrival at that place. I have furnished them with baggage and baggage wagons and all the necessary implements for their accommodation, and money to buy provisions for themselves and horses on their march. The officers have, and will have, all the necessary, vouchers to show the expenditure, and I hope your Excellency will order the wagoners to be paid, as they were promised their pat on their arrival there. I have though proper as this is a case that requires immediate action and that it is very important that the officers should be immediately commissioned, to send this return by express and hope you will pay him for his services. The papers herein inclosed will show the names of the officers and of the men attached to the different companies-all of which is respectfully submitted to your Excellency

James Austin, Colonel,
Comd. 45th Regiment, G. M.


Hammond Garmany, Captain; John N. Reeves, First Lieutentant;

Henry P. Thomas, Second Lieutentant; Isaac S. Lacy, Insign; James C. Martin, Henry B. Thompson, Viveon Holmes, Washington Holmes, Edwin Rice, James T. Mcdade[sic],Henry Peden. Thos. W. Hunt, J.A.V. Tate, Wm. V. Hacket, Benjamin Couch, Samuel M. Robinson, Chaney Couch, Robt. M. Pucket, Wm. Wardlaw, Robt. T. Holland, James M. Allen, Robert G. Hackett, Saml. M. Ship, Valentine A. Harris, Hames H. Holland, James R. McAster, James Gorden, Miles Culver, Benj. Laughridge, Raus B. Martin, Wm. E. Atkinson, John L. Foster, James S. McDill[sic], James C. Dunlap, Wm. M. Sims, Jesse Vade, James H. Foster, Benj. M. Powel, Theodore D. Doney, Thos. J. Chambers, James Key, Wm. M. Foster, Madison L. Adair, John B. Benson, Thos. P Nelms, Daniel M. Clower, Saml. Dunn, John Kemp, Wm. C. Orr, Freeman H. Liddle, Patrick M. Scott, David W. Spence, Clark Howell, Capt. Thos. Holland, John R. Alexander, Thos. W.Alexander, Nelson Roberts, John Ezzard, Jeremiah Bateman, B.F. Morgan, A. Pool, John Bowman, Wm. Stapp, Jas. H. Casper, M.T.Hamilton, Thos. Bagby, Jas Montgomery, Chas Burton, Meshack Reid, John Strickland, Alfred Penly, Jesse Hunnicut, A. Martin, Drury Peoples, Wm. J. Terry, Prettyman Berry.


George Reed(I was elected captain of one company. This company was attached to the second regiment of volunteers and ordered into service by Governor Schley. The company was mustered into service at Columbus by Major Kirby, of the United States Army, for three months.


Captain George Reed; 1st lieutenant, Samuel L. Jones; 2nd Lieutenant, John C. Sammons; Ensign, John Cain, 1st Sgt., Joel T. Thresher; 2nd Sgt., William Keenan; 3rd Sgt., Thomas T. Langley; 4th Sgt., Jesse Thompson; 1st Cpl., John Harbin; 2nd Cpl., William Couch; 3rd Cpl., Jeremiah McClung; 4th Cpl,. Joseph Terry; drummer, William T. Gray; Fifer, John Osborn.


Anderson Arnold, Henderson Arnold, E. C. Atha, John F. Adkins, John W. Austin, John L. Baugh, William P. Brown, Merrell C. Bennett, John g. Bennett, Mahlon Bennett, Jonus Cango, Israel Chandler, Ransom Chandler, James Caloway, Richard Couch, Samuel M. C. Drummond, Pierce Dickens, James W. Davis, Charles Dodson, turner L. Evans, James J. Ethridge, Jesse fountain, Thomas Gray, Nathan s. Goza, Oliver H. P. Goza, John Garner, Johnson, S. Griswell, Richard G. Harbin, Benjamin, M. Harbin, Samuel Hamby, Elisha Holcomb, James Horton, Humphrey Hurst. Soloman Hopkins, Claiburn Jackson, Soloman H. Jackson, Thomas Jinks, L. B. Jackson, William Jenkins, Johnson Kemp, Stranmore Kilcrease, James Kilcrease, Jeptha V. Langley, Miles Langley, Robert Miller, Joseph Mills, William Nelson, Bartly Parnell, John Pendley, Asa G. Rhodes, Aaron Shadwick, Henry Smith, Joseph Stephens, Burton M. South, Allen Smith, Jefferson Singleton, Dennis Singleton, Martin H. Taylor, William Tutton, Hamilton, Trammell, John Y. Terry, Henry M. Taylor, David Taylor, William A. Turley, John Wynn, Thomas Watson.


