Ainsworth Cemetery of Poinsett Co., AR

Ainsworth Cemetery

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- Some information has been added to aid research and is not found on the grave markers.

The Ainsworth Cemetery is located on the land settled by Harrison Ainsworth and his wife, Susan Spencer Ainsworth who came here in 1836. They were early settlers that came and cleared the land and whose descendants are buried there today. The oldest monument found is that of Emma Ainsworth, wife of James Ainsworth, who died Oct. 18, 1879
In a May 1, 1931 MODERN NEWS article, J.C. Ainsworth referred to the cemetery as the Ainsworth-Spencer graveyard. Jerry Ainsworth, a later descendant said the cemetery has been known as Ainsworth-Vanhoozer Cemetery.
Ollie Ainsworth sold some land to R.L. Spencer for $3, 750 on Aug. 20, 1958. The deed was made and accepted on condition that the cemetery now located on said land and a reasonable amount of land adjacent thereto shall be set aside and maintained as a public cemetery.
William Clifford and Gertrude Clifford, husband and wife, and Virginia Fred, a widow, deeded 4 acres of land for $1.00 to Irby Jones, James T. Ainsworth, Nettie Lowry and R.B. Spencer, Trustees of the Ainsworth Cemetery on April of 1986. -excerpted from the new Poinsett County, AR History and Family, p162.

DIRECTIONS. On Highway 14 in Harrisburg turn north on East Street which becomes Old Military Lane at the edge of town. Go .8 mile. The Ainsworth Cemetery is on the east side of the road at the top of the hill behind a metal gate.

AINSWORTH, Jennie Catherine Hall (Mrs. Harrison), born 1851, died 1922
AINSWORTH, Charles Leo, son of Thomas Charles & Lockey Smith Ainsworth, born Dec. 21, 1897, died Feb. 28, 1920
AINSWORTH, F. Emily Hale (Mrs. James, w#1), dau. of Thos. A. & Elizabeth A. Lester Ainsworth, born_______, died Oct. 18, 1879
AINSWORTH, Harrison, son of Harrison & Susan Spencer Ainsworth, born 1845, died 1924
AINSWORTH, J.T., son of James & Sallie Ainsworth, born June 6, 1881, died Sep. 26, 1902
AINSWORTH, Lockey Smith (Mrs. Thos. Chas.), born Jan. 5, 1877, died Oct. 31, 1939
AINSWORTH, Mattie, dau. of Thomas Charles & Lockey Smith Ainsworth, born July 24, 1887, died July 25, 1887
AINSWORTH, Sarah "Sallie" Stevens (Mrs. Jas., w#2; marr. 1879), dau. of Moses & Marion Stevens, born Dec. 20, 1846, died_______
AINSWORTH, Serena, dau. of Thos. Chas. & Lockey Smith Ainsworth, born Dec. 8, 1889, died June 27, 1890
AINSWORTH, Thomas Charles  (Chart), born April 14, 1864, died March 31, 1921

MORRIS, Eunice Rebecca Jones (Mrs. Jessie A.), born 1847, died July 3, 1917
MORRIS, Jessie Abraham, born May 1847, died_______

PEIFER, Lelia Maude Ainsworth, d/o Wm. & Martha E. Gray Ainsworth (Mrs. Grover P.; marr. 12/10/1910), 79y, born July 9, 1892, died Feb. 17, 1972  -Jackson's Harrisburg Funeral Home