Isaac Lacy Family in the
Creek Indian War of Lawrenceville


Dear Bill,
I live in Gwinnett County, Georgia and did not think I had any ties to this 
county but to my amazement discovered that I had an ancestor buried on the 
courthouse lawn.

He was Insign Isaac S. Lacy.  My information is from census records,  wills, 
applications to DAR and a book "The William Lacy and Elliott Lacy Families of 
New Kent and Chesterfield Counties, Virginia with fore bearers and 
descendants" by Hubert Wesley Lacey and Howard Elton Lacey.  I ordered the 
book from Elton Lacey who lives in Texas. This is a 632 page book with much 
information on the Laceys (Lacys).

Isacc S. Lacy was the son of  William Lacy who was born about 1785/91 in 
Virginia and died about 1860 in Randolph Co. Ala.  He was a Baptist minister 
and farmer.  As a boy, William accompanied his parents to Oglethorpe Co. Ga. 
where we find them as early as 1799.  William first married Margaret (Peggy) 
Wise on 22 November 1810 in Oglethorpe Co. and they had three known children. 
 She died shortly after 1822 and he married second Mary Brooks. They had 
seven children.  From the 1820 census we know that William had three sons 
born between 1810 and 1820 but we only have a record of two, Isaac, born in 
1812 and Henry P. born in 1813.  William was pastor of the Old Niars Baptist 
Church in Clark Co. Ga. 1822-23. William was also pastor of Mars Hill Baptist 
Church near Athens, Georgia from January 15, 1832 to December 31, 1834.  
Sometime later he removed to Gwinnett Co. Ga. where he remained until about 
1837 or 1838.  In 1840, he was in Chambers Co. Ala., according to the 1840 
census.  He apparently left Gwinnett County shortly after his son was killed 
at Shepards Plantation in 1836.

Isaac's grandfather was Noah Lacy, my 4th great grandfather. Noah's daughter 
Patsy Lacy was the sister of Isaac's father William.  Noah Lacy was also a 
preacher.  He preached at Powhatan Church in Powhatan County, Virginia.  He 
was ordained at Bethany Baptist Church in Oglethorpe County, Georgia and was 
also a paster there.
Isaac comes from a long line of famous Lacy pastors.  One Lacy ancestor was 
Rev. Beverly Tucker Lacy who was chaplain to General Stonewall Jackson in the 
Civil War.  Rev. Lacy was with General Jackson when General Jackson was 
accidently fired on by his own men.  He was with him when General Jackson had 
his arm amputated and, in fact, when General Jackson died a week later, Rev. 
Lacy took the arm and buried it on his family plantation.  I understand there 
is a marker there now, in Virginia.

Another child of Isaac's grandfather Noah Lacy was Judith Lacy.  That would 
have made Judith and my 3rd great-grandmother Patsy the aunts of Isaac.  
Judith Lacy is the 3rd great-grandmother of Mary Ann Mobley, Miss America of 
1959.  I am Mary Ann's 5th cousin from this side of the family and I am also 
5th cousin on my Mother's side.

Do hope this information helps and will be glad to supply any more 
information I have.

Warmest Regards,  
Jo Mobley Morgan