Dr. William James Russell Family

of Lawrenceville Georgia

Other Researchers for this family is

Born August 24, 1799 near Concord, North Carolina. Medical training under
Dr. A.B.Moore of Spartanburg, SC and Dr. William Harris of Concord, NC.
Came to Morgan county, Georgia about 1820 and then to Gwinnett County about
1823. Charter member of Fairview Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville.
married Sophia Park Davenport (Daughter of James and Phebe Park of Greene
county, Ga) November 14, 1825.


1.Sarah Amanda Russell,bornAugust 6,1826 Lawrenceville, died May 4,1827
2.Mary Catherine Park Russell,September 29,1827 Lawrenceville,died August
27,1907 Memphis
..........married Bryant E. Strickland 1849 Lawrenceville,Ga.
3.Dr. William James Park Russell,born July 17,1830 Lawrenceville,died
Jan.25,1892,Wills Point,Tx.
........Married Ava Octavia Dunn Law 1850 Gainesville, Ga.
4. Wallace Randolph Chamberlain Russell,Born 1833 Lawrenceville, died May
1882 Arkansas
...........married Martha Gray 1879 Crawford Co., Arkansas
5. Richard Henry Harrison Russell,b.March 29, 1837-died February 2,1843

Sophia Park Russell died March 16, 1844 and was buried in Lawrenceville. On
April 22, 1845 Dr. Russell married Iantha M. Huff in Lawrenceville.
6. Clara may Russell,b. June 6, 1857 Lawrenceville died Sept. 25, 1925
hawkinsville, Ga.
...........married Edwin Jones Henry 1874 Gainesville, Ga.
7. Alma Russell born December1, 1858..died October 21, 1860 Lawrenvceville,
8. Maudelin Russell, b. December 26, 1861 Lawrenceville, died November 22,
1886 Hawkinsville
...........married John Wade Marshall November 1879
9. Paul Wilmer Russell,b.December 23, 1862 died February 14, 1863
Lawrenceville, Ga.
10. Paul Edgar Russell, born May 15, 1864 Lawrenceville, died July 19, 1919
macon Ga.
............married Annie M.Matthews
11.Arthur Wynton Russell, b. July 1866 Lawrenceville, died 1950's Atlanta ,
............married Elaine Kinningham
12. Mott A. Russell, born April 18, 1870 Lawrenceville died November 6,
1951 Macon, Georgia
...........married Minnie Harris

Dr. Russell practiced medicine in Gwinnett County for over 50 years and
died October 7, 1872 following several strokes. He is buried in Fairview
Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Lawrenceville.

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