Trammell Family

Of Craighead Co. Arkansas

The below file are from Ila East data. I will tell more about this family and cross link it later. Bill Couch.

Reuben Trammell and Louisa Perry were married in Hamilton County, IL in 1884. Their eldest child, Rosa Agnes Trammell married Eben Elben Barnett in Hamilton County, IL, in 1907.

After Agnes' and Eben's first child was born, they moved to Jonesboro. Eben was a school teacher in Illinois before moving to Arkansas. I do not know if he pursured that career here. Eben died in 1918, and Agnes married R.K. Farrar, who also taught school at one time. RK and Agnes farmed near Brookland, and the last place they had was right across from the Brookland School.

At present, I am not aware of any direct connection to the local Trammells. I have been able to trace the Trammell line back to England and have some information on the offshoots of this line that lead to the other Trammells in the United States. I also have information on three other Trammell researchers.

1-- Reuben TRAMMELL-13 (1846-1925)
 sp-Louisa PERRY-14 (1857-aft 1941)
    2-- Rosa Agnes TRAMMELL-1 (1884-1975)
     sp-Eben Elben BARNETT-8 (1884-1918)
        3-- Larry BARNETT-2 (1910-1912)
        3-- Harry Dale BARNETT-128 (1908-1962)
         sp-Laura Pricilla WRENN-194 (1911-1990)
            4-- Connie Sue BARNETT-129 (1934-1934)
            4-- Ila Joyce BARNETT-130 (1941-)
             sp-Roy Baxter LANE-131 (1938)
                5-- Scott Swain SOUTHERN-132 (1965)
                5-- Kenneth Wayne SOUTHERN-133 (1967)
                 sp-Dawn Melody TURNER-134 (1968)
             sp-Roy Lee EAST-136 (1941)
         sp-Claris MANGRUM-4
        3-- James R. BARNETT-9 (1913-1984)
         sp-A. Pauline ADAMS-33 (1920)
            4-- Rosa Louise BARNETT-18 (1940)
             sp-Leonard DACUS-21 (1936)
                5-- Christopher Allan DACUS-23 (1961-1961)
                5-- Shelby Lanette DACUS-25 (1963)
                 sp-Christopher Lynn PFEIFER-26 (Abt 1963)
                5-- Sandra Kay DACUS-24 (1966)
                5-- Cherlye Ann DACUS-22 (1970)
            4-- Brenda Kay BARNETT-19 (1942)
             sp-Clinton EADS-3
                5-- Doyle EADS-28 (1963)
                 sp-Cathy UNKNOWN-10 (1963)
                5-- Scott EADS-30 (1965)
                5-- Melissa EADS-29 (1969)
                 sp-Lonnie OSBORN-37 (abt 1969)
            4-- James Elvis BARNETT-20 (1944)
             sp-Rita ROSS-17 (Abt 1944)
                5-- Cathy BARNETT-5
                5-- Kevin BARNETT-38 (1966)
                5-- Kendra Ann Lee BARNETT-34 (1967-1982)
     sp-R.K. FARRAR-31 (1887-1956)
    2-- Thomas Edgar TRAMMELL-15 (1886-)
    2-- Male TRAMMELL-40 (1887)
    2-- Amos Darwin TRAMMELL-32 (1890-1916)
    2-- Richard Edward TRAMMELL-6 (1892-1945)
    2-- John A. TRAMMELL-16 (1894-1945)
    2-- Henry Jessie TRAMMELL-39 (1897-1929)

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