Zachaeus RATLIFF Family

Of Lawrence County, Arkansas

Zach RATLIFF was born in North Carolina, August 11, 1824. He moved to Lawrence County, Tennessee with his father, Elam, in 1834. He left Tennessee with two friends in 1842, and finally settled in Lawrence County, Arkansas near Strawberry. When he was drafted into the Arkansas Cavalry, in 1845, he was a Blacksmith, and his job was to keep shoes on all the horses.

In 1848, he was married to Martha Margret Underwood, and they had 11 children. He taught all his boys to be Blacksmiths. To be a Blacksmith was an honorable profession.

Zach and Martha were both buried in the Smithville, Arkansas cemetery.

RATLIFF Researchers: Troy Ratliff, Jim Green, Janet Reaves, Mary Jo Valentine, Paga Blanks, and Jim Ratliff


Generation One

1.  MOSES1 RATLIFF was born WFT Est 1728-1757, and died WFT Est 1782-1842.
    He married ??? ???  WFT Est 1754-1797.

        Child of Moses Ratliff and ??? ??? is:

      2. i. ELAM2 RATLIFF, b. July 03, 1779, North Carolina; d.  August 02,
            1855, Lawrence County, Tennessee.

Generation Two

2.  ELAM2 RATLIFF (MOSES1) was born July 03, 1779 in North Carolina, and
    died August 02, 1855 in Lawrence County, Tennessee.  He married ??? ???
    WFT Est 1798-1836.

        Children of Elam Ratliff and ??? ??? are:

      3.  i. BARBARA3 RATLIFF, b. WFT Est 1801-1826; d. WFT Est 1847-1914.
         ii. IRENE RATLIFF, b. WFT Est 1800-1829; d. WFT Est 1805-1911.
        iii. MORDICA RATLIFF, b. WFT Est 1800-1832; d. 1867; buried in the
             Smithville Cemetery, Lawrence Co, Arkansas.
             m. REBECA JANE SANDERS, July 29, 1852, Calhoun, Arkansas.
      4. iv. MALINDA RATLIFF, b. July 03, 1821, North Carolina; d.  WFT Est
      5.  v. OBEDIAH RATLIFF, b. 1826, North Carolina; d. WFT Est 1871-
      6. vi. ZACHAEUS RATLIFF, b. August 11, 1824, North Carolina; d.
             September 03, 1890, Arkansas.
      7.vii. OWEN RATLIFF, b. 1828, North Carolina; d. WFT Est 1872-1920.
       viii. CATHERINE RATLIFF, b. 1830; d. WFT Est 1831-1924.

Generation Three

3.  BARBARA3 RATLIFF (ELAM2, MOSES1) was born WFT Est 1801-1826, and died
    WFT Est 1847-1914.  She married SAMUEL HOWARD December 05, 1840 in
    Lawrence County, Tennessee.

        Children of Barbara Ratliff and Samuel Howard are:
        i. MARY M.4 HOWARD, b. 1841; d. WFT Est 1842-1935.
       ii. ELIZABETH J. HOWARD, b. 1842; d. WFT Est 1871-1936; m. JOHN N.
           RATLIFF, August 15, 1865, Lawrence County, Tennessee.
      iii. JOHN W. HOWARD, b. 1843; d. WFT Est 1868-1934; m. NANCY E.
           RATLIFF, December 07, 1862, Lawrence County, Tennessee1.
       iv. WILLIAM MITCHELL HOWARD, b. January 05, 1844; d. March 11, 1922.

4.  MALINDA3 RATLIFF (ELAM2, MOSES1) was born July 03, 1821 in North
    Carolina, and died WFT Est 1865-1916.  She married (1) SAMUEL HOWARD
    February 13, 1845 in Lawrence County, Tennessee.  She married (2) HUGH
    BRIDY March 10, 1861 in Lawrence County, Tennessee.

        Child of Malinda Ratliff and Samuel Howard is:
        i. SUSAN E.4 HOWARD, b. 1847; d. WFT Est 1848-1941.

