Roll #17 A-H
          18 Cl-Ha
          19 He-L
          20 M-R
          21 S-Z

Co. A -Scott County ("Booneville Rifles")
Co. B -Pope County ("Galla Rangers")
Co. C -Prairie County
Co. D -Benton County
Co. E -Clark County
Co. F -Clark County
Co. G -Sevier County ("Sevier Rifles")
Co. H -Hempstead County ("Hempstead Cavalry")
Co.  I -Scott County
Co. K -Madison County

NOTE; Hawkins' Co, The "Texas Fencibles", was enlisted about 4 Jul 1861 at Daingerfield, TX, mustered into  CSA service about 3 Aug 1861, and ordered to report to this regt. It was transferred by order of Gen; McCulloch, about Nov1861 and assigned as Co A, 4th (Whitfield's) Bn TX Cav and subsequently became Co A, 27th Regt TX Cav.

NOTE: The battle at Oak Hills, MO was also known as the Battle at Wilsons Creek, MO.

BROWN, HENRY K. LTC  - Enl 24 Jul 1861. Elected 27Jul1861. Promoted 26 Aug 1861. Signed as inspector and mustering officer.

COLEMAN, WILLIAM H.H. Ord Sgt  - Enl 24 Mar 1862 at Camp McIntosh, AR. Aptd Ord Sgt 4 Jun 1862. From Co G. Died 27 Mar 1863 at Shelbyville, TN.

DeBERRY, WILLIAM L. Surgeon  - Age 24. Enl 15 Jul 1861 at a camp near Bentonville, AR in Co B. Appointed surgeon 20 Jul 1861.
Dangerously wounded 10 Aug 1861 at Oak Hills, MO.

DENSON, WARREN J. Pvt  - Age 21. Enl 27 Jul 1861 at Camp McRae, AR. Trfd to Wiggin's Battery 20 Feb 1863 in exchange for J.J. Smith..

DUPREE, THOMAS C. Cpt  - Enl 4 Aug 1861 at Crane Creek, MO. 14 Apr 1864, recommended for appointment 18 Nov 1862 and has been AQM since.

EAGLE, JAMES P. Major  - Age 24. Enl 20 Aug 1861 at Pond Springs, MO. Elected Cpt 8 May 1862. Wounded and captured 31 Dec 1862 at Murfreesboro, TN and sent to MP at Camp Chase, OH. Sent to City Point, VA and exchanged 29 Apr 1863. Promoted to Major 20 May 1863. Wounded 19 Jul 1864 at Moore's Mill near Atlanta, GA.

ELSTNER, WILLIAM H. Cpt. ACS.  - Age 36. Enl 27 Jul 1861 at Osage Prairie, AR. Aptd Cpt/ACS 9 Oct 1861.

EMBRY, BEN T. Col  - Age 41. Enl 15 Jul 1861 at a camp near Bentonville, AR. Signed certificate as Col/Inspecting/mustering officer 30 Apr 1862. Dropped on reorganization.

FINLEY, T.C. 1Lt  - Age 23. Enl 18 Jul 1861 at a camp near Bentonville, AR. Sgt Maj for the regt Nov 1862. Wounded 31 Dec 1862 at Murfreesboro, TN. Promoted to 1Lt  25 Jul  1864 and acted as adjutant for  regt.

FLANAGIN, HARRIS Col  - Age 43. Enl 27 Jul 1861 at Camp McRae, AR. Col Harris Flanegan elected governor of AR 6 Oct 1862, Tendered his resignation 20 Oct 1862. Resignation accepted 25 Oct 1862.

HOWARD, GEORGE W. Hospital Steward.  - Age 18. Enl 1 Nov 1861 at a camp on Flat Creek, MO. Furlough granted for 40 days from 15 Nov 1864. Not since returned. Transferred from Co B.

HUNT, G.W. Com Sgt  - Age 23. Enl 15 Oct 1861 at Camp Holloway, MO. Left sick in KY 22 Aug 1862. Paroled by the federals. Reported to the company 25 Dec 1862. {Paid on descriptive list 19 Jan 1864.)

JONES, N.M. ACS  - Enl 9 Apr 1862 at Little Rock, AR. Age 25. In charge of milk under the chief of subsistence. Dropped from rolls Aug 1863.

LEE, RICHARD H. Ord Sgt  - Enl 10 Mar 1862 at Van Buren, AR. Appointed Ord Sgt 1 May 1863. Absent on furlough, expired 14 Feb 1864. Supposed to have been captured.

KEENE, M.H. AQM  - Enl 1 Oct 1861. Resigned 6 Feb 1862.

McGEE, M.M. Adjutant  - Enl 1 Mar 1862 near Boston Mountain, AR. Wounded in action 8 May 1864 at Dalton, GA and disabled. Retired to invalid corps 2 Dec 1864.

McINTOSH, JAMES Col  - Enl 12 Jul 1861 at a camp near Bentonville, AR. Promoted to Brigadier Genl 24 Jan 1862.

MITCHELL, L.B. Cpt  - Appointed 28 May 1862 at Corinth, MS. Assistant surgeon Mitchell was assigned to duty with this regiment 24 Nov 1863.

PYLES, JONAS W. Color Bearer  -  Age 25. Enl 18 Jul 1861 in Co A at a camp near Bentonville, AR. Medal of Honor 3 Oct 1863 for battle at Murfreesboro, TN.

SAYLE, W.A.C. Asst Surgeon.  - Appointed 1 Aug 1861. Leave granted 15 Oct 1863. Deserted, never reported. Dropped 25 Oct 1863.

SMITH, JAMES T. LTC -  Age 25. Enl in Co F 27 Jul 1861 at Osage Prairie, AR. Elected LTC 18 Aug 1861. Killed in action near Atlanta, GA 28 Jul 1864.


Cpt Flanagin's Co.
MALONE, J.G. -- His name appears on a "Report of killed and wounded in Col McIntosh's Regt at the battle of Oak Hills, MO 10 Aug 1861. Reported killed. (His record is inbedded in the record of Malcomb, Green A. Pvt).

Miller's Co.
McINTOSH, THOMAS W. Pvt  - Captured 24 Jan 1864 in Cherokee Nation and sent to MP at Rock Island, IL and sent to MP at Little Rock, AR  (This record is imbedded in that of McIntosh, F.W. Pvt  Co K. ).

FLANIGAN, GEORGE -- Appears on a report of  “killed or wounded in Col McIntosh's Regt at the battle of Oak Hills, MO 10 Aug1 861".)
(No CSR).

YEARGIN, JAMES Pvt  - Took oath 22 May 1865 at Nashville, TN. Ht 6' 4", eyes hazel, hair drk, complx drk, residence Clark Co, AR. Surrendered 12 May 1862 at Kingston, TN.

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