Lawrence County, Arkansas

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1.  Benjamin Franklin RAGSDALE was born Abt. 1808, and died Bet.1860 - 1870
    in Lawrence County, Arkansas.  He married (1) Mary Elizabeth COFFELT
    May 19, 1825 in Knox County, Kentucky, daughter of John COFFELT and 
    Elizabeth ROY.  She was born Abt. 1806 in Tennessee, and died Bet. 1850 
    - 1860 in Lawrence County, Arkansas.  He married (2) Matilda HEONEY 
    July 30, 1863 in Lawrence County, Arkansas.  This family was living in 
    the Union Township of Lawrence County, Arkansas in the 1850 census.  
    Their children were:
       i. John RAGSDALE,b. Abt. 1827, Kentucky; d. 1849, Crawford County, 
          Arkansas; m. ELIZABETH ESTEP, June 27, 1846, Lawrence County, 

      ii. Elizabeth Carolina Jane RAGSDALE, b. July 06, 1828, Kentucky; d.
          September 05, 1905, Carbon County, Utah; m. ABRAHAM JAMES, Abt.
          1845; b. October 05, 1823, North Carolina; d. June 16, 1882, 
          Yavapai County, Arizona.

          Notes for ABRAHAM JAMES:
          Reference: Family records written by William Cook Prows, husband
          to Louisa Melinda Rowena. Belonged to and was an Elder in the 
          Morman Church and is listed in the Prominent men and Pioneers of

          More About ABRAHAM JAMES:
          Census: 1850, Crawford County, Arkansas

     iii. William RAGSDALE, b. January 1830, Tennessee; d. January 16, 
          1865, Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas; m. (1)GENETTA
          STARNES, July 23, 1851, Lawrence County, Arkansas; b. 1831,
          Tennessee; m. (2) NANCY JOHNSON, May 25, 1862, Lawrence County,

          Notes for WILLIAM RAGSDALE:
          William inrolled in the Civil War, 10 Nov. 1863 at Fayetteville,
          Arkansas, C. 1st Ark. Calvery, rank private. William was 
          murdered when he was returning home on a furlough from the Civil

      iv. Eliza A. RAGSDALE, age 18, born Abt 1832

       v. Silas RAGSDALE, b. Abt. 1835, Spring River, Lawrence County, 
          Arkansas; m. ELIZABETH SHEARD. 
          Notes for SILAS RAGSDALE:
          Silas enlisted in the Civil War 12 October, 1861 at Fayetteville,
          Arkansas, by W. H. Brooks, in Company E., 1st Battalion 
          (Stromans).  Left in Arkansas sick, musterroll, Feb. 1863.

      vi. George W. RAGSDALE, b. Abt. 1839, Spring River, Lawrence 
          County, Arkansas; d. 17 Sep 1880; m. (1) MARY ???; b. Georgia; m.
          (2) ELIZABETH COFFEL, January 26, 1874, Lawrence County, Arkansas.
          (3) MARY SEWELL, born in Georgia.  
          Geoge enlisted in the Civil war 18 March 1862, at Pocahontas,
          Arkansas by D.F. Shull.  Served 12 months in the 25th Arkansas 
          Infantry.  Wounded slightly in arm  at Murfersboro, 31 Dec, 1862
          in com..  Issued clothes 7 Sept 1864." Destitute and going to 
          the front."

          Ragsdale, George and A. J. Hargus
          A 17 Sept. 1880 inquest held over the dead bodies of these two 
          determined that they died in the explosion of a grist mill. 
          Ragsdale was age 30 and Hargus age 50. Also, see Notes 4 & 5 below

          Census: 1880, Lawrence County, Arkansas, page 18
          Military service: Civil War

          Children of George Washington RAGSDALE per the 1880 Lawrence Co.,
          Arkansas Census of Spring River Township taken June 18, 1880:
	  Ragsdale, Geo W.	35	Farmer	AR NC TN
	            Mary	30	wife	GA GA GA
		  * James T.	12	son	AR AR MS
		  * Sarah F.	10	dau	AR AR MS
		    Alice L.	3	dau	AR AR GA
		    Mary C.	5/12	dau	AR AR GA m. Sanford Brown
	  * James & Sarah may have had different mothers than Alice & Mary

     vii. Nancy RAGSDALE, b. August 04, 1841, Lawrence County, Arkansas; 
          d. April 17, 1913, Santa Ana, Orange County, California; m. 
          (1) ZACKARY/ZACHIAS WILKINSON/WILKERSON, September 1861, 
          Springfield, Greene County, Arkansas; b. Bet. 1810 - 1815, 
          Tennessee; d. 1876, California or Cook County, Texas ??; m. 
          (2) LARKIN FLEMING REEDER, Abt. 1879, San Bernadino County, 
          California; b. August 20, 1832, Arkansas; d. June 01, 1912, 
          Chino, San Bernadino,California.

          Notes for NANCY ANN RAGSDALE:
          Some records says Nancy was born in Alabama or Illinois.  I 
          think they are not correct because her family lived in Lawrence 
          County Arkansas since the early 1830s.
          In all family correspondence, it says Nancy was 1/4 Indian. I 
          hadn't been able to prove or disprove this.

          More About NANCY ANN RAGSDALE:
          Cause of Death: Senility and Fracture of Hip
          Medical Information: Death Certificate

          In a letter written in the 1960's, it states," Zackary deserted 
          the Union Army during the civil war, shot and killed a man in a 
          poker game, and spent five years in Jail."  I haven't been able 
          to verify this.  It also states he left children in Missouri

    viii. Benjamin Franklin RAGSDALE Jr, b. May 04, 1844, Imboden, Lawrence 
          County, Arkansas.

