Parmer Sanford Brown Family
Lawrence County, Arkansas

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Parmer Sanford Brown was born on September 23, 18306 in Herkimer1 County, New York. He lived in Granby Township, Oswego County, New York and married2 Rosetta Davis on July 29, 1849. He worked as a boatman (bargeman) on the Erie Canal. They moved from there to Gratoit County, Michigan in 1864, finally settling in Parmer Sanford BROWN1868 on a farm in Clinton County near Elsie, Michigan. They lived there until they divorced. Their oldest son, John Eugene Brown bought the farm from Sanford prior to Sanford leaving Michigan.

On February 26, 1873, in Ovid, Clinton Co, Michigan, Sanford married Madora Emily Page and they moved to Dickinson County, Kansas. They homesteaded there until 1880, when they moved to White County, Indiana nRosetta DAVIS BROWNear Headlee.

In the fall of 1894, Sanford and Madora moved to Lawrence County, Arkansas. Burt, there oldest son, stayed on the farm until February of 1896. When Sanford returned to Indiana in the summer of 1895 to sell the farm, he took ill and died there on September 21, 1895. He is buried Madora Emily PAGE BROWN TATEin the Mt. Pleasant (Ploss) Cemetery just south of Headlee3.

William Bert and Mollie (DELZELL) Brown, along with James O. (Mollie's father) & Lloyd Delzell (Mollie's brother) came to Arkansas before February4 of 1896. James and Lloyd returned to Indiana and are buried in Pulaski, County, Indiana just north of Headlee.

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Parmer Sanford BROWN


    1.     BROWN Parmer Sanford, born on September 23,1830 at Herkimer Co,
      NY; died 21 Sep 1895 at Headlee, White, IN; buried 22 Sep 1895 at Mt
      Pleasant Cem, Headlee, White, IN.
           BROWN Parmer Sanford married DAVIS Rosetta  (the daughter of
      DAVIS Simeon and STEWART Elizabeth)  29 Jul 1849 at Oswego Co,
      NY; divorced Bef 1873 at Clinton Co, NY; born 7 Nov 1833 at
      Onondaga Co, NY; died 24 Jan 1917 at Owosso, Shiawassee, MI.
           They had the following children:

       +    2     i BROWN John Eugene.
       +    3    ii BROWN Charles E OR Thomas.

           BROWN Parmer Sanford married PAGE Madora Emily  (the
      daughter of PAGE George Winfield and STEWARD Emily M.)  26 Feb
      1873 at Ovid, Clinton, MI; born 6 Jun 1857 at Duplain Twp,
      Clinton, MI  (Census data, Estate Papers of George Page, Family
      info); died in Jan6 of 1928 at Old Walnut Ridge, Lawrence Co, AR
      (Family info from Pearl Lawson Singleton & Virgil Brown); buried
      Jan 1928 at Kelley Cem, Black Rock, Lawrence, AR  (Family info
      from Pearl Lawson Singleton & Virgil Brown).
           They had the following children:

       +    4     i BROWN Bert William.
       +    5    ii BROWN Bruce Albert.
       +    6   iii BROWN Sanford Bud.
                 iv BROWN Baby Girl. b 1878 d 1878 at birth in KS.
       +    7    iv BROWN Estella.
       +    8     v BROWN Arthur McKinley.
                 vi BROWN Nancy H. b. 1885 d. 1898 at 13 years in AR.
                vii BROWN Lillie B. b. 1889 Died at four months in IN.
       +    9   vii BROWN Joseph Alford.
       +   10  viii BROWN Parmer Grover.


    2.     BROWN John Eugene (Farmer), born 19 Aug 1850 at Oswego Co,
      NY; died 23 Dec 1912 at Owosso, Shiawassee, MI; buried 25 Dec
      1912 at Dewey Cem, Owosso, Shiawassee, MI.
           BROWN John Eugene married LOVE Clarissa Olive  (the daughter
      of       Mary)  10 Mar 1874 at Ovid, Clinton, MI; born 28 Apr
      1854 at Norwalk, OH; died 31 Dec 1919 at Owosso, Shiawassee, MI;
      buried at Dewey Cem, Owosso, Shiawassee, MI.
           They had the following children:

           12     i BROWN Bertha Mae.
           13    ii BROWN Mary Alta m Asa Torrence WRIGHT.
           14   iii LOVE Albert W.(adopted name,Bert W Brown,Detroit,MI).

