Hi Bill in response to your web site on the Creek Indian Wars.  Briefly my 
ancestor was Tapley B. Tolbert who was
born 1800c and died 28, Aug. 1836 at Fort McCreary in Stewart County. He
served both Ga  and Florida Wars. He died from rebillious fever.I have a
widows pension file that contains approximately 60 pages on Tapley.
Sarah (his wife, my ancestress grandmother) drew his pension after his
death. I have his headmarker here at my home and was hoping to erect it
where he actually died and was buried. He had a friend who confessed
under oath that he helped bury Tapley there. So I wrote to Stewart Co.
to inquire about his burial .Later I got a reply his remains had been
moved to and placed on the courthouse lawn in Gwinnett County. I wrote
to a couple of people out there in Gwinnett and they supplied me with
the soliders that died at Shepherds Plantation in STewart Co in the
battle against the Creek Indian Wars on 9, June, 1936
1- Issac Lacy
2-James C. Martin
3-William M. Sims
4-John a. V. Tate
5-Robert T. Holland
6-James H. Holland
7-Henry W. Paden
8-James M. Allen
So I supplied the information and returned the letter back to 2
different places down in Stewart Co, with documented proof that was not
him. He is still buried down in Stewart Co. because there are 3 unknown
Soldiers buried there and my ancestor was one of them.  I would love to
hear from you...Marie Parks