The Poinsett Co., AR Genealogy GUEST BOOK -2000

 Name: Connie Kaisner Laughlin
 Referred by: Net Search
 From: Pontiac, Illinois
 Time: 2000-01-11 18:27:25
 Comments: I am looking for any info anyone may have on the KAISNERS (Grace, James W.,
 and Eliza Jane) that are buried in Shiloh Cemetary. Any help will be appreciated.
 As far as we ever knew, my grandfather and his siblings and parents were the only
 family to have come to the "new" country, but the WWW is proving that to be wrong.
 So, anyone out there that can help me with this "branch of the tree", please E-mail
 me and we can swap info and family trees. I have ours back to Europe 3-4 generations.
 Thanks, Connie Kaisner Laughlin at

Name: John L. McCollam Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: West Virginia Time: 2000-01-22 21:12:54 Comments: Linked to this page from Family Tree Maker Site looking for a name.

Name: James R. (Jim) Dunn Website: Referred by: Yahoo! From: Pensacola, Florida Time: 2000-01-22 05:53:46 Comments: I am looking for information on DUNN, MELTON, LANE, PONDER. I was born in Trumann in 1934. I am looking for information about my grand parents, John Madison Dunn (1873 - 1960) and his wife Myrtie Mae Melton Dunn (1880 - 1955). From sometime in the 1920's, they lived on Main Street in Trumann, just west of, and across the street from the Christian Church, that he helped build. They moved from Trumann to Water Valley, Kentucky about 1950. Reportedly, my grandmother was born near Martin, Tennessee. I also am looking for information on Ora Lee Lane, who had a farm on old US 63 about 2 miles due south of Trumann. She had a son, Robert Lee Lane, an insurance salesman, who died in Jonesboro about 1970. My mother is Ila Fern Ponder, daughter of Milburn or (Milborne) Elonzo Ponder (1881 - c1925 or 1963) and Evelyn (Eve or Eva) Brock Denning (Sep 5, 1878 to June 14, 1961). They came from Walnut Ridge about 1925 and lived in Trumann. In the early 1930's, Eva and the children went to St. Louis, and I know about many of them. I do not know anything about Milburn. Reportedly, he remarried a "Tena" and had two children, and resided in the Jonesboro area. I will gladly exchange information with anyone who helps. Jim Dunn, Pensacola, Florida

Name: John Walter Cooper, Jr. Website: Cooper Page Referred by: Lycos From: Tampa, Florida Time: 2000-02-09 04:37:40 Comments: I am searching for information about my greatgrandfather, Isaac "Ike" Cooper, who supposedly founded the "Cooper School" in White Hall, Arkansas. The Cooper School building was turned into a country store&service station, owned and operated by my grandfather Walter B. Cooper, who passed on in 1951. I have heard that my greatgrandfather Ike was the head of the school, head of the church and community with an almost cult-like following. I recently drove by the site of the old country store on Highway 1 between Cherry Valley and Harrisburg. It is now a very attractive personal residence of a Mr. Andrew Cooper, a distant relative that I have never met. Thanks for any info available on Isaac Cooper and the Cooper School. John W. Cooper, Jr. 6723 Twelve Oaks Blvd. Tampa, FL 33634 Phone 813-884-0692 Fax 813-882-4518 e-mail

Name: Carol Billlingsley Hilton Website: Referred by: From a Friend From: South Carolina Time: 2000-03-18 21:07:11 Comments: I think these sites are wonderful. I have already met a cousin and am hoping to link to many more. I am looking for any Billingsley, Cook, White or Hilton surnames. My Billingsley grandparents, Bill and Wilma once lived in Jonesboro along with my dad and us. It was one of our happiest times. We remember the Hotel Nobel. Is it still there? I went to Jonesboro High and lived down the hill from it, 1962 - 1964. I know that there were many Billinglsey's in the state in the 19th century and early 20th. Please let me know if you have any of these names in your background. Happy to meet new cousins. Carol

Name: Sandy Anderson Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Florida Time: 2000-03-22 00:52:09 Comments: Seeking my ANDERSON family: Hardin Wallace (H.W.)was the son of Daniel C. and Sopha Johnson. He married in Gainesville, AR in 1888, and the homestead seems to be in Lafe. I last find Grandpa H.W. residing in Singer Log Camp during the January 1920 census with his second wife, Ora Hefner Nipper Anderson, and two of his children by his first marriage (Addie Cole Anderson) The children are Everett Anderson (b 11-7-1912, Peach Orchard) and Jefferson Davis (3/22/1905-7/19/1977). H.W. died three weeks after the census at Saint Bernard's Hospital in Jonesboro. The census tells me his neighbor at Singer Log Camp was a merchant named FOSTER ANDERSON. A relative? Living in the household during the census was a hired hand named Boyd Couch. Anything sound familiar? Of interest to me are: H.W.'s brother, James Anderson, who is buried somewhere in Lawrence County; H.W. sister, Lillie (born in MO) and H.W.'s other children: Mavis, Lena, Pearl, Ruth Jones, Richard A., Telfair and William. Please and thanks. Sandy Anderson

Name: Julie Ann Lif Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Roseburg, Oregon Time: 2000-03-24 23:35:37 Comments: I enjoy your site very much. I am researching my HALL and GOSSETT lines in Poinsett County. Would enjoy corresponding with any researching the same surnames.

