The Poinsett Co., AR Genealogy GUEST BOOK -2001

Name: Tony L Johnson
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Merrrill, Oregon
Time: Friday 02/02/2001 4:01:15pm
I am trying to find any information on Elvin Johnson born in 1888, July 9.
He lived in your County and is buried around Harrisburg AR. I beleive my
Grandfather was a minister there in the 1940's.

Name: Norma (Harvey) Holden Referred By: Search Engine Location: Murfreesboro, TN Time: Wednesday 03/07/2001 9:53:27am Comments: This is a wonderful site, i have really enjoyed looking at the past. Thanks Norma

Name: Susan Smith Referred By: Search Engine Location: Time: Tuesday 03/13/2001 2:45:21pm Comments: Hello. I'm looking for info re my g-gfather Eli Bradsher who I think was born ca 1836 in Cherry Valley, Ark. He married Sarah ?

Name: Kimberly Glasgow-Novarese Referred By: Search Engine Location: Cordova, TN Time: Wednesday 03/21/2001 11:08:05pm Comments: Great information and so interesting. You've done alot of great work. Both my families are from Craighead and Poinsett County. The Glasgows, Thorns, & Gaddys...

Name: James Walker Referred By: Search Engine Location: Los Angeles, CA Time: Tuesday 05/01/2001 0:24:49am Comments: I am the g-g-grandson of James Lee Washington who last lived in Cross County. Ms. Jimmie James of the Cross Co. Historical Society advised me that all of the African-Amer. Washingtons in Cross Co. were once slaves on the plantation of Stephen Washington of Poinsett Co. I have not been able to find any information about Stephen Washington or his plantation. Can anyone confirm this information?

Name: WARD, G. OTHELLA (COOK) Referred By: Just Surfed In Location: Atwater, CA Time: Sunday 05/27/2001 2:44:50pm Comments: Looking for my mother's 1st husband, Her name was Ophelia Cole. They lived in Craighead Co., AR. Willie Francis was his name and he was sent to France (WW1) soon after they married, and died there on 10/15/1918 (born on 8/16/1889) he was with the 329th infantry. Buried at Shiloh Cem. North of Jonesboro. If anyone knows about him please e-mail me. I have no other info. Thanks.

Name: Janis Harmon Referred By: Friend Location: Northern CA Time: Friday 06/01/2001 7:51:24pm Comments: I am looking for info on my grandfather Robert Bradley Halford, he went by Brad. He lived in Trumann when he died in 11/3/1929. I need to know where his final resting place is. Also his father John Halford is supposed to be buried in the Wilson Cemetery but I have been there and cannot find his burial site. He is listed as being buried there. What info was used to determine this? If anyone knows where he is buried for sure I would like to know so I can get a stone for him if he does not have one. Thank You, Janis

Name: Melvin Howard Referred By: Search Engine Location: Greenville KY Time: Sunday 06/03/2001 10:31:55am Comments: Searching for information on my gfather F.P. Serett (aka Bud Searatt) who was from Harrisburg, Poinsett Co., AR. He married Lizzie Shepherd, age 18,at Lepanto on 17 May 1913. He was 22 yrs. old. He died about 1945 +/-, and may be buried near Lepanto. I have been told that he was born in Oklahoma, I don't know that for a fact. I also was told that he had a sister (may have been called SIS) who married a BRADSHAW. Any information is certainly appreciated.

Name: Tula Sharp Location: Dover,Arkansas Time: Thursday 06/14/2001 3:51:12pm Comments: I am looking for relatives of Sally (McGhee) Raney. Her Mother was Martha C. McGhee. Sally and John Raney moved to Trumann before 1920. I beleive her siblings also moved to Trumann. Dan P. (Paul) and John J. McGhee, Mrs Nellie Jones, and Mrs. S.A.D. Elder,. Any help would be appreciated. Tula Sharp

Name: Crystal Craig Location: High Ridge, MO Time: Thursday 06/28/2001 7:49:22pm Comments: I have a picture of a cementary marker, in memory of Elder William Henry Nutt. On the back of the picture my mother wrote great-great-great-great grandfather on grandma Caldwell's side. My mother's name was Kathleen Cornish nee Caldwell. My grandmother's name was Vest Caldwell, nee Burrow. Does anyone know how the Burrows and the Nutts connect. I have just started looking for my family. Both may father and my mother were from Craighead County. My father still has the family farm in Monette. His name is John Cornish. He is looking for the name of his Great grandfather. His fathers name was Tom. His grandfathers name was James Richard Cornish. James was supposed to have been shot and killed coming home from paying his taxes.

