Sutfin Family

Of Craighead Co. Arkansas

Researchers of this family

Bill Couch
Becky Cripe
Fred Miller
Joyce Thompson Isaacs
Robert E. Sutphin

To: Becky Cripe
CC:Mary Sutphin

Dear Becky

Since I have received your post, I have been carefully studying the 
Sutfins in Craighead Co.  It would seem that there may have been two 
sets of Sutfins, and possibly three, that settled there.  There was
your bunch, Jake and his two brothers.   Then there was the William
Carl Sutfin who was born in MO in 1851.     This William seems to
have been a descendant of the Sutfin family that lived just across the
AR border in Stoddard Co., MO. and I have done some
research on this family, but not enough info has been collected to
identify them.  See 1860 Stoddard Co.,MO census p374.  Do you suppose
that one of Jonathon's sons lived for a time in Stoddard,MO.

Then there was an Americus Sutphin B-1828 who lived in Nashville,TN. 
Americus has a son named Louis, who had a son named Isaac Sutfin, that
wed in Craighead Co.   There is no reason to believe that the AR, TN 
and MO Sutfins are not closely related.  This is something that we will 
continue to work on.  

*Isaac Sutfin B-1889 Marked Tree, Poinsett Co,Ar.  s/o Louis
   Sutfin and __.     Wed in Craighead Co. on 19 Mar 1910 to
   Miss Nora Hall B-1891 Marked Tree,AR.  Isaac M2 Craighead Co. on 
   24 Dec 1914 to Myrtle Lee Pick B-1896.

*Jacob (Jake) Sutfin B-1809 TN   Believed to be s/o Jacob B-ca 1788
    in Scott Co.,KY    See 1850 Census Greene Co.,AR p21
    Wed in Lawrence Co.,AR on 29 May 1834 to Sarah Pevehouse B-1823 AR.
    Sarah believed to be d/o Jacob Pevehouse and Rachael Kellum.
    Jake and Sarah buried Shilo Cemetery at Crowley Ridge State Park,
    Greene Co.,AR.   Seven known children.  L184
  1 Margaret Sutfin B-1837
  2 Elizabeth Sutfin B-1839
 -3 Charles Sutfin B-1841
  4 Sarah Sutfin B-1843      
  5 Nancy Sutfin B-1846
 -6 Jonathon B-1844   (per Reneta Sutphin document)
  7 William J.Sutfin B-1848    Wed in Jonesboro,AR on 6 Jul 1896 to
    Millie James B-2 Jul 1854. Millie D-24 Jun 1897, buried Macedonia
    Cemetery.   William M2 Martha Noble
    William committed suicide by jumping off a cliff

It seems that you and Bill Couch have done a good job on your Sutfins.
I ran all of the names listed as #3 on Bill's webb page.  I had about
the same data as was printed.  I am enclosing some data on the other
Sutfins.  If you and Bill are working on one family only, just can the
toss unneeded material.  If you are doing a Craighead history, then it
may be of use.   

Please let me know if I can be of any other assistance to you.
Where do you live??

Robert E.Sutphin
879 Wyndham Hills Drive
Lexington,KY 40514-1553
File L439c.wps

*Charles Sutfin B-1841.  s/o Jacob "Jake" Sutfin and Sarah
   Pevehouse.   See 1860 Greene Co. P-564 CACHE TWP
    Charles B-1841 is living with William Hatcher B-1830 and
    his wife, Mary B-1835.

*William Carl Sutfin B-1851 MO.  s/o unk.
   wife: Sarah Elizabeth Fox B-1851 Tn. d/o Jackson and Nancy Fox.
   See 1880 Clay Co.Census where William is listed as born
   Mo. Ar. Unk.  Sarah Born Tn. Tn. Tn.
  1 Martha Jane Sutfin B-1872      Wed on 26 Jul 1913 to Alf
    Cooper B-1878.  Martha D-1951, buried Post Oak Cemetery.
    Martha had no issue but raised Andy.
  2 Antny (William A.) Sutfin B-1874 Boydsville,MO (Mo.Mo.Tn.)

