Creek Indian War of Lawrenceville

From: Harold Holcombe

RE:  Creek Indian War of Lawrenceville, Reed's Company

Elisha Holcomb, was the son of the first Gwinnett County Holcomb,
Richard, who with wife Judea lived here most of their life.  Richard's
father Obadiah fought in the South Carolina militia during the
Revolutionary War and had a huge plantation there in South Carolina.

Elisha's son Elsberry became a 4th Sargeant in the Battery D, 9th
Battalion Georgia Light Artillery  which later surrendered at Appromattox with
General Lee.

Elisha was a family farmer in Gwinnett.  I am a direct descendent of
Elijah, Elisha's brother, who also fought in that Civil War unit.


Harold D. Holcombe

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