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Cole's Furniture Store

Sam and Marie Cole owned and operated Cole's Furniture Store from about 1917 until the late 1930's. It was located on North Ozark Street in Trumann, AR. They sold all kinds of household goods and eventually sold caskets and went into the "Undertaking Business". Some people used their funeral services, while others chose (by necessity) to only purchase the casket and often clothing or shroud and perform the other services themselves. Prices ranged from a low of $10.00 to a high of $750.00. A journal was kept of all sales, including furniture and caskets. It is from this Journal that a list was compiled to those who purchased caskets and or funeral services. The purchaser was usually a member of the family or the person liable for the purchase. Several of these people are buried at the Wilson Cemetery (Craighead Co.) in unmarked graves. If known, they are so marked. Otherwise many are not known where they are buried, but some of them are surely at the Wilson Cemetery of Craighead County.

July     29, 1927             Sim Eldridge
Aug.      4                   Anderson-Tully Lumber Co.
Aug.     15                   Dave Hale & Tornze
Aug.     25                   William Putnam (son of Harbes Putnam)
Sept.     9                   Bill Engle (ordered by Charlie Albright, local Town Marshall)
Sept.    12                   Weona Land Company
Oct.     20                   C. Craigg
Dec.     21                   L. Elledge
Dec.     31                   J. Lee Wright (Poinett County Sheriff)