5.  OBEDIAH3 RATLIFF (ELAM2, MOSES1) was born 1826 in North Carolina, and
    died WFT Est 1871-1918.  He married SUSAN E. KENDRICK December 03, 1848
    in Lawrence County, Tennessee2.

        Children of Obediah Ratliff and Susan Kendrick are:
        i. FRANKLIN L.4 RATLIFF, b. 1849; d. WFT Est 1850-1939.
       ii. CAMILLA J. RATLIFF, b. 1852; d. WFT Est 1853-1946.
      iii. GEORGE W. RATLIFF, b. 1854; d. WFT Est 1855-1944.
	    Researcher:  Jim Green
       iv. JOHN M. RATLIFF, b. 1856; d. WFT Est 1857-1946.
        v. FRANCES M. RATLIFF, b. 1860; d. WFT Est 1861-1954.
       vi. WESLEY A. RATLIFF, b. 1863; d. WFT Est 1864-1953.
      vii. ALICE B. RATLIFF, b. 1866; d. WFT Est 1867-1960.
     viii. SARAH E. RATLIFF, b. 1869; d. WFT Est 1870-1963.

6.  ZACHAEUS3 RATLIFF (ELAM2, MOSES1) was born August 11, 1824 in North
    Carolina, and died September 03, 1890 in Arkansas.  He married MARTHA
    MARGRET UNDERWOOD on February 10, 1848 in Lawrence County, Arkansas.
    Martha was born in 1829 in Missouri, the daughter of Capt. James
    Underwood born in VA and an Elizabeth born in Missouri.  James was the
    son of a Gideon Underwood.

    Martha's brothers and sisters were J.J Underwood, David, Matilda,
    Thomas and Sarah. Researcher:  Mary Jo Valentine

        Children of Zachaeus Ratliff and Martha Underwood are:
        i. MELISSA J.4 RATLIFF, b. January 15, 1849; d. January 21, 1899;
           m. AMOS J. BRATCHER, WFT Est 1862-1887.
       ii. ELIZABETH RATLIFF, b. 1850; d. WFT Est 1851-1944.
      iii. JAMES S. RATLIFF, b. 1852; d. 1888.
             Researcher: Janet Park Reaves
       iv. MARY A. C. RATLIFF, b. 1854; d. WFT Est 1855-1948.
     8. v. CARNEY STRONG RATLIFF, b. December 27, 1855; d.  February 21,
    9. vi. DAVID G. RATLIFF, b. March 1858; d. 1917.
      vii. MCALEXANDER RATLIFF, b. January 06, 1863; d. April 28, 1941; m.
           SUSAN CROWDEN, July 16, 1891. 
                Researcher: Jim Ratliff
     viii. WILLIAM THOMAS RATLIFF, b. October 1860; d. 1927; m.  HARRIET
           CAMPBELL, WFT Est 1879-1907.
       ix. LOUISA JOSEPHINE RATLIFF, b. August 25, 1865; d. May 26, 1950;
           m. ISAAC LONNIE FRISBEE, May 10, 1887.
        x. MARTHA FRANCES RATLIFF, b. November 23, 1868; d. November 11,
           1946; m. (1) IRVIN FRISBEE, WFT Est 1882-1908; m. (2) JOHN
           WASHBURN, WFT Est 1882-1914.
   10. xi. AMOS JOHN EDWARD RATLIFF, b. March 17, 1872, Randolph County,
           Arkansas; d. April 17, 1948.

7.  OWEN3 RATLIFF (ELAM2, MOSES1) was born 1828 in North Carolina, and died
    WFT Est 1872-1920.  He married PATIENCE LUCINDA ASHMORE August 29, 1858
    in Lawrence County, Tennessee3.