    3.     BROWN Charles E or Thomas, born ca 1852 at Oswego Co, NY; died
      September 24, 1864 at Oswego Co, NY and is buried in Old Rural
      Jacksonville Cemetery, Lysander Township, Lysander, Onondaga Co, NY
      next to his mothers parents, Simeon & Betsy DAVIS, and an uncle &
      aunt, Seth & Polly Davis.

    4.     BROWN Bert William, born 1 Sep 1875 at Sherman Twp,
      Dickinson Co, KS; died 30 Nov 1931 at Hewins, KS; buried at Ozro
      Falls Cem, Hewins, KS. Died of a Heart Attack.
           BROWN Bert William married DELZELL Mollie Emaline  (the
      daughter of DELZELL James Orlando and McLEOD Catharine)  7 Aug
      1894 at White Co, IN; born 1877 at IN; died Abt 1966 at OK.
           They had the following children:

           15     i BROWN Florence Mabel, born 15 Aug 1895 at White Co,
                    IN; died 16 Dec 1897 at Lawrence Co, AR; buried 18
                    Dec 1897 at Anneville, Lawrence, AR.
           16    ii BROWN Lloyd LeRoy.
           17   iii BROWN Gladus Marie.
           18    iv BROWN Clarence.
           19     v BROWN Leola Lorene.

    5.     BROWN Bruce Albert (Assist Super Tex Elec RR), born 15 Mar
      1876 at Sherman Twp, Dickinson Co, KS; died 24 Jun 1927 at
      Sherman, TX.
           BROWN Bruce Albert married BRAGG Cora E.  15 Dec 1898 at
      Lawrence Co, AR; born 1879 at Anneville, Lawrence, AR; died 29
      Nov 1958 at Fort Worth, TX.
           They had the following children:

           20     i BROWN Lillian M. m Lexford SOREY
           21    ii BROWN Ralph A., born Abt 1902 at Sherman, TX.
           22   iii BROWN Nancy Lee m Forrest D. ANTHONY

    6.     BROWN Sanford Bud, born 3 Apr 1877 at Sherman Twp, Dickinson
      Co, KS; died 9 Oct 1960 at Wagoner, OK; buried 11 Oct 1960 at
      Wagoner, OK.

           BROWN Sanford Bud married RAGSDALE Mary Cal Ladonia  (the
      daughter of RAGSDALE George W. and SEWELL Mary)  2 Sep 1896 at
      Lawrence Co, AR; born 2 Dec 1879 at Smithville, Lawrence Co, AR;
      died 29 Jun 1939 at Wagoner, OK; buried 31 Jun 1939 at Wagoner,
           They had the following children:

           23     i BROWN Victor R.
           24    ii BROWN Agnes.
           25   iii BROWN Arthur.
           26    iv BROWN Lester.
           27     v BROWN Verona Mae.
           28    vi BROWN Sanford Oral.
           29   vii BROWN Vernon Chesser.

    7.     BROWN Estella, born 28 Feb 1880 at Dickinson Co, KS; died 27
      May 1947 at Black Rock, Lawrence, AR; buried 29 May 1947 at
      Kelley Cem, Black Rock, Lawrence, AR.  Stella is buried in Kelly's
      Cemetary.   At the foot of her plot, is the grave site "unmarked"
      of Madora E. (PAGE)(BROWN) Tate.
           BROWN Estella married LAWSON Claude Franklin  (the son of
      LAWSON William Andrew and GRIFFITH Mary Ann)  28 May 1899 at
      Lawrence Co, AR; born 20 Dec 1878 at Imboden, Lawrence Co, AR;
      died 15 Dec 1951 at Williford, Sharp, AR.
           They had the following children:

           30     i LAWSON Arthur W.
           31    ii LAWSON Eunice Bell.
           32   iii LAWSON Ada Pearle.
           33    iv LAWSON Fannie Lillian, born 24 Mar 1906 at Imboden,
                    Lawrence Co, AR; died 12 Mar 1947 at Williford,
                    Sharp, AR.   (deceased)
           34     v LAWSON Oscar Franklin.
           35    vi LAWSON Vida L. Vida married Frank Gongway (Gongwer)
           36   vii LAWSON Ida Lou.
           37  viii LAWSON Helen Madora, born 24 May 1915 at Lawrence
                    Co, AR; died 10 Mar 1922 at Lawrence Co, AR; buried
                    at Kelley Cem, Black Rock, Lawrence, AR.   (deceased)
           38    ix LAWSON Claude Rudolph, born 17 Oct 1917 at Lawrence
                    Co, AR; died 31 Oct 1918 at Imboden, Lawrence Co,
                    AR; buried at Kelley Cem, Black Rock, Lawrence, AR.

    8.     BROWN Arthur McKinley (Barber), born 1 Mar 1883 at IN; died
      25 Sep 1950 at Yakima, WA.

           BROWN Arthur McKinley married RAY Mabel Elsie  (the daughter
      of RAY William C. and SANDERS Alfaretta V.)  3 May 1904 at
      Lawrence Co, AR; born 22 Jul 1887 at Westville, IN; died 11 Jul
      1946 at Yakima, WA.
           They had the following children:

           39     i BROWN Margaret, born 2 Jan 1906 at Dallas, TX; died
                    10 Jan 1909 at Dallas, TX.
           40    ii BROWN Bay, born 27 Sep 1908 at Dallas, TX; died 2
                    Oct 1908 at Dallas, TX.
           41   iii BROWN Muriel Alice.
           42    iv BROWN Melvin Eugene (Lockheed Aircraft), born 7 Sep
                    1912 at Sherman, TX; died 25 Apr 1970 at Sun
                    Valley, CA.
           43     v BROWN Allene Pearl, born 4 Dec 1914 at Pawhuska,
                    OK; died 19 Sep 1986 at Yakima, WA; buried 21 Sep
                    1986 at Terrace Heights Mem Park, Yakima, WA.
           44    vi BROWN Wyoma Medora, born 20 Jul 1917 at Clairmont,
                    WY; died 25 Jan 1982 at Clarkston, WA; buried 28
                    Jan 1982 at Vinlan Cem, Clarkston, WY.
           45   vii BROWN Alberta Nancy, born 8 Dec 1919 at Arvada, WY.
           46  viii BROWN Sanford William, born 29 Oct 1921 at WY.
           47    ix BROWN Gerald Arthur, born 18 Sep 1923 at WY.
           48     x BROWN Corvallis Ray, born 18 Jul 1927 at WY; died
                    29 Jul 1978 at Redding, CA.
           49    xi BROWN Baby Boy, born 4 Jan 1930 at Yakima, WA; died
                    8 Jan 1930 at Yakima, WA; buried 10 Jan 1930 at
                    Takoma Cem, Yakima, WA.
           50   xii BROWN Etna Dolores, born 31 Jan 1931 at Yakima, WA.

    9.     BROWN Nancy, born ca 1885 at IN; died ca 1898 at Anneville,
      Lawrence, AR. Moved to Arkansas with the family, died at the age
      of 13.  The years in this records are approxmations.

   10.     BROWN Joseph Alford (Retired Farmer), born 8 Feb 1892 at
      White Co, IN; died 24 Jul 1965 at Chaffee, MO; buried 26 Jul 1965
      at Union Park Cem, Chaffee, MO.

           BROWN Joseph Alford married OLDHAM Nettie Eva  (the daughter
      of OLDHAM Henry Clay and KETNER Sarah Mahala)  11 Apr 1909 at
      Eaton, Lawrence, AR; born 14 Feb 1893 at Lynn, Lawrence, AR; died
      22 Dec 1988 at Walnut Ridge, Lawrence, AR; buried 24 Dec 1988 at
      Lebanon Cem, Eaton, AR.
           They had the following children:

           51     i BROWN Virgie.
           52    ii BROWN Virgil Alford.
           53   iii BROWN Ray Edgar.
           54    iv BROWN Ralph Edward.
           55     v BROWN Stella Margaret.
           56    vi BROWN Molly Nadine.