Feb. 7, 1928 Elvie Kimberland (2 miles north of Shady Grove School House) Feb. 10 Mary Beachamp Feb. 20 W.M. Horton Feb. 22 Buelah Beaton Feb. 27 F.H. Gates (or Yates) Mar. 24 W.H. Adams Mar. 28 Ernest Baker Apr. 5 Ed Craven (Mr. Mosher) May 4 George McDaniel May 9 Jeid Philips May 24 Bill Martin May 28 King Upchurch May 29 J.R. Clark June 14 W.C. Craigg July 12 Roy Wright Aug. 6 L.F. Flowers Aug. 13 Lon Dillard Aug. 13 Cheronoff Aug. 20 John Lynn Aug. 28 C.A. James at Tulot Sept. 11 Willie Nance Oct. 4 J.D. McBride Oct. 8 George Davis (Dr. G.O. Campbell) Oct. 18 Susie Dickens Nov. 17 Mrs. Stevens Dec. 5 Frank Jones Dec. 10 Robert Elder Dec. 22 Willie Rawls Dec. 26 C.E. Hyslip Dec. 26 Mrs. Wells
Jan. 11, 1929 James W. Sisk Jan. 14 John Koinhm Jan. 14 George Malone Jan. 21 D.P. McGehee Jan. 22 W.E. Petago (hearse to Nettleton) Jan. 30 C.R. Henley Feb. 4 G.W. Smith (Bob Oliver) Feb. 4 W.R. Funkhauser Feb. 7 C.D. Ervin Feb. 11 Bill Hendrickson Mar. 11 Henry Ramsey Apr. 1 M. Watson Apr. 12 H.M. Murty May 3 Trumann Welfare Association May 3 Joe Warner & W.M. Thomason (baby) May 10 Rosie Gibson June 29 W.F. White June 29 D.C. Dame June 29 G.E. Baker July 29 H.E. Gibson (Judd Hill) Mr. H. Reathbaum July 30 J.B. Lamb Aug. 8 Roy Goodwin Aug. 8 W.D. McCarty Aug. 13 Edna Belle Welch Aug. 14 K.B. Russell Aug. 18 G.F. Carroll Aug. 23 C.A. Walton Sept. 3 W.L. Shamlin Sept. 10 J.E. Burrus Sept. 24 W.N. Thomason (Seldom Lady) Oct. 7 Luther Patrick Oct. 18 E.F. Whitfield (Henry Whitfield John Buxtom Farm) Nov. 6 A.R. Cooper Nov. 7 W.C. White Nov. 11 J.R. Davis Nov. 11 W.T. Fain Nov. 18 Tschudy Lumber Co. Nov. 22 Charlotte McCarty Nov. 29 W.C. McMullen Dec. 9 D.C. Avery Dec. 16 Trumann Welfare Association Dec. 20 Charles Beebe Dec. 21 Tschudy Lumber Co.
Jan. 13, 1930 R.B. Wilson Jan. 22 Bob Oliver Jan. 31 Frank Beebe (ordered by George Beebe) Feb. 14 Trumann Welfare Association (shroud) Feb. 14 C.M. Murray - 620 Patterson St. Feb. 25 G.E. Baker - J.V. Richie Apr. 11 Dutch Peterson Apr. 15 Morgan West Apr. 18 T.F. Craigg - Lewis St. May 2 E.M. Cook - Lunsford, Lake City, Rt.2 - G.J. Harris May 12 Clyde Miller May 31 J.M. Dunavan June 2 Harve Henery June 12 L.M. Haynes June 18 W.W. Jeffery June 24 R.L. Wright o.k. by W.J. Hill June 30 L.M. Duncan June 30 Mrs. Guy Swain July 5 H.C. Slatton (Springfield Cooperage) July 12 Sam Hall (Judd Hill) Earl Rouse (secured by John White) July 21 N.H. Hosley Aug. 13 Sarah Mastee Aug. 27 Mrs. Ed W. Moore, Leona, Ark. (Rev. W.R. Jordan, Hamburg, Ark. Jessie Wilson - Claud Wilson) Sept. 9 Robert Taylor (shroud) Sept. 13 Osey Coleman Oct. 11 A.E. McGee Oct. 14 Ed McGough Oct. 14 Mrs. Dollie Harris Oct. 17 Jeff Throgmartin Oct. 28 Mrs. Jim Faulkner Oct. 30 Cora Bean Nov. 1 Mrs. L.B. Harris, Rt.4, Jonesboro, Ark. Nov. 7 Mrs. Kemp Nov. 12 R.D. Quirles Nov. 19 J.L. Robertson Nov. 22 L.L. Wyse, Rt.1. Trumann, Ark. Nov. 22 Dave & John Kaler Nov. 26 Homer England Nov. 29 Virgil Griffith Dec. 27 Mollie Harmon
Jan. 10, 1931 Trumann Welfare Association (W.L. Bevens for Mimi Bevens, Smith Street) Jan. 12 Mary Ellen Speakman Jan. 17 L.S. Wallace Jan. 17 J.L. Wicker (Ray Bailey - deceased) Jan. 17 W.C. Little (deceased) secured by W.C. Hervey Jan. 23 ?? Prichett (deceased) secured by C.B. Turner Jan. 31 C.H. Bettis, 700 Speedway Feb. 6 Mrs. Margaret Parks Feb. 14 Mrs. Hall, Bay, Ark. Feb. 23 I.T. Yates (secured by H. Adams) Feb. 23 Trumann Welfare Association Feb. 25 Sam Waters Mar. 7 Tom Clem (secured by J.R. Jones) Mar. 7 Henry Avery Apr. 9 Trumann Welfare Association Apr. 18 Sam Baxter Apr. 18 Freddie Lee Brown (deceased) Trumann Welfare Association Apr. 22 Louis Kustoff May 3 Trumann Welfare Association May 21 U. Knight, Bay, Ark. June 9 Trumann Welfare Association

