Gwinnett County Georgia Genealogy


Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 14:46:19 EDT
Subject: Cpt. Hamilton Garmany

I found your web page on the Creek Indian War of Lawrenceville and noted that 
you were looking for information about family members.  I have most of the 
information for Cpt. Hamilton Garmany and wondered how much information you 

I'll provide you a brief summary, and would be happy to provide more if you 
would like.  I would also point out that on the web page he is referred to as 
Hamilton and Hammond.  I believe that Hamilton is correct, but all of my 
information is from written family records that have been handed down over 
the years and occasionally turn out to be incorrect, although it is usually 
only a spelling error.

Hamilton Garmany was the son of John Garmany Jr. and Sophia Feltman.  John 
Garmany Jr. emigrated from Armagh County, Ireland, with his father John 
Garmany and two brothers, William and Hugh.  They arrived by ship at 
Charleston, SC, August 6, 1785.  They settled in Newberry, SC, with William 
departing for Kentucky and Hugh departing for Murfeesboro, TN, in 1786.  
While these were not the first Garmanys to come to America, the earlier 
immigrants died and the records that we have been able to locate indicate 
that this family represented the first Garmany to come to America and have 
the surname survive.

Hamilton Garmany had four brothers (John, George, William and James) and two 
sisters (Peggy and Mary).

Records do not indicate when John moved his family to Gwinnett County, 
Georgia, nor why Hamilton subsequently moved to Walkie County, Georgia.  I 
believe that John moved his family there when his brother, Dr. James Garmany 
married Mary Selina Dunlap of Gwinnett County, Georgia, and continued to 
reside there after the marriage 1/1/1835.  Dr. James Garmany died in 
Sheltonville, GA, 12/16/1862 and was buried in Lawrenceville, GA. 

Note: I haven't had the opportunity to validate Walkie County as being 
correct other than to note that I haven't found a record of it on a cursory 
examination.  Possibly you could help by letting me know if this is a valid 
county name in Georgia.

Hamilton Garmany married Margaret McDill and together they had six children: 
John, Washington, Newton, Jernigan, Josephine, and Frances.

I have more information on Dr. James Garmany since I am a descendent of his 
rather than Hamilton Garmany.  He was my Great-great-grandfather.  My 
great-grandmother, Isla Selina Garmany was born in Atlanta on 12/31/1859.  
Her sister was born in Gwinnett County, GA.

Family records indicate that Cpt. Hamilton Garmany commanded the battle of 
Shepherd's Plantation during the Creek Indian War and that he was wounded 
during that battle.

If I can be of more assistance, please let me know.  Also, if you happen to 
have any information on the Garmany family in Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville, 
Sheltonville or Atlanta, I would appreciate receiving that information.

Richard Smart

Silver Spring, MD 20906