JCB Washington

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James Earl WASHINGTON DNA# 50325

Dear Mr. Couch,
  My name is James E. Washington; I have received and returned my Washington DNA kit as a
part of the Washington family project. I am looking forward to the possibility of a link
or match to any known branch of the family. Of course, I realize that may be unlikely,
or in the event that there is a match, that would in essence only be a clue. The real
story is in the paper trail that our ancestors have left. In a previous e-mail I listed
a thumbnail of my lineage to my earliest known ancestor (listed below for convenience). 
father -- James Earl Washington (b. Westville, OK) 
  GF -- Webster Jennings Washington (b. Lincoln, AR)
  GGF -- William H. Washington (b. probably DeSoto Parish, LA)
  GGGF -- Charles Calvert Washington (b. probably Franklin or Booneville, MO)
              Born Missouri 1832, died in Washington County, Arkansas. He was a private in 
              the 28th LA Infantry, Thomas Brigade, Co B CSA, and was surrendered at
  GGGGF -- JCB or JBC Washington (names unknown)
                Born about 1790 + or - 10 yrs., probably in GA or SC, but this is not confirmed.
                This ancestor is an enigma and a brick wall genealogically. He is listed in a
                couple of tax rolls in MO about 1820 and ran an ad in a MO newspaper about
                1828 about his school for young men. He would have been in the
                Booneville/Franklin area of MO. at this time, and would have been with his
                2nd (probably) wife Ann Elizabeth Bobo Ray (b. 1802 also GA or SC). Her 
                mothers family was from Union Co. SC, but in the 1850 census was listed
                as born in GA. I can't however, find any records on either birth in either state.
                JCB was said to have three sons from a previous marriage James, Alonzo, and
                LaFayette (again unconfirmed with no records found). He did have with Ann
                three sons Leonidas b. MO about 1828, Charles Calvert (my GGGF), b. MO 
                1832, and George L. b. Mississippi 1835, these are quasi confirmed. JCB and
                Ann then went to Washington Co. Ark, between 1835 and 1837, in the
                Evansville, Summer, and Cincinnati area. JCB died sometime/somewhere before
                1839 because by 1839/1840, Ann was remarried to Ambrose Harnage (also
                from GA but living in AR/Indian Territory). 

 I have written the most about JCB, because he is my biggest problem. The info I have included
is mostly pieced together with some documentation. I was hoping, that by including this information,
it might sound familiar: with the possibility of overlapping another branch that is known to you or
some of other the family members.