Poinsett Veterans of the Civil War

Under the sod and dew
Waiting the judgement day;
Love and tears for the blue
Tears and love for the Gray.
F. M. Finch


Bay Village Cemetery, Cross County

SHAVER, A.C., born Oct. 8, 1844, died May 5, 1893 Ark Calvary Regt., under Col. McGee

Bolivar Cemetery, Bolivar Township

COSTNER, David Haywood, son of Michael H. & Amanda Townsend Costner, born 1838, died 1892 Co A 34th Mississippi Inf CSA POWELL, Benjamin F., born July 13, 1845, died Aug. 29, 1910 Co A 23 Ark Inf CSA SMITH, J. Logan, born Feb. 5, 1837, died March 6, 1920 Co F 6th Ark Inf CSA "Rest, Soldier, thy warfare is over" SMITH, John W., born Nov. 16, 1835, died Aug. 26, 1898 CSA WRIGHT, J.L., son of Joseph & Sarah Ford Wright, born Dec. 17, 1836 in KY, died March 9, 1918 Capt. Hillis Co.; 15th Ark Regt.; Capt. Kitchens' Regt. CSA

East Cemetery, Tyronza

EAST, John Harston, born Nov. 27, 1841, died June 24, 1928 CSA

Farm Hill Cemetery, Scott Twp., Harrisburg

BRADSHER, Elias A. "Eli", born March 29, 1833, died Jan. 21, 1901 23rd Arkansas Infantry, Co. K. CSA; 30th Arkansas Infantry. Co. B. CSA BRADSHER, John Wesley, born 1844, died 1918 Co. E McGehees Ark. Cav. CSA BUTLER, Byron "Bee", son of B.B. Butler, born______, died 1884 Co L 41st Regt Miss Inf Vol CSA COUCH, Ezekiel, born Aug. 24, 1840 in Marshall Co., AL, died Jan. 12, 1923 Sgt. Wheelers Scouts CSA McCULLEY, John S., born_______, died_________ Co A 11 Ala. Inf. CSA McGEE, Hosiah Elcanah "Hosea", son of Jacob & Mary A. Sigman Mcgee, 80y,2m,27d, born March 10, 1844, died June 7, 1924 Co B 42nd NCar CSA

First United Methodist Church Cemetery, Harrisburg

GRAY, Dr., John Isaac Levi, born Aug. 18, 1839, died April 22, 1904 CSA LANDERS, Wilburn Cornelius, born March 5, 1844, died May 21, 1921 Cpl 1st Ark Regt CSA

Harris Cemetery, Harrisburg

HARRIS, Sr., Benjamin, born Aug. 21, 1815, died Dec. 21, 1881 Capt. Co C 13th Arkansas Inf CSA HARRIS, James Addison, born March 4, 1847, died June 28, 1934 Pvt. Co H 23rd Arkansas Mtd Inf CSA

Holly Springs Cemetery, Harrisburg

COLE, William Archey, born March 15, 1840, died May 26, 1919 Co. F, 26th Miss. Inf. CSA FREEMAN, Foster Ignitious Few, son of Dr. Robt. K. & Mary E. Sessions Freeman, born 1842 at Griffin, GA, died Feb. 1924 Co. A, 10th Ala. Inf. Regt. CSA HALL, Newton Green, son of Alden & Rhoda Ann Green Hall, born April 27, 1826, died April 25, 1884 Miss., 7th Cav. CSA PECK, Tilman Henry, son of Wm. R. & J.C. Arledge Peck, born 1834, died 1905 Co. C [Capt. Benj. Harris' Company], 13th Ark. Inf. CSA PRESLEY, Caswell, born March 3, 1847, died Jan. 30, 1923 Pvt Co B 43 Regt NC Inf CSA

Lepanto City Cemetery, Lepanto

JOHNSON, Alfred Holston, son of Newell & Lucinda Golden, born Nov. 1, 1842, died Dec. 1, 1915 Co. H 21st NCar Inf., CSA

First United Methodist Church Cemetery, Bolivar Township, Harrisburg

DUDLEY, Newton P., born May 10, 1842, died 1884 Pvt., Co. A 15th MO Cav., Reeves Company Ind Scouts, CSA STANCELL, Littleberry Everett, born 1847, died 1927 Capt. W.G. Godfrey's Company and with Price's Raiders STONE, Thomas Ashley, born 1847, died 1931

Mount Pisgah Cemetery, Craighead County, AR

TURMAN, Wilson K., Military stone-no dates Co F 33 ALA Inf CSA

Potter Memorial Cemetery, Lepanto

JOHNSON, Alfred Holston, son of Newell & Lucinda Golden, born Nov. 1, 1842, died Dec. 1, 1915 Co H 21st NCar Inf., CSA

Oak Grove Cemetery, West Prairie Township, Weiner

CHAMNESS, Michil M., born Jan. 1, 1842, died_______ Co D 109 Ill Inf DOWNING, Alvin R. born 1846, died 1919 Co A 2nd Iowa Cavalry VIRGIN, James M., born Nov. 8, 1835, died April 25, 1906 Sgt Co K 25 IA Inf

