Geaslin Family

Of Craighead Co. Arkansas

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Researchers of this family

Rita Grigsby

My great great grandfather Newton Jasper (N. J.) Geaslin moved to
Craighead Co. about 1882, and died there in 1887.  I have been to the
court house there in Jonesboro.  I know that he bought two different
pieces of land near Jonesboro, and that he died without leaving a will.
A James Williams was appointed administrator of his estate, but I seem
to have lost the family for several years after that.  I am trying to
find out more about what happened to him, and especially what happened
to his widow and minor children.  Other than my great grandfather and
one of his brother's, I am stumped.

1-- Newton Jasper Geaslin, Sr. b.1831 in Rutherford Co. TN  d. 1887
Craighead Co., AR
 sp. Malissa/Melissa Tubb b. 1844 AL
   2-- Mary Ellen Geaslin (1864-
   2-- Martha Ann Geaslin (1866-
   2-- Rutha Jane Geaslin (1867-
   2-- William David(Dave) Geaslin (1868-1953) b.Ellis Co. TX  d.Huntsville, TX
   2-- Jenny Geaslin (1871-
   2-- Lola (or Ioda) Geaslin (1872-
   2-- Newton Jasper Geaslin, Jr. (1874-1955) b. Ellis Co. TX, died Jackson Co. AR
   sp. Ara Belle Burgess (1879-1965) b. Jackson Co. AR d. Chicago, IL
       3-- Katie Jane Geaslin (1900-1980) b.Jackson Co. AR  d. Newport, AR
        sp.Marion Leslie Morris (1898-1977) b. KY, d. Newport, AR
           4-- J. B. Morris (1923-    b. Cash, Craighead Co. AR.
            sp. Velma Ozel McKee (1925-1968)
               5-- Rita Lois Morris
   2-- Richard Owen Geaslin (1877-
   2-- Rosie/Rosa Emma Geaslin (1879-
   2-- Hettie Geaslin (1882-
   2-- Joseph (Joe) Ralph Geaslin (1884-      ) b. Arkansas 20
   2-- Jim Geaslin
   2-- Frank Geaslin
   2-- Rebecca Geaslin

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