          Benjamin enlisted in the Civil War, January 15, 1862, at 
          Pochahontas Arkansas, by Capt. Brown for three years.  Last 
          paid, 31 Oct, 1863.

     viv. Joseph RAGSDALE, b. Abt. 1845, Imboden, Lawrence County,

          Notes for JOSEPH G. RAGSDALE:
          Also called "Knight"
          Joseph enlisted in the Civil War as a private in Co. F, 25th 
          Infantry, 18 Mar, 1862, at Pocahontas, Arkansas by Major D.F. 
          Shell for 12 months.  Sent to Knoxville sick, 12 August, 1862.  
          No further record.

       x. Anda Andrew J. RAGSDALE, b. Abt. 1846, Imboden, Lawrence County,

          Andrew enlisted in  Civil War 9 October 1861 in Fayetteville, 
          Arkansas.  Company E., 1st Batalion (Stirmous) Arkansas Calvary.  
          In Gandell Hospital, 7 Jan 1863, fate unknown.

      xi. James Newton RAGSDALE, b. August 02, 1850, Imboden, Lawrence
          County, Arkansas; d. April 01, 1890; m. (1) MARIA E. FREER; m.
          (2) MARTHA L. COFFEL, January 18, 1877, Imboden, Lawrence County,
          Arkansas; b. December 09, 1859, Arkansas; d. Bet. 1926 - 1927.

          Notes for JAMES NEWTON RAGSDALE:
          James was killed by a train between Black Rock and Imboden, 
          Arkansas.  Information was from a letter written in by Lou 
          Munkus in 1960's.  Lou was the daughter of Silas Ragsdale, a 
          cousin to James.  She wrote: 

          "I know something  about Jim Ragsdale, he and my dad were 
          together the night that James was killed.  They had been drinking 
          together and on the way home got separated, when my dad got home 
          and Jim wasn't there,  my dad went back to find him and bring him 
          home.  "Mother told him he couldn't leave the house in his 
          condition.  He told mother if she would let him go back to find 
          Jim he would never drink again.  He went back to the railroad 
          and learned of the train accident.  My dad quit his drinking that 
          night ." She said she believed her Aunt Martha was with her 
          mother that night (Mary and Martha were sisters)

          Notes for MARTHA L. COFFEL:
          Martha was the sister to Mary Henry Elizabeth Frances Coffel that 
          married Silas R. Ragsdale.  Martha was named after her four 
          grandparents, because her sister was named after her four 
          grandparets?   Martha was loud, blustery and hard as nails 
          according to her neice, Lou Ragsdale 
2.  William RAGSDALE, born 1814 in NC. He was living in the Black River
    Township in the 1850 census.  Per 1850 Census NC/AR dwg 380
       i. Andrew J. RAGSDALE, born Abt 1842 AR
      ii. Nancy J. RAGSDALE, born Abt 1844 AR
3.  Calvin RAGSDALE  was born Abt. 1821, and died March 16, 1871 in
    Lawrence County, Arkansas.  He married Jane SOUTHERNS/RUSSELL September
    30, 1847 in Lawrence County, Arkansas.  She was born Abt. 1828, and
    died 1871 in Lawrence County,  Arkansas. 
    Notes for Calvin RAGSDALE:
    It is not documented proof that this is the brother to Benjamin
    Ragsdale, but places and names and family history would point to this
    being his brother, or at least a very close family member.
    Calvin RAGSDALE d. date not included 
    Gdn.: In 1872, George W. BROWN was the gdn for the minor heirs of
    Calvin Ragsdale, dec'd. Date of appointment not included. These minor
    heirs appear to have been Robert W., Cilas, George W., and 
    Polly A Ragsdale.
    Petition: On 9 March 1872 the following persons petitioned the Court
    asking that the Ragsdale real property be sold, towit: George W. BROWN
    as gdn. of Jane Ragsdale, dec'd., heirs Bengamin Ragsdale; Jacob Sharp;
    Samuel H. Ball; J.A. Bottoms; William Ragsdale; Willis Ragsdale; G.H.
    Blackwell; and D.R. Campbell.
    Children of Calvin RAGSDALE and Jane SOUTHERNS/RUSSELL are:
       i. William RAGSDALE, b. Abt. 1852.
      ii. Willis RAGSDALE, b. Abt. 1852.
     iii. Silas RAGSDALE, b. June 12, 1853, Imboden, Lawrence County,
          Arkansas; d. September 16, 1935, Lexington, Oklahoma; m. Mary 
          Henry Elizabeth Frances COFFEL, July 13, 1878, Imboden, Lawrence 
          County, Arkansas; b. March 11, 1862, Lawrence County, Arkansas;
          d. December 05, 1921, Trousdale, Pottawattomi, Oklahoma.  Notes
          for Mary Henry Elizabeth Frances COFFEL: Sister to Martha
          Coffel that married James Newton Ragsdale. Mary's father died
          during the war and left her mother with three little girls. Mary
          Coffel according to her daughter Lou was a kind, soft spoken, and 
      iv. Benjamin RAGSDALE, b. September 15, 1855, Ark; m. Sarah Ann
          HOLDER, September 23, 1875, Imboden, Lawrence County, Arkansas;
          b. November 27, 1851, Tennessee; d. January 14, 1919.
       v. Mary Ann6 RAGSDALE, b. Abt. 1860.
      vi. George W. RAGSDALE, b. Abt. 1862.
     vii. Robert W. RAGSDALE.

Other RAGSDALE Info: (more in Conway, Randolph, and Izard Counties)

Note 1. 1850 Census of Lawrence County, Arkansas also list:

THOMPSON, Henderson 54, Martha E. 43, COFFELT, Henry 12, RAGSDALE, Lucinda 21, McCARROLL, Mary E. 5, VA/VA dwg 646, Spring River Twp.

RAGSDALE, William 36, Andrew J. