Creek Indian War of Lawrenceville

From: Lynn Russell
Bill.....Have some info on the names of some listed

1. T.W. Alexander....Thomas Williamson Alexander..son of Major John
Alexander (RW VET who died Lawrenceville May 6, 1830) and first
wife..Elizabeth Williamson Alexander
2. D.H. Alexander....David Harvey Alexander..son of same and 2nd wife-Sarah
mcCree Russell Alexander...she died 1853 Lawrenceville. I believe David
moved to Ala after Civil War
3. B.E. Strickland....Bryant E. Strickland married mary C.P. Russell 1849 in
Lawrenceville..moved to Rome, ga, about 1880..then to cartersville, ga. 1883
and died in 1900 but buried in Lawrenceville.
4. J.N. Alexander...John Newton Alexander..son of Major Alexander..not sure
of mother yet.