Poinsett County Library, Harrisburg, AR

These Books and Films
Were Donated By
The Poinsett County Historical Society

ARK CSA Soldiers, Vol I&II-Index
ARK CSA Soldiers, Vol III-Index
ARK CSA Pensions-Index
ARK 1850 Fed. Slave Census-Entire State
ARK Military Bounty Grants, War 1812
ARK Spanish War Soldiers
ARK Mexican War Soldiers
Camp Pike, ARK 1918 Naturalization-Index
ARK Territory 1820 Census
ARK 1870 Census Index
ARK Mortality Sched. 1850
ARK Mortality Sched. 1860
ARK Mortality Sched. 1870
ARK Mortality Sched. 1880
ARK Death Records Index, 1914-1923
ARK Death Records Index, 1924-1933
ARK Death Records Index, 1941-1948
Early ARK Residents, 1814-1816
Arkansas Links
ARK 1830 Census -Entire State
Craighead Co. 1860 Census Index
Craighead Co. 1870 Census Index
Craighead Co. 1880 Census Index

Craighead Cemeteries, Vols I, II, III

Pine Log Cemetery

Craighead Co. 1860 Census & 3 other cos.
Craighead Co. 1900 Census & 1 other co.
Craighead Co. 1910 Census & 1 other co.
Craighead Co. 1920 Census & 1 other co.

Greene Co., AR 1860 Census Index
Greene Co. 1870 Census Index
Greene Co. 1880 Census Index
Greene Co. 1890 Census Index
Greene Co. 1900 Census Index

Greene Co. Probate July 1876-July 1898

Independence Co. 1830 Census Index
Independence Co. 1840 Census Index
Jackson Co. 1830 Census Index
Jackson Co. 1840 Census Index
Jackson Co. 1850 Census Index
Lawrence Co. 1830 Census Index
Lawrence Co. 1840 Census Index
Lawrence Co. 1850 Census Index
Lawrence Co., AR Early Records
Lawrence Co., AR Loose Records
Lawrence Co., AR Tax Records
Mississippi Co. 1840 Census Index
Mississippi Co. 1850 Census Index
Poinsett Co. 1840 Census Index
Poinsett Co. 1850 Census Index
Poinsett Co. 1840 & other cos.
Poinsett Co. 1850 & other cos.
Poinsett Co. 1860 & other cos./Indian Lands
Poinsett Co. 1870 & other cos.
Poinsett Co. 1880 & other cos.
Poinsett Co. 1900 & other cos.
Poinsett Co. 1910 & other cos.
Poinsett Co. 1920 & other cos.
Poinsett Co Microfilm-Gen. Utah Society:
Minister's Credentials, 1873-1887
Marriage Records B-D, 1888-1906
Marriage Records E&F, 1906-1914
Marriage Records G, 1914-1921
Will Records
Guardian Books A
Probate Court Records
Survey Plat Records
Absrracts of Land A
Index to Deeds
Index to Deeds & Mortages
Index of Deeds & Mortages
Deed Records "Old A" &A-B, 1873-1882
Deed Records C-D, 1882-1885
Chancery Crt. Records Bk. "A", 1873-1894
Circuit Crt. Records, 1873-1894
Tax Records, 1838-1867
Soldiers/Sailors Disc. Records, 1942-1946
U.S. Disc. Records, WWI Book 1
Misc. Records
Township Plat Book, 1874, 1880 & 1893
Mayor's Docket-Harrisburg, 1825-1921
St. Francis Co. 1830 Census Index
St. Francis Co. 1840 Census Index
St. Francis Co. 1850 Census Index

St. Francis Co. Cemetery Records, Vol I
St. Francis Co. Cemetery Records, Vol I&II
St. Francis Co. Marriages, 1875-1891