           BROWN Joseph Alfred married CALTON Daisy Thompson  17 Jul
      1935 at Walnut Ridge, Lawrence, AR.  Daisy died in 1982.
           They had the following children (per Joe's 1965 Obituary):

           57     i BROWN Timothy Junior, last known Jackson, Ark (1966).
           58    ii BROWN Jerry Douglas, b 5 Jul 1939, d 1979.
           59   iii BROWN Pauline Madora, lives in Oregon (1999).
           60    iv BROWN Paul Kastner, live is Oregon(1999).
           61     v BROWN David Lee., of Festus, MO (1999).  He has a
                          son, Joseph L. Brown also living there.
           62    vi BROWN Charles Phillip (James), lives in Sikeston, MO.

   11.     BROWN Parmer Grover, born 28 Feb 1896 at Lawrence Co, AR;
      died 1981 at AR.  BROWN Parmer Grover married Gladis.

           BROWN Parmer Grover married HENSON Eliza Mae born 15 Sep
      1910 at Wagoner, OK; died 19 Aug 1969 at Bluffton, AR.
           They had the following children:

           63     i BROWN Joseph Jesse.
           64    ii BROWN Ann.
           65   iii BROWN Roy Lee.
           66    iv BROWN Earl Bruce.
           67     v BROWN Grover Gene.


   12.     BROWN Bertha Mae, born 1875 at Clinton Co, MI; died 20 Dec
      1970 at MI.
           BROWN Bertha Mae married BARTHOLOMEW Edgar  (the son of
      BARTHOLOMEW William Wallace and LOWE Cartherine)  21 Sep 1898 at
      Owosso, Shiawassee, MI; born 18 Oct 1863 at Owosso, Shiawassee,
      MI; died 31 Mar 1934 at Owosso, Shiawassee, MI; buried 3 Apr 1934
      at Oak Hill Cem, Shiawassee Co, MI.
           They had the following children:

           68     i BARTHOLOMEW Cecil Vane.  Cecil married Lillian Schaal.
                    Cecil died in 1985 in Owosso, MI.  Lillian died
                    November 13, 1999 in Davidson, MI.

   13.     BROWN Mary Alta, born 25 Sep 1877 at Clinton Co, MI; died 16
      Aug 1965 at Owosso, Shiawassee, MI.
           BROWN Mary Alta married WRIGHT Asa Torrence  (the son of
      WRIGHT William and ORSER Rhoda Ann)  25 Mar 1903 at Burton, MI;
      born 4 Aug 1872 at Kingston, Ont; died 21 Apr 1937 at Owosso,
      Shiawassee, MI.
           They had the following children:

           69     i WRIGHT Asa T. Jr..
           70    ii WRIGHT Thelma B..
           71   iii WRIGHT Maxwell Eugene.

   14.     LOVE Albert W. (Machinest Garage), born Dec 1880 at MI.
      His name was Albert W. Love.   He is probably a direct relative of
      Clarissa (Love) Brown.

Notations in the text above:

  1. According to the 1855 State Census of Granby Township, Oswego County, New York.
  2. As listed in Rosetta's obituary.
  3. Listed in the Sept 31, 1895 edition of the Monticello Herald.
  4. Listed in Feb 1896 edition of the Monticello Herald and interviews of Roy Brown who talked with Mollie concerning this.
  5. Here is one possibility for Parmer Sanford Brown's ancestry. A letter from Alta Brown Wrights cousin, Luther W. Taylor now sheds light on Parmer Sanford Brown's parents! Go to this page to see the letter.
  6. The birthdate of P.S. Brown was taken from a book he owned and was passed down to his son Joseph. This book is in the possession of David Lee Brown, son of Joseph.

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