Name: Grace Gipson Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Dallas, Texas Time: 2000-04-14 11:02:45 Comments: I am looking for any relatives of a Robert Gilmore Gipson. Had children there, and later moved to Oklahoma City, OK. He later moved to CA where he and his wife, Mary Emma Moore, died. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He was born 11-1875. Thanks, Grace

Name: Grace Gipson Website: Referred by: Clicked on a 'Guestbooks by GuestWorld' Button From: Texas Time: 2000-04-15 22:16:51 Comments: I am trying to locate information on a Robert Gilmore Gipson ans his wife Mary Emma Moore. There is a listing on the 1850 census for a Gipson, but doesn't say which one. any help in locating would be appreciated. He was born 11-1875.

Name: Glenda Willis Burgess Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Alabama Time: 2000-04-21 13:21:05 Comments: WILLIS,Sam and Mack, brothers who left Winston County, AL and moved to Marked Tree, AR in early 1900's. Samuel N Willis b. 1874 in Winston County, AL was in Arkansas in 1909 and Mack Daniel Willis moved there with his family sometime after 1920. I don't have any information on Sam's family, and this is all I have on Mack Daniel Willis. Mack Daniel Willis b. 1888 m. Mattie Hill in Winston County, AL abt.1913 (1) Harvey L Willis b.1913 (2) Ollie M Willis b.1916 (3) Beatrice Willis b.1919 Mack and Sam are the sons of David and Ollie Margaret (Tidwell) Willis of Winston County, AL. Any help would be appreciated very much. Thanks Glenda Willis Burgess

Name: Sandra Gustin Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Dayton OHIO Time: 2000-04-25 17:15:20 Comments: Searching for descendants of Pitt FRAZIER (or FRASHUER)who lived in Marked Tree, Arkansas in the late 1940's. Pitt was a brother to my grandfather, Hart Calvin Frazier, both were sons of John S. and Catherine (LITTLE) FRASHUER of Tippah Co., Mississippi. I plan to be in Marked Tree sometime during the third week of May this year and could use some pointers on good places to do local research there. I was born in 1946, Pitt was born about 1873 and married Etta ROBERTS in 1895. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Mike Blansett Website: Referred by: Net Search From: Near Dallas Texas Time: 2000-05-06 06:23:38 Comments: My grandfather, Ause Ryan (brother to John Ryan) was my mother's father and was laid to rest in Bolivar Cemetery in the year 1966. Ause Ryan was married to Blanch Powell who is resting in her family's row in Bolivar as well. My mother's maiden name was Billie Jean Ryan. Her brother Woodrow Ryan was buried at the age of 77 in West Memphis on November 24, 1999. I am currently searching for more information on my grandfather's origins but have come up empty handed at this time. Thanks, Mike Blansett

Name: Lisa Haddon Website: Referred by: Net Search From: Texas/now in Colorado Time: 2000-05-21 10:17:38 Comments: I am looking for information on my great grandmothers family. Name TENNIE LEE BRYANT/BRIANT? Her fathers name was JOHN BRYANT/BRIANT?. She lived in Arkansas until she was maybe between 6 and 8 then she went to live with relatives in Texas named SANDERS. Her mother might have died giving birth to her She was born Feb 6 1890. I think John died somewhere between 1896 and 1899. Tennie married Thomas Porter Hill and lived around conroe texas. Please contact me if any of this rings a bell. My grandmother would really like to know about her mothers family. Thank you

Name: Benita Ellerbe Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Louisiana Time: 2000-06-05 04:13:57 Comments: Glad to have found you! I've searched about this family for many years. Todd Woodson BEECHER was born about 1820 in Connecticut. He was married to Harriet C. Brownfield. She was born in Oct. 1840 in Salem, Marion Co., Illinois, and was the daughter of William and Cassandra (Cheely) Brownfield. Todd and Hattie were in Poinsett Co. by 1856. He was a medical doctor and land owner. He died between 1880 and 1890 in Poinsett Co. Would like to know an exact date and burial place. Their children were Dorothy, Todd Woodson Jr., Stella/Estell, John N., James, Ida, Charles E., and Jarvis/George. Todd Jr. first married Hester Landers in 1889. He was in southern Arkansas in 1895. Harriet C. died and was buried in Decauter, Illinois in 1912 where her son ,Charles, was living. George was living in Chicago, Ida was in Indiana, and Todd, Jr. was in south Ark. I would greatly appreciate any additional information, and will share the bits and pieces I have found.