Rev War Bounty Land Grants by State Govs.  
Early Settlers to Alabama  
Georgia Intestates Records
Headright&Bounty Grants, GA, 1756-1909, Index
GA Marriages & Obit Early Newspaper
Germans in Colonial GA
KY Marriage Records, 1797-1865
KY 1850 Census Index
KY Soldiers of War 1812
Land Claims in Territory of MS
MS Marriages & Deaths-Newspaper, Vol I
MS Newspaper Obits, 1862-1875
MS Newspaper Obits, 1876-1885
Abstracts of Choctaw Co., MS Records
Marshall Co. Will & Probate, 1836-1862
Missouri Taxpayers, 1819-1826  
King's Mountain and its Heroes  
Carolina Cradle  
North Carolina 1800 Census Index
Highland Scots of NC, 1732-1776
NC Land Grants in SC
Caswell Co., NC Marriages
Caswell Co. Deed Books, 1777-1817
Caswell Co. Will Books, 1777-1814
Granville Co., NC Marriages, 1753-1868
Mecklenburg Co., NC Abst. Early Wills, 1763-1790
Mecklenburg Co. Deeds Abst., 1763-1799
Mecklenburg Co. Will & Tax, 1791-1868
Mecklenburg Co. Court of Common Pleas
Orange Co., NC Abst. Wills, 1752-1850
Rockingham Co. NC Deed, 1785-1800
Rockingham Co. Abst. Wills, 1785-1865
Rowan Co., NC Marriages, 1753-1868
Rowan Co. Abst. Wills Estate Papers, 1759-1778
Rowan Co. Abst. Deeds, 1753-1885
North & South Carolina Marriages
NC & SC Marriages Early to 1800
North Carolina Marriages, 1801-1825
Abstracts of NC Wills, 1663-1760, Grimes
Abstracts of NC Wills, 1760-1800
Colony of North Carolina, 1735, Vol I
Colony of North Carolina, 1765-1776, Vol II
Great Wagon Road from PA to South (How Scotch-Irish & Germans Settled)  
SC Naturalizations, 1783-1850  
TN Church Records, 19th Cen., Vol II
TN Land grants-2 Vols
TN Mortality Sched., 1850
TN Mortality Sched., 1860
TN Mortality Sched., 1880
Cumberland Settlements 1770-1790 Census Index
Tennesseans in the War of 1812
Obituaries from TN Newspapers
Index to TN Wills & Admin., 1779-1861
John Armstrong's Entry Book
Blount Co., TN History
Davidson Co., TN Naturalization Records
Davidson Co. before 1800
Washington Co., TN before 1800
Early East TN Marriages
Early Middle TN Marriages
Early West TN Marriages
TN Divorces, 1797-1858
Early TN Tax List
TN 1820 Census Index
TN East 1830 Census Index
TN Middle 1830 Census Index
TN West 1830 Census Index
TN 1840 Census Index
TN 1850 Census Index-4 Vols
Preemptors: TN Middle Early Settlers
State Census Records by Lainhart
British Origins of Amer. Colonists, 1629-1775  
Apprentices of VA, 1625-1800
VA Public Claims - 3 Vols
VA Taxpayers, 1782-1787
Annals of Southwest VA, Vols I&2
VA Cavaliers & Pioneers, 6 Vols
VA Cavaliers & Pioneers - Supp. I
Historical Register of Virginians in the Rev.
History of Augusta Co., VA - 2nd Ed.
Augusta Co. Marriages, 1748-1850
Red Book: Amer. State, Co., & Town Sources
Map Guide to US Fed. Censuses, 1790-1920
State Census Records
The Source: A Guidebook of Amer. Genealogy
Tracing Your Irish Incestors

Other Genealogical Material

Bolivar Cemetery Directory
Farm Hill Cemetery Directory
First United Methodist Cemetery Dir.
Cross Co. Cemeteries, Vols I
Greene Co. Cemeteries, Vols I&II

No Drums, No Angels - Harris Fam. Hist.
Harris Family Photos
Hist. of Harrisburg by a 13 yr. Girl
How is Aunt Sally? - Shaver Family
Phillip-Holt Family History
Phillip Family Photos
Staggs in Arkansas
Thomas Ashley Stone

Modern News, Harrisburg Newspaper,
Donated by Tommy & Jimmy McGee