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If you are Researching the COUCH family please contact me and let me know you Connection and I can probably help you.
I have a very large Data base on the Couch family.
Bill Couch

From:FTDNA 8/2/2016
Dear Group Administrators, 

Summer in Houston means relentless heat. Ruthless sunshine punctuated by the occasional thunderstorm. The hum of air conditioner compressors is the season’s soundtrack. 
You know what else it means? 
Yep. You got it. It means the Sizzlin’ Summer Sale is about to launch! 

This summer the focus is on bundles that include Family Finder: Y37 + Family Finder, Y67 + Family Finder, FMS + Family Finder, and Comprehensive Genome (FF+Y67+FMS).
The prices are in the chart below. 
But wait - there’s more! 
The heat must have gotten to Bennett because the only individual test he’s reduced pricing on is Family Finder, which will be $69. You read that right. $69 US DOLLARS! 
(For those of you who are new and may not be aware, Bennett Greenspan is the founder and president of FTDNA.) 
Not only has he set the Family Finder price ridiculously low, but he’s not giving us an end date for this sale. It could last a few days or a few weeks -
we don’t know and he’s not telling! 

So what we’re saying is, take advantage of these great prices while they’re hot!
Here’s the pricing: 

Product               Retail Pricing         Sale Price      Group Price
Family Finder         $99                    $69             $69
Y37 + Family Finder   $268                   $228            $218
Y67 + Family Finder   $367                   $327            $317
Comprehensive Genome (FF+Y67+FMS)
                      $566                   $499            $489
FMS + Family Finder   $298                   $258            $258 

**Please note - these bundles must remain bundles. If you buy at the sale price for future use, the entire bundle must be used on one tester.
Canceling tests from the bundle will cause tests to revert to regular price.**

We’ll be emailing customers starting tomorrow morning, but we wanted to let you know now. 

Also, stay tuned - registration for the 12th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy will be opening in the next few days! 
As always, thanks for your hard work on your projects.
We appreciate you! 


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