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Jan. 18, 1932 D.W. Sltohl Jan. 18 John Eldridge & J.W. Wilson (shroud) Jan. 18 Mrs. Henry Sullins Jan. 26 J.W. Timbs Jan. 31 E.E. South Mar. 4 J.T. Haden Mar. 18 T.S. Green Mar. 28 Monroe Baker (shroud) May 31 G.N. Henley June 1 T.T. & Frank Yandy, Bay, Ark. June 4 Mrs. H. Senn (baby casket) June 7 Mrs. Ella Perkins July 15 Pete Deno Aug. 16 Mrs. Roscoe Fuller (secured by Joe Hinds) Aug. 25 Bill Holley Sept. 20 Campbell Holt Oct. 1 O. Harris, 515 Speedway Oct. 4 Willie Tippitt Oct. 24 John Dill Nov. 19 Mrs. Charles Tilley Dec. 1 Mrs. Millie Brown Dec. 14 William South Dec. 14 Mill Bell (G.E. Draffen) Dec. 28 P.W. Gray Dec. 31 Campbell Holt
Jan. 1, 1933 J.B. Parks Jan. 2 J.H. Sellers (deceased) Jan. 3 W.H. Adams Jan. 4 A.A. Gibson Jan. 17 Mazued Brooks Jan. 30 W.L. Stephens June 5 L.P. Ring June 5 W.M. Stamp June 10 Mattie Helm June 20 G.E. Sheets June 26 Robert Gresham June 28 W.E. Guy July 1 D.M. Jenkins, Bay, Ark. July 7 Ernest Deno July 8 R.L. Johnson July 19 Ollie Roberts (secured by Tschudy Lumber Co.) Aug. 4 Pete Deno Aug. 16 Lee Baker (secured by J.T. Marshall) Aug. 24 R.F. Tyler Aug. 31 Hazel George Sept. 4 W.M. Lowery (secured by B. Oliver) Sept. 4 D.M. Jenkins Sept. 11 Pinson Cromwell Sept. 11 Jim Breedlove Oct. 17 C.R. Norris Oct. 20 John Whitlatch Oct. 27 W.T. Fain Nov. 3 Susie Puttman by Cora Collins Nov. 9 H.L. Masters Nov. 11 Lee Glasgow Nov. 27 George Glasgow Nov. 27 G.W. Campbell (secured by W.A. Hall) Nov. 29 H.W. Hodge Dec. 2 Mrs. Chers Lilly Dec. 20 Charles Davis Dec. 23 J.W. Stallings
Jan. 6, 1934 Bill Etter Jan. 6 J.M. Dun Jr. Jan. 13 J.F. Carroll Jan. 13 Annie E.W. Carmack Jan. 22 Roy Goodwin Jan. 22 Jack Trenton Jan. 28 Estell Stevens Mar. 24 Ira E. Good May 17 Frank Newglover May 24 A.J. Teague May 31 N.W. Kleets June 2 W.A. Williamson June 18 Mrs. C.E. Moon June 26 Roy Richardson July 5 J.E. McClendon July 16 Emseley Sullins July 18 J.P. Evans, J.P. Roberts, Charlie Gann, R.H. Martin, F.E. Martin - 2 miles east of Lunsford, Ark. July 18 Mrs. R.L. Clark July 18 J.A. Cash July 21 L.W. Duncan Sept. 24 W.M. Fisher, Brookland, Ark. Oct. 23 Tim Halfacre Oct. 31 Mrs. Lois Marcom Nov. 24 City of Trumann Dec. 17 H.R. McNeilley - J.J. Richardson Dec. 24 W.C. Boggs Dec. 29 John Ledbetter
Jan. 7, 1935 Charles Beebe Jan. 18 H.M. Brown Jan. 18 C.T. Sullivan, County Sheriff Jan. 18 A.E. Pennington (shroud) Jan. 28 P.W. Gray - W.R. Holt Feb. 5 Julia Crawford Feb. 12 Hugh Sever Feb. 16 Ed Richardson - Albert Smith, Clyde Smith Feb. 18 L.W. Maron Feb. 28 Mrs. Ora Lee Layne Mar. 4 Poinsett County Mar. 5 Fred Whitlatch Mar. 22 Poinsett County Apr. 1 Robert S. Taylor Apr. 11 Joe Ervin Apr. 13 W.M. Fisher May 16 Tom Hargroves - Felix Webb - Poinsett County June 29 Ernest Thomas (infant) Poinsett County July 2 Carl Romine - W.D. Williamson July 6 R.R. Hargett - Poinsett County July 8 Mrs. Murry Hudson July 9 Emma Johnson July 9 J.C. Buchanan & E.L. Buchanan Aug. 6 I.J. Manley Aug. 6 N.O. Whitlatch Aug. 6 G.B. Boyard, Parkin, Ark. Aug. 6 Pauline Logan Aug. 10 A.E. Pennington Aug. 10 Elvie Dickens Aug. 13 C.L. Carter Aug. 18 W.M. Martin Aug. 18 Poinsett County by J.D. DeBoard Sept. 2 Johnie Carmen Oct. 2 Rufus Kirk Oct. 14 Oliver Randolph Nov. 22 Billie Ruth Barnes - Hubert Barnes (father) Dec. 6 Vanoy Bryant (secured by J.A. Cash) Dec. 16 Joe Gulley (by City of Trumann)

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