    Wed in Clay Co. on 13 Jan 1903 to Mrs.A.B.Staggs B-1878
    M2 in Clay Co.,AR on 5 Apr 1908 to Leslie C.McCollum B-1888 
    Corning,AR.   Antny D-27 Jan 1912, buried Post Oak Cemetery.  
  3 Christene B.Sutfin B-1876 (Ar.Mo.Tn.)   Wed on 
    to Rufus Gribble
  4 Mandy E.Sutfin B-1879 7/12 (Ar.Mo.Tn.)   
 -5 Andy Matthew Sutfin B-21 Jul 1888     M1 Maggie Cunningham
    M2 Edith Cleo Dale.  
  6 John Calvin Sutfin B-20 Aug 1886     Wed on 20 Aug 1911 to
    Francis Burke B-       John D-18 Dec 1954, buried Post Oak
   6a.Alan Sutfin B-
   6b.Eula Sutfin
   6c.Vera Sutfin      M Hessing 
   6d.Marie Sutfin  M Gunnels Gilbie
  7 Mary Alice B-1884     Wed on 2 Nov 1902 to William Hudsprth
  8 Della Sutfin B-15 Aug 1891        Wed  to Edgar Barker
    Della D-1 Mar 1975 no ssi
   8a.Orlin Barker
   8b.Paul Barker
   8c.Mirtle Acy Barker

*Andy Matthew Sutfin B-21 Jul 1888 Hickoria, Clay Co,Ar.  s/o
  William Carl Sutphin and Sarah Elizabeth Fox.  Andy was first
  wed to Maggie Cunningham B-1892 who was an orphan, her parents
  are unknown.  Maggie and Andy had six children before she D-1930.
  Maggie was buried New Hope Cemetery at Pollard,Ar.  After Maggie
  died, Andy remarried on 4 Jun 1941 to Edith Cleo Dale.
 1 Goldie Sutfin B-1905,  D-1907, buried Post Oak Cemetery.
 2 Maxine Sutfin B-d/i  
 3 Everett D.______ Sutfin B-24 Dec 1914,  D-3 Oct 1938
   Everett buried New Hope Cemetery.  Ark
   Was wed to Ila ____ _____
  3a.Sylvia Sutfin B+D-1936
  3b.Danille sutfin B+D-1937
  3c.Oneida _____ Sutfin B-1938  Married ??_________
     In 1996 Onieda Lived in CA. 
     Oneida was 3 weeks old when her father died. 
-4 Elvis Calveston Sutfin B-2 May 1916 McDougal, Clay Co,Ar.
   Married in Dunklin Co,MO on 12 Jun 1935 to Veda Louise Bradshaw.
-5 Lt.Ballard Sutfin B-29 Jul 1908 McDougal,Ar.  Wed six times.
-6 Cordie Matthew Sutfin B-6 Mar 1942 Piggott,Ar. M Renate Klass.

*Elvis Calveston"Bunt"Sutfin B-2 May 1916 Clay Co.Ar.  s/o Andy
   Matthew Sutfin and Maggie Cunningham.  Elvis wed in Dunklin
   Co,Mo. on 12 Jun 1935 to Veda Lucille Bradshaw B-18 Jul 1922
   Clay Co,Ar. d/o John Willie Bradshaw and Rutha E.Bradberry.
   In 1996 Elvis was very ill suffering from Alzimers.
 1 Elvis Gerald Sutfin B-10 Jun 1938 McDougal, Clay Co,Ar.  Elvis
   wed in Ann Arbor,Mi. on 30 Dec 1960 to Sandra K.Walz
  1a.Scott L.Sutfin B-_______
  1b.Stacey Leigh Sutfin   M ______ Stites
 2 Jerry Sutfin B-            D-6 Sep 1939  Buried New Hope Cemetery.
 3 Darrell Franklin Sutfin B-16 Jul 1954 Pollard, Clay Co,Ar.
   Darrell wed in Ann Arbor,Mi. on 16 Aug 1975 to Toni Nanette
   Coats B-          
  3a.Libba Faye Sutfin B-        M _______ Buschlein
    3aa.Andrea Buschlein B- 

