Hello, my name is Miss Lily Elizabeth Vredingburgh. I will be three years old in February.

I enjoy playing with toys in my play room. I have a basketball goal, too. My brother plays basketball. I like to go to his games. He plays with me, too.

My favorite videos are Elmo's Alphabet Jungle, Teletubbies, Arthur's Pet Business and any title of The Comfy Couch. I also love to read books. I am learning new words like beautiful and absolutely. I can talk a lot. Mommy taught me.

My cats are my friends. Zack is a boy and Zoie is a girl. I am learning about girls and boys. I know I am a girl but I'm not sure why. Anyway, the cats are funny. Zack lays on his back with his feet in the air and watches TV upside down. Zoie tucks her front paws under her chest and looks like she crashed into the ottoman. I love my cats.

I am very social. I love people and really enjoy spending time with my grands and brother Chad. My aunt Beth is in San Diego and I miss her. I remember her because I keep a picture of her in my play room. My mommy and daddy are fun too. We do a lot of fun stuff together. They teach me new things like the computer and big words.

I love to eat most foods. My favorite things are berry juice, cheese, carrots, peas, ice cream and crackers. Well that is about it. I had to carry on about myself too much. Please check out my links and discover some of the things I get excited about. Bye.

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