Name: blythe campbell Location: Time: Friday 06/29/2001 6:57:44pm Comments: I am looking for Levi Conn/Cohn family. Married to Elizabeth Duke ca 1830s.

Name: Webster/Bradsher Location: Harrisburg/Marked Tree Comments: Nice site. I'm looking for the family of Rachel Bradsher born around 1844-54. She married James Webster in 1875. I hope I can find their decendents.

Name: Clarence Noe Time: Thursday 08/16/2001 1:00:22am Comments: I am trying to find some information on Ernest "Bud" McKalip he died in Jonesboro in 1970 I can't find any cemetaries on the net to search around Jonesboro. I think he was married to Berti Chrysler, at teacher at Risher.

Name: Dema Daugherty Magers Location: Bella Vista, AR Time: Thursday 08/16/2001 3:35:30pm Comments: Trying to locate Anna Lee Harrison who graduated from Trumann High School in 1940. Harrison is maiden name - If married, do not know married name. Want to inform her of the high school alumni meeting on Oct. 19 and 20.

Name: Patty Bell Black Comments: I am from Poinsett Co. and liked this site very much. I been gone from there for 34 years. I still have family ther.


Name: Jo Anna Dalton Time: Sunday 09/16/2001 5:35:40pm Comments: I am looking for information on Thomas Lawrence (Independence Co., AR) and his son Robert Lawrence (Poinsett Co., AR). Robert was married to Martha Jane Shaffer. I am also looking for Shaffers. Thank you for this site

Name: Chris Haynes Location: Lawrenceville, IL Time: Friday 10/26/2001 7:06:26pm Comments: I am looking for info on an Owen Haynes, who was buried in Marked Tree, AR. He had brothers - Talph, Raney. Sister was named Henrietta. Son also named Owen who was my father and passed on today, Oct. 26, 2001. My father was born in Rivervale, AR and I want info on him if I can get it. Thanks.

Name: Patricia Rose McIlroy Harris Location: 26861 Time: Wednesday 11/14/2001 12:13:15am Comments: My father was Harold Grant Mc Ilroy (1911-1988). My name is Patricia Rose and I am an only child. We have a lot more info on family members listed.

Name: John O. Bronson Location: Baltimore, MD Time: Friday 11/16/2001 7:11:01pm Comments: I am looking for information concerning CHARLES VINCENT who was on the 1838 tax list for Poinsett County. By 1850 he is in Dunklin County, MO. Thanks.

Name: Sheila Herrera Location: Poinsett County ,AR Time: Friday 11/30/2001 3:29:11am Comments: I am looking for any census or other records regarding my ancestors, HOUSTON, clois, or DANIELS, ruby, they were both born in 1904, in Poinsett or Craighead county. They were married and lived in Craighead, in Trumann,AR. They had 4 children, Wanda, Betty Jo, Bonnie, and Patsy. I am mainly looking for any records pertaining to my grandfather being of Cherokee decent. Thanks for any info u can share with me... By the way, GREAT! website

Name: Willard West Location: Redmond WA Time: Thursday 12/06/2001 5:53:31pm Comments: Born in Tyronza 1940

Name: Billie F. Miller Location: Leighton, Alabama Time: Thursday 12/20/2001 0:56:23am Comments: I am looking for information on William "Billy" King. According to family and an article from the March 05,1914 issue of The Leighton News paper, he and his brother were involved in an incident in the town of Tyronza during which Billy KING fatally shot a deputy sheriff named James Chandler the summer of 1913. Billy KING was subsequently arested and hanged by Sheriff Hooten in Harrisburg, Arkansas. Billy KING is believed to be my Great-grand father. If anyone can provide me with any details of this event or information as to where I can obtain details,and perhaps the disposition and burial location of his body I will be most appreciative.

Name: Garnet O. (Cook) Ward Location: Atwater, CA Time: Friday 12/21/2001 12:46:35am Comments: Looking for info on Willie Francis, was married to my mother. He died in France soon after going overseas with the 329th inf. WW1. Was raised around Marked Tree I think.or possibly Trumann. He is buried at Shiloh Cemetry - near Jonesboro. Anyone who may have info. please e-mail me. Thanks.