America's Involvement In Military Conflicts

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PEQUOT WAR - Connecticut: 1636-38 KING PHILIP'S WAR - Massachusetts, Rhode Island: 1675-76 BACON'S REBELLION - Virginia: 1676 KING WILLIAM'S WAR - New England, New York: 1689-97 QUEEN ANNE'S WAR - Massachusetts, South Carolina, Florida, Canada: 1702-13 YAMASEE WAR - South Carolina, Georgia: 1715-16 WAR OF JENKINS' EAR Georgia, Florida: 1739-42 KING GEORGE'S WAR Canada, Northern New England, New York: 1740-48 FRENCH and INDIAN WAR Northern Colonies and Canada: 1754-63 CHEROKEE UPRISING Carolinas: 1760-61 PONTIAC'S REBELLION Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania: 1763 WAR of the REGULATORS North Carolina: 1771 LORD DUNMORE'S WAR Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio: 1774 AMERICAN REVOLUTION - American Colonies: 1775-1783 SHAY'S REBELLION Massachusetts: 1786-87 WHISKEY REBELLION Pennsylvania: 1794 QUASI-WAR with FRANCE Atlantic Coast, West Indies: 1798-1800 BARBARY (Tripolitan) WARS North Africa: 1801-05 WAR of 1812 - Great Lakes, Maryland, New Orleans: 1812-15 INDIAN WARS (1811-58) Battle of Tippecanoe - Indiana: 1811; First Seminole War Florida: 1817-19; Black Hawk Illinois, Wisconsin: 1831-32 Second Seminole War Florida: 1835-42 Navajo Wars New Mexico, Arizona: 1846-68 Third Seminole War Florida: 1848-58 Yakima Wars Washington, Oregon, Idaho: 1855-58 UTAH WAR - Utah: 1857-58 AROOSTOOK WAR - Maine: 1839 WAR of TEXAS INDEPENDENCE Texas: 1836 DORR REBELLION Rhode Island: 1841 MEXICAN WAR Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, California: 1846-48 THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR: The Civil War:Southern and Border States, Pennsylvania: 1861-65 INDIAN WARS (1865-1900) Sioux and Cheyenne Wars Battle of Little Big Horn - Dakotas and Montana: 1866-90 Apache Wars - Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico: 1870-86 Modoc War - California: 1872-73 The Nez Perce War - Idaho and Montana: 1877 SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR - Cuba, Philippine Islands: 1898 PHILIPPINE INSURRECTION Philippine Islands: 1899-1902 Philippine-American War of 1899-1902 THE BOXER REBELLION China: 1900 TAMPICO and VERA CRUZ INCIDENTS Mexico: April 1914 Hostilities between the U.S. and Mexico almost came to war in April 1914. Crew members of the USS Dolphin were arrested on 9 April by forces of the Mexican dictator Victoriano Huerta. Although the Americans were later released, Huerta insulted the United States by failing to honor a request to salute the American flag in apology. Still pursuing an apology, American forces bombarded the port of Vera Cruz on 21 April. The tensions helped cause Huerta's abdication on 15 July (Link 1954). MEXICAN PUNITIVE EXPEDITION Mexico: 1916-17 Pancho Villa & The Punitive Expedition WORLD WAR I Europe: 1917-18 The Great War WORLD WAR II: Europe, Asia, the Pacific, Africa: 1939-45 WW II Commemoration Pearl Harbor: That Fateful Day, 7 December 1941
KOREAN WAR: Korea: 1950-53
VIETNAM WAR: Vietnam: 1954-75
PERSIAN GULF WAR: The Iraq War: 1990-91