Wiley,Wilson and Mangrum


Samuel WILEY and Martha L. BARBER
 :Marry on Oct.4,1870,Obion Co. Tn., He was born in Mo, and Martha in
  Tn. Think she died around 1888 or 89. Not sure of Samuel. One or
  both of Cherokee descent.
 : Has 2 known children

 : B.around 1873 in Missouri
 : When mother dies, has to take care of younger brother James,
   decides to marry and James is given to a family called
 : Marries a Thomas WILSON around 1890
 : As of 1910 Census of (Craighead Co.,Ar,Greenfield Township) 
   Thomas is 35, Cynthia is 37, Married for 19 years, both born in 
   Mo. His father is from Va. and mother from Mo. Three of eight
   children left living. Joseph-son-12, Lewis-son-5, Jessie-son-5m.
Jessie A. WIlSON
   b.Nov 9,1909 d.Feb 5,1953
   Layed to rest in Lake City Cem.
 : Cynthia remarries to a Robert MANGRUM, not sure when are where,
   possible around the Lake City or Lepanto Ar. area. My father
   recalls visiting his uncle Bob and aunt Cynthia around the early
   50's somewhere by Cardwell, Mo. They might of had children,
   unsure. Tis all I know on the MANGRUMS.

James Newton WILEY
 : b.Aug 6, 1888 in GrayRidge, MO.
 : At the age of 2, was given to a family known as the
   (FAWNS-FAUGHNS) wasn't told until he married in 1911, that his
   surname was really WILEY. We don't know any thing about during
   the time with them.
 : Marries July 1,1911 to a Eugie Igetty KINDER in Piggot,Ar. or
   Dunklin Co. Mo.
 : Resided in Cape Girardeau, MO. Worked for the
   International Shoe Factory and had many children. one of which
   is my father Jim WILEY.
 : d. Aug 15,1957 in Cape Girardeau,MO., Hobbs Chapel 

Bill as you can tell,theres not much info prior to my grandfather, James N.
Wiley. No one really knows of Samuel or Martha, and trying to track down
Aunt Cynthia isnt easy either. What help you can lend, would be appriciated.