On Tuesday May 25, 1836, Colonel James Austin, who was at the head of the regiment in Gwinnett County, assembled the entire militia of the county at the courthouse for the purpose of organizing for the Creek War the raging in the vicinity of Columbus, Just as assembled a messanger arrived from the Governor with orders directed to Colonel Austin to raise men for immediate service by voluntary enlistmen or by draft. A call was made for Volunteers to form a company for the protection of the citizens of the county and adjoining counties. About 90 men formed a line. Notice was given that on Friday, the 27, the company would be organized at the coutrhouse when the following citizens ment and organized by electing:


Benjamin Gholston, Captain; George Oran, First Lieutenant; W. Isham Williams, Second Lieutenant; Ezekiel Mathews, Ensign, The company was called the Gwinnett Grays.


Elisha Winn, James D. Peden, J. Barnett, D. Bradford, John Sammon, William Gordon, Asa Wade, M. Mays, Newton Bramblett, R. Halcome, Hugh Baker, J. Mauldin, D. Spence, W. Bennett, J. B. Turner, Wm. Montgomery, M. McKenney, J. Rambo, D.P. Allen, Wm. Tumlin, Charles Lavender, Z. Brooks, John Brooks, Joseph Morgan, A. Clark, Jas. Hood, wm. Robinson, E. Wilson, Henry Glassco, Benjamin Smith, P. Mauldin, Wm. Morrow, George M. Gresham, Fred Hart, T. Langford, simeon Perry. J. Baker, John Bankston, Few Gordon, Tomas Robinson, Sterling Callahan, H. M. Skaggs, A. Taylor, R. D. Johnson, John Peden, Robert Brown, John Stuart, John Foster, Samuel Austin, E. Jennings, George Atha, Jaas. Stanley, Wm. Baugh, A. Brown, Benjamin Higgins, E. Griswold, Joshua Hill, Wm. Richardson, Archibald Harris, thomas Kircus, Jas Lanier, John Perry, Jacob Taylor, Wm. L. Dodd, Thompson C. Strickland, John Underwood, Wm. Laughridge, Hugh Mills, Thomas Carter.


The names of the officers and privates in Captain James Garmany's company of volunteers from Gwinnett county are as follows


Captain, James Garmany; 1st Lieutenant, T. W. Alexander: 2nd Lieutenant, R. B. Martin; 1st Sergent, W. B. Byrd; 2nd Sergent, Lott Rowden; 3rd Sergent, J. N. Alexander; 4th Sergent, William Jenkins; 1st Corporal, Chaney Couch; 2nd Corporal, D.P. Clower; 3rd Corporal, Austin Lamar; Ensign, J. S. McGill.


D.H. Alexander, Jackson Acres, Leroy Adair, Robert Anthony, John Baskin, Edward Brown, John L. Baugh, A. J. Brown, J. A. Brown, A. Brown, James W. Brown, N. A. Cody, Thomas Carroll, Thomas Cooper, J. R. Cooper, D. H. Clower, John Carroll, B.P. Couch, Joel Davis, Elias Davis, Jesse Davis, James Davis, G. R. Davis, Thomas Estes, Zadoc Ford, E. C. Gresham, A. C. Gholston, O. H. P. Goza, James Gordon, James Garmany, John C. Harris, Dillard Haney, E. Y. Hunnicutt, Joshua Hall, Thomas Hunt, R. G. Hackett, P. G. Lamar, Benjamin H. Lampkin, M. McDill, Newton McDill, B. F. Morgan, John W. Maitbie, Ab Martin, Afinicias Massey, Washington Mills,W. C. Mathis, J. D. Morgan, Winship A. Massey, J. W. Martin, Thomas Nichols, H.W. Nance, James Patillo, William Parker, Drewey Peeples, Daniel Paden, William M. Puckett, Nelson Roberts, R. W. Richardson, William Saye, B.E. Strickland, Chaney Stone, David W. Spence, Jackson Smith, John B. Trippe, Jesse Wade, William Wood, W. N. Wood, E. Wilson, Thomas M. Wynn, William S. Wynn, George W. Wiley.

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