MOTHER (Maiden Name)


VANKIRK, Gerald Wayne Male VANKIRK, Gerald A. VANKIRK (Holt), Ruby N. 7-6-1968
VANKIRK, Sherry Ann Female VANKIRK, Gerald A. VANKIRK (Holt), Ruby N. 7-2-1969
VANOVEN, Jerry Daniel Male VANOVEN, Jerry R. VANOVEN (Wilkerson), Helen C. 7-25-1968
VAUGHN, Teresa Lanelle Female VAUGHN, Stanley B. VAUGHN (Robbins), Geraldine ?
VENABLE, Rebecca Lois Female VENABLE, Donald L. VENABLE (York), Rebecca K. 1-13-1957
VEST, Dewayne Eugene Male VEST, Wayne F. VEST (Brown), Ruth A. 4-21-1965
VEST,  [twin] Male VEST,   VEST (?), Janetta 5-14-1960
VEST,  [twin] Female VEST,   VEST (?), Janetta 5-14-1960
VETETO, Terry Lee Male VETETO, Glenford E. VETETO (Reid), Sandra K. 8-30-1969
VETETO, Tracy Eugene Male VETETO, Glenford E. VETETO (Reid), Sandra K. 10-31-1967
VICK, Donna Darlene Female VICK, Ben F. VICK (Knight), Donna F. 8-15-1969
VICK, Jeffery Rayburn Male VICK, Rayburn O. VICK (Fry), Maydean 7-28-1969
VICKERS, Floyd Edmond Male VICKERS, James E. VICKERS (Brewer), Bessie L. 12-1-1956
VICKERS, Kelley Lin Male VICKERS, Sidney L. VICKERS (Williams), Patsy R. 7-10-1968
VICKERS, Neal Wayne Male VICKERS, Linberg VICKERS (Holley), Mary H. 12-6-1956
VINCENT,   Male VINCENT, Shanley VINCENT (Ashlock), Peggy 3-2-1963
VICKERS,   Male VICKERS, Lindbergh VICKERS (Holley), Mary H. 10-14-1962
VINES,   Male VINES,   VINES (?), Rae 9-1-1959
VINSON, Jerald Lynn Male VINSON, Jerry L. VINSON (Long), Barbara S. 7-2-1970
VINSON,   Male VINSON,   VINSON (?), Dollie 12-30-1962
VUNCANNON, Michael Keith Male VUNCANNON, Floyd L. VUNCANNON (Throgmartin), Cathy A. 10-14-1963
VUNCANNON, Reba Ann Female VUNCANNON, Robert E. VUNCANNON (?), Lorene A. 8-11-1964

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