Name: Erma Walsh Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: York, PA Time: 2000-07-04 03:53:57 Comments: I was looking for information on Arkansas, particularly Poinsett Co., and found your site. I am searching for the death date and place of burial for my great grandfather, William S. WOODSIDE. He was on the 1910 Census in Scott Township, along with his wife Mary. He does not appear on the 1920 Census, only Mary living with her son, Jesse V. POWELL.. I believe he died sometime between the 1910 census and the year 1914, as I looked for a death certificate filed with the State, but there was no record. If anyone has any information that might be helpful, please contact me at

Name: Mark JOHNSON Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Born in Harrisburg, AR Time: 2000-07-24 05:51:31 Comments: I now live in Altoona, Iowa and am going to Conway, AR for a family reunion over Labor Day weekend. I was born and lived in Harrisburg for several years with my grandmother Lucille Duncan, wife of Mr. Robert Duncan who ran a dry- cleaning business in downtown Harrisburg. I will be stopping in Harrisburg Sept. 1st.

Name: Shirley Ayers Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Holland Michigan Time: 2000-07-24 23:20:55 Comments: I was born & raised in & around Trumann, AR

Name: Ruby Wood Coble Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: North Little Rock Time: 2000-07-25 04:26:55 Comments: Tonight was first time seeing this Poinsett County Info; was very surprised. Got a lot of dates from the cemetaries that had been researched. My great grandfather, SAMEUL CARY came to Poinsett County in 1839 at the age of three. He lived at Bolivar, dying on December 31, 1900. Many of his descendents lived in Poinsett and Craighead County. I also am researching the Thomas Bennett Family who came to Craighead County in 1867. One son, Elijah Bennett and his descendents lived on Old Ridge Road. The Winningham family of Poinsett County is one line of Elijah Bennett. Anyone working on the Cary or Bennett line, please contact me.

Name: Jonnie Maynard Francomacaro Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: West Memphis, AR Time: 2000-08-02 19:07:41 Comments: I am researching the following: Father - Jack Smith Mother - Unknown Children: Rosie Lee Smith Maynard born Nov 8, 1880 in MO died April 7, 1961 in Lepanto, AR Buried in Potter's Cemetery in Lepanto, AR on April 8, 1961. had 1 sister, Dell Smith of Lepanto, AR 3 Half-Brothers Clyde Smith of Payneway, AR Burley Smith of McCrory, AR Fred Smith of Marked Tree, AR Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Sandra Oldman Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: AZ Time: 2000-08-10 04:12:49 Comments: Researching Oldman, Long, Simpkins, Smith, Poinsett & Craighead Co., Arkansas. Also looking for same families in other counties and Missouri and Tennessee.

Name: MSHandford Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Arkansas Time: 2000-09-02 23:38:30 Comments: Family lore has it that Ggrandfather Jacob B. Stone died in Poinsett County, near Fisher probably between 1895 and 19l0. We cannot verify. Can you help?

Name: Ann Adams McPherson Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Lawton, OK Time: 2000-10-26 03:59:49 Comments: I have visited the page before and was impressed. I was born in Bay, Arkansas and my mother and grandmother were both born in Trumann. I am trying to find information regarding my grandmother's parents. Thier names were Joseph Lonzo Lee and Janey Belle Painter. My grandmother was born in 1897, but have not been able to find the family on any census. I have checked for marriage license and death certificates and have been able to find nothing. I believe Belle was buried in Wilson Cemetery, but have not been able to find where Joe was buried. As my mother was also born in Truman in 1922, I believe the family was in the area for quite a few years. My grandmother was Stella Lee, who married George Goodon. Her siblings that I know about were Clarence, Grover, there may have also been Tommy, Alfred, Evelyn, and Jenny. Joe Lee had brothers, Rob and Tom. I know absolutely nothing about Janey Belle Painter's parents. I would appreciate any information on these families. Thanks in advance.

Name: Jan Porterfield Website: Referred by: Net Search From: Heber Springs, AR Time: 2000-11-04 19:00:36 Comments: Hi, I'm looking for a marriage record for an S. A. SCOTT (possibly Smith SCOTT) and either a Nancy or a Rebecca or both in Poinsett County, AR. The marriage to Rebecca would have been before 1860, and the marriage to Nancy before 1910 (probably well before 1910.) Thanks, Jan Researching: SCOTT, BRIDGES, CONDRY, PHILLIPS, DOVER, QUISENBERRY, HOSEY