Saint Anthony Cemetery, West Prairie Township

KOSTER, William, born_______, died_______ Co F Prov EN MO Mil

Scott Cemetery, West Prairie Township, Weiner

CLARK, Sam L., born_______, died_______ Co K 8th Indiana Infantry COLLINS, James W., born 1839, died 1900 Co I 42nd Indiana Infantry

Shiloh Cemetery, Scott Township

BRADSHER, Vincent, born_______, died_______ KAISNER, James W., son of Jas. & Polly Winneban Kaisner (Bio) ,born 1847, died 1931 4th Missouri Inf Reg CSA THOMPSON, Samuel Holland, born North Carolina, 1828, died May 1901 Freeman's Ark. Cal. Co D CSA THOMPSON, William "Esquire Bill", born 1837, died 1899

Tyronza Cemetery, Tyronza

EAST, John Edwin, son of Bazley & Elizabeth Jones East,
born Feb. 7, 1841, died Jan. 22, 1910 Pvt. Co I 154 Sr Inf CSA

Tyer Cemetery, Scott Township

ELLIS, R.J., born 1833, died 1905 13th Ark Inf. CSA HYDRICK, James H., born 1832, died 1898 CSA PITTS, Moses, born 1846, died 1935 CSA

Waldenburg Cemetery, Owen Township, Waldenburg

McILVOY, John V., born Jan. 1843, died March 13, 1918 13 MO Cav Co K Bugler

Walker Cemetery, Dobson Township

HANES, Phillip S., born Aug. 29, 1843, died May 14, 1911 21 Ohio Inf Co C

Willis Cemetery

HINSHAW, James A., born_______, died_______ CO A 23 Ark Inf CSA WHITSETT, Elisha Marshall, born Aug. 16, 1843, died Dec. 23, 1926 27th regt Indiana GAR WILLIS, John R., born 1837, died_______ 18th Miss. Calvary, commanded by Col. Jenkins WRIGHT, Jasper, born July 21, 1840, died Feb. 10, 1937 CO E Ark Cav (Crittenden Rangers) CSA

Wilson Cemetery, Craighead County, Lunsford Township

BIRDSELL, William I., born Nov. 2, 1846, died March 15, 1920 Ohio US Army

Known Civil War Veterans of Poinsett County

ADAMS, William Case, born 1833, died Jan 3, 1933 Co. H, DeVees Batt'n 8th Mo. Calvary AINSWORTH, Jim Tom DAVIDSON, James CLAUNCH, James Riley, born May 30, 1833, died May 3, 1918 Col. Adam's Regiment; buried Jonesboro City Cemetery ELLIS, John Alexander, born 1832, died March 10, 1865 23rd Ark Inf. Reg. CSA; buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA FREEMAN, Jim GIPSON, Francis Asbury HALL, David E., born_______, died_______ Pvt Co H 1st Regiment Tenn Inf Vol HARRIS, Jr., Benjamin, born Han. 21, 1854, died May 1934 Gen. Thomas C. Hindman's N.E. Arkansas Reg Post Command CSA HARRIS, Calvin Henry, born Feb. 20, 1839, died Sep. 19, 1863 killed in the Battle of Chickamauga; buried in Marietta, Ga. HARRIS, William Christopher, born July 21, 1843, died Jan 1934 Lt. Co K 23rd Arkansas Mtd Inf CSA HAGAN, Henry MAYER, Jr., Michael, son of Michael, Sr., & Mary Markworth Mayer, born 1844, died_______ Co B 10th Ill Calvary, Independent Regt., at Camp Butler, at Springfield, IL McCALLA, William SMITH, J.J., born 1847, died_______ CSA SPARKS, Capt., Thomas B., son of Thomas Sparks, born Feb. 27, 1840, died_______ Co A 23rd Ark under the command of J.D. Willis; re-entered the service after his release from captivity into the same company and regiment, but calvary. SPARKS, Lt., James E., born_______, died_______ Cp A 23rd Ark under the command of J.D. Willis THORN, William Jasper, son of A.S. Thorn & Frances Miller Thorn, born_______, died_______ Enlisted from Crittenden Co, in Capt. Barton's Regt. of Calvary CSA THORNTON, A.W., son of Leecel & Sarah Jane Austin, born 1846, died_______ Co E 32nd Tenn Inf CSA VAN HOOZER, Jasper M., born Sep. 7, 1845, died_______ Co. A Forrest's Calvary; Co. E 32nd Tenn. Inf., under the command of Gen. Hood WADLINGTON, Francis Marion WEEKS, William J., born Nov. 25, 1846, died Feb. 14, 1885 Co E 4th Ark Infantry CSA WILLIS, Lt. of Co. C, N.J., born Jan. 31, 1835, died_______ Capt. Joe Martins' 13th Ark. Inf. Mounted;

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