*Lt.Ballard Sutfin B-19 Jul 1918, Piggott AR., D-4 Sep 1987 Daytona,
   Florida.  Buried New Hope Cemetery at Pollard, Clay Co, AR.  Lt.
   was s/o Andrew Matthew Sutfin and Maggie _____ Cunningham. 
   Lt was married five times.   Was first wed in McDougel Ar. to
   Mildred Margarette Phillips B-11 Aug 1922 Crochett, AR.  d/o James
   Walter Phillips and Bertha Bradberry.  LT and Margaret divorced
   in 1952. In 1996 Mildred lived Standish, MI.     Lt M2 was to
   Lilly (George) Halfacre, B-14 May 1921 KY.  Lilly D-4 Aug 1959.
   M3 was to Gilberta Girback whose last known address in 1996
   was in Ann Arbor MI.   M4 was in McDougle AR. to Onie Wiegle.
   This marriage lasted less than one year.  M5 was to Leona (George)
   Aaron B-____ KY, the sister of Lilly Halfacre.  In 1996 Leona 
   was living in Daytona Beach FL. Children 1,2,3, are issues  of
   Mildred Phillips.  Child #4 is issue of Lilly Halfacre.
  1 James Sutfin B-29 Aug 1940, D-1944. Buried New Hope Cemetery. 
 -2 Carl Eugene Sutfin B-18 Aug 1942  M Caroline Frances Hoffman.
  3 Barbara Ann Sutfin B-21 Oct 1944 Piggott, Clay Co. AR.   Wed in
    Ypsilanti, MI. on 27 Oct 1962 to Thomas Rogers Kuzma B-
    s/o Stephen Frank Kuzma and Elizabeth Julia Farkas.
    Stephen Kuzma migrated to the USA from Hungry. His sur-name
    in Hungry was Koziara, before the family adopted the name of
    KUZMA after arriving in America. 
   3a.Jeffery Allen Kuzma B-4 Aug 1963 Ann Arbor MI.  Wed in 
      Ann Arbor MI. on 9 Aug 1986 to Susan Jay Vadar B-17 Aug 1963
      They dicvorced in 1991
    3aa.Ambee Lee Kuzma B- 
   3b.Michael Scott Kuzma B-9 Feb 1969 Ann Arbor MI.  Wed in Ann
      Arbor on 25 Aug 1995 to Kelly June Albers B-2 Nov 1969. 
   3c.Sherry Lynne Kuzma B-15 Jul 1970 Ann Arbor MI.   
      Married Edward Bussinger B-20 Mar 1970.
    3ca.Zachary Matthew Bussinger B-20 Apr 1996 Ann Arbor MI. 
  4 Roy Ballard Sutfin B-17 May 1954 Ann Arbor,Mi. (s/o Lilly Halfacre)     
    Roy wed in Ann Arbor MI. on 16 Aug 1980 to Nicolette Jean 
    Lazar B-30 Mar 1952  MI.  
   4a.Tara Jessica Sutfin B-5 May 1982 Ann Arbor MI.
   4b.Ronalee Hope Sutfin B-13 Nov 1983 Ann Arbor MI. 

*Cordie Matthew Sutfin B-6 Mar 1942 Piggott,AR s/o Andy Matthew Sutfin 
   and Edith Cleo Dale.   Cordie wed in Wastenau Co.,MI on 9 Dec 1961
   to Renate Monika Klass B-4 Mar 1943 Breslau, Germany.  d/o John 
   Klass and Irmgard Bochnig.  In Nov 1992 lived Rt.1 Box 55a,
   Piggott,Ar. 72454.  1-501-598-3194.  Two children
 1 Cordie Matthew Sutfin Jr. B-28 Feb 1963 Ann Arbor,MI.  Wed at
   Piggott City,AR on 5 Mar 1988 to Melinda Singleterry Lanier
 2 Jason Eric Sutfin B-29 Jul 1971 Ann Arbor,Mi.

1997 by Bill Couch; All Rights Reserved. This information may be used by direct descendants, libraries, and genealogical societies, however, commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited without prior permission. If copied, this copyright notice must appear with the information.

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