        Children of Owen Ratliff and Patience Ashmore are:
        i. NARCISSA4 RATLIFF, b. 1859, Tennessee; d. WFT Est 1860-1953.
       ii. MALINDA RATLIFF, b. 1860, Tennessee; d. WFT Est 1861-1954.
      iii. MARGARET ELIZABETH RATLIFF, b. April 04, 1861, Brace, Lawrence,
           Tennessee; d. WFT Est 1862-1955.
       iv. MARY C. RATLIFF, b. 1864, Tennessee; d. WFT Est 1865-1958.
        v. LUCINDA RATLIFF, b. 1865, Tennessee; d. WFT Est 1866-1959.
       vi. MARTHA A. RATLIFF, b. 1867, Tennessee; d. WFT Est 1868-1961.
      vii. ANDREW J. RATLIFF, b. 1869, Tennessee; d. WFT Est 1870-1959.

Generation Four

8.  CARNEY STRONG4 RATLIFF (ZACHAEUS3, ELAM2, MOSES1) was born December 27,
    1855, and died February 21, 1937.  He married LAURA LOUELLA DEWROCK WFT
    Est 1876-1906.

        Children of Carney Ratliff and Laura Dewrock are:
11.     i. MARLIE5 RATLIFF, b. WFT Est 1878-1905; d. WFT Est 1900-1988.
            Sp  Isaac N. HARDIN-23 (1882-1976)
12.    ii. LOLA ELIZABETH RATLIFF, b. February 12, 1884; d. October 05,
            1957, Springfield, Missouri. 
               Researcher: Paga Blanks
13.   iii. BURGE RATLIFF, b. WFT Est 1878-1905; d. WFT Est 1903-1985.
14.    iv. EMMA RATLIFF, b. WFT Est 1878-1905; d. WFT Est 1900-1988.
        v. JOSEPHINE RATLIFF, b. WFT Est 1878-1905; d. WFT Est 1895-1988;
           m. ROBERT CHESTER (TUCKER) BETTIS, WFT Est 1895-1939.
       vi. JAY RATLIFF, b. December 25, 1905; d. November 1974, Arkansas;
           m. JENNIE WILSON, Private.
      vii. THURSIE RATLIFF, b. WFT Est 1878-1905; d. WFT Est 1895-1988; m.
           LUTHER HUTCHISON, WFT Est 1895-1939.
     viii. MARY RATLIFF, b. WFT Est 1878-1905; d. WFT Est 1895-1988; m.
           ALONZO NORRIS, WFT Est 1895-1939.
15.    ix. DELLA RATLIFF, b. WFT Est 1878-1905; d. WFT Est 1900-1988.

9.  DAVID G.4 RATLIFF (ZACHAEUS3, ELAM2, MOSES1) was born March 1858, and
    died 1917.  He married FRANCIS WEBB WFT Est 1874-1897.

        Child of David Ratliff and Francis Webb is:
        i. DAISY E.5 RATLIFF, b. July 21, 1881; d. September 01, 1884.

     17, 1872 in Randolph County, Arkansas, and died April 17, 1948.  He
     married (1) ANNIE MASON August 12, 1893 in Smithville, Lawrence
     County, Arkansas.  He married (2) MINNIE OAN DOTSON September 29, 1898
     in Pocahontas, Lawrence, Arkansas.

        Child of Amos Ratliff and Annie Mason is:
        i. ETHEL BELL5 RATLIFF, b. September 16, 1894, Smithville, Lawrence
           County, Arkansas; d. WFT Est 1895-1988.

        Children of Amos Ratliff and Minnie Dotson are:
       ii. CARRIE ALICK5 RATLIFF, b. September 24, 1899, Sharp County,
                Arkansas; d. November 1964, Indiana.
      iii. CLARENCE EDWARD RATLIFF, b. Private.
       iv. WILLIAM HENDERSON RATLIFF, b. Private.
        v. FANNY OREAN RATLIFF, b. Private.
       vi. LUKE RATLIFF, b. Private.
      vii. HERBERT BOYCE RATLIFF, b. Private.
     viii. HAYWOOD RATLIFF, b. Private.

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