We need help in finding out who the family chart's below connect to. and also get a DNA from someone on them. 
If you can add any info to the charts please let me know (Bill Couch)
Drury Bush & Nancy Couch from Virginia Arthur Couch (b.1780-,,Mayo,Ireland;d.Aft 1860) Caroline Couch who was in Buckingham Co. Va 1850 with sons James & William Ephriam Couch who was in Perry County Ky Eugene F. and James Edward Couch of Texas2015 George Couch of Covington Co. Alabama to Louisiana George W.Couch in Texas before 1850 2015 Green B. Couch of Lawrence County, Alabama Jackson C. Couch of Kentucky Nov 2014 Jacob Couch b 1817 Tn. Was in Lauderdale Co. Al 1850 Census. James Couch of 1860 Pontotoc Co. Mississippi James Couch who was in 1850 Census of Claiborne Co. Miss James Isaac Couch of Izard County, Arkansas Moses Preston Couch of Hardin Co.Tennessee Joe & Rin of Perry County, that we have never found anythin on. John Couch And Charity Powell John Couch of Michigan from Canada John Edward Couch of Breathitt County, Kentuckymarch 2014 John Couch (Crouch)Of Alloway Creek,Salem,New Jersey. John Couch of New Jersey b abt 1790 John Couch of Virginia before 1800 John Couch & Lavana Gross from Randolph Co. Ill. to Missouri Jonathan Couch b 1771 Massachusetts Jonathan Couch 1781 Chester County, Pennsylvania Nov 2014 Joseph Couch Of NC May be Brother To The John Couch Above. Joshua F. Couch Of North Carolina Lewis Couch of North Carolina to Mississippi. Millington Couch Need to get a DNA test on this one. Nancy Couch & Drury Bush 4 14 2015 Richard Couch From England to Kentucky then to Mississippi Samuel W. Couch of Valley, New York Samuel Couch 1754 of Springfield,,Berkshire,Massachusetts William Couch About 1760 & Margaret Widdows descendants . William Couch 1792 North Carolina William Couch before 1650 who was from Pa. and part if this family made it to Virginia. , We now have a DNA