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If you have any cemetery listings of any family member(s) in Poinsett County that you'd like to share, please e~mail me @ harryv@bscn.com. The name and directions to the cemetery would be most helpful if it is not already listed. Be sure to include hywys., mileage, and county road# or names in the directions.

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*GPS Loc.

Township &/or City

Notes & Comments

Ainsworth Yes N35  34.486
W090  42.717
Bolivar Twp., Harrisburg  AKA
Bay Village
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  26.651
W090  40.505
Bay Village, AR
Cross County
Just across the Poinsett Co. line on Hywy 163 S
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Yes N35  31.980
W090  42.719
Scott Twp., Harrisburg AKA Harris Cemetery
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  36.361
W090  41.395
Bolivar Twp., Harrisburg  
Brookfield No No Bolivar Twp.  
[Find a Grave]
Yes No Prairie Twp., Weiner  
Brushey Creek No No    
Cherry Beam
[Find a Grave]
No N35  28.528
W090  22.306
Tyronza Black Cemetery (Cherry Beam is a corruption of CHERUBIM)
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  28.212
W090  43.506
Scott Twp. Once was known as the
Bedwell Cemetery
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Yes N35  38.726
W091  01.284
Dobson Twp., Uno  
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Yes N35  35.07
W090  17.57
Davis Spur
Yes N35  44.041
W090  33.110
Bay, AR
Craighead County
Black Cemetery
AKA Saint Pauls Cem.
Dead Timber Lake
No No Tyronza Twp.  
[Find a Grave]
No N35  30.85
W090  17.26
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  28.783
W090  21.788
Emory Chapel Yes N35  31.591
W090  20.693
Tyronza Black Cemetery - AKA Carpenter Cem.
Farm Hill
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Yes N35  30.221
W090  43.111
Scott Twp., Harrisburg  
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  29.837
W090  58.235
First United Methodist Church Yes N35  33.546
W90  42.781
Bolivar Twp., Harrisburg AKA The Old Harrisburg City Cemetery or Hill Road Cemetery
Galilee No N35  26.323
W090  23.123
Tyronza Black Cemetery
Gardem Point [1]
Garden Point [2]
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  41.986
W090  14.374
Etowah, AR
Mississippi County
East of Lepanto
on Hywy 140
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Yes N35  36.220
W090  19.629
Greenwood Twp.,
[Find a Grave]
No N35  32.301
W090  43.001
Bolivar Twp., Harrisburg AKA Add Harris Cemetery
Harrisburg Memorial Park
Yes N35  33.784
W090  42.169
Bolivar Twp., Harrisburg AKA Harrisburg Cemetery
Hays No No Scott Twp.  
Hazel No N35  32.955
W090  23.123
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  42.468
W091  00.807
  Craighead/Poinsett County Line runs through the middle of this cemetery
Holly Springs
Yes N35  35.424
W090  40.792
Bolivar Twp., Harrisburg  
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  40.07
W090  41.01
Greenfield Orginally known as the Buffalo Lick Cemetery
Judd Hill
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  35.841
W090  31.186
Judd Hill Black Cemetery
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  22.063
W090  58.565
Hickory Ridge,
Cross Co.
Little River Yes N35  34.264
W090  23.301
bet. Marked Tree and Lepanto Black Cemetery
AKA Pilgrim Rest
Marked Tree
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  31.356
W090  25.861
Little River Twp.  
Marked Tree Civic No N35  31.890
W090  24.759
Little River Twp. Black Cemetery
Mike Hale's Farm No      
Mount Olive
[Find a Grave]
No N35  29.036
W090  24.738
Joyland Black Cemetery
Mount Pisgah
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  43.264
W090  40.603
Craighead Co.* * 
Mount Zion
[Find a Grave]
No N35  28.991
W090  19.388
Tyronza Black Cemetery
AKA Steel Bridge Cemetery
New Bethel
[Find a Grave]
No N35  26.718
W090  17.808
Tyronza (Deckerville) Black Cemetery
AKA McClelland Cemetery
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35 32.018
W090 42.215
Scott Twp., Harrisburg  
Yes N35  35.549
W090  22.685
Greenwood Twp.  
Oak Grove
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  37.326
W090  54.350
West Prairie Twp., Weiner AKA Weiner
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  44.040
W090  50.951
Otwell, Craighead Co.  
Pine Rest
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  36.203
W090  20.161
Greenwood Twp., Lepanto Black cemetery
Potter Memorial
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  36.947
W090  20.674
Greenwood Twp., Lepanto AKA Lepanto City Cemetery
Red Yes N35  45.144
W090  58.519
Risher, Craighead Co. 2 miles NE of Holloway Cemetery
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  33.202
W090  24.188
Marked Tree Black Cemetery
Rock of Ages
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  31.028
W090  21.486
Tyronza Black Cemetery
Saint Anthony Yes N35  37.210
W090  54.279
West Prairie Twp., Weiner  
Scott Yes No West Prairie Twp., Weiner AKA Moyers Cemetery
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  29.903
W090  40.830
Scott Twp.  
Spear Lake
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  33.52
W090  19.362
Greenwood Twp., Lepanto  
Smith Yes      
[Find a Grave]
No N35  33.546
W090  42.69
Harrisburg  Believed to be the same
burial site as the
Ainsworth Cemetery
Stancell No No Scott Twp.  
Stone No No Bolivar Twp.  
Tackett Yes N35  34.722
W090  18.003
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  37.211
W090  29.004
Willis Twp.,
Black Cemetery
AKA Rising Sun Cemetery
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  26.775
W090  43.894
Scott Twp. AKA Hydrick Cemetery,
Tyre Cemetery,
or County Line Cemetery
[Find a Grave]
No N35  28.987
W090  22.814
Tyronza AKA East Tyronza Cemetery
or Webber Cemetery
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  33.776
W090  56.221
Owen Twp., Waldenburg  
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  41.284
W090  58.178
Ward Yes N35  31.919
W090  15.753
Whitton Twp. Mississippi Co.
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  42.712
W090  39.596
Craighead Co. 1/2 mile north of Craighead/Poinsett County Line on State Hwy 163S
Whitehall No No Scott Twp.  
[Find a Grave]
No N35  30.431
W090  16.399
Whitton Twp. Mississippi Co., AR
[Find a Grave[1]
[Find a Grave[2]
Yes N35  39.662
W090  40.174
Greenfield Twp.  
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  38.76
W090  41.59
Greenfield Twp. AKA Bevens Cemetery or Houston Cemetery
[Find a Grave]
Yes N35  42.813
W090  28.616
Lunsford Twp.*, Craighead Co. *Near Trumann, Poinsett Co., AR**
[Find a Grave]
No N35  34.21
W090  18.14
[Find a Grave]
No N35  28.72
W090  55.12
Hickory Ridge  
[Find a Grave]
No N35  33.78
W090  56.24
*Cemetery locations were taken from a Global Positioning System receiver which displays the longitude/latitude coordinates via satellites.

**This Wilson Cemetery is not in Poinsett County, but in Craighead County. Most of the people buried there are from Trumann, Poinsett County, AR.

Trumann has never had a cemetery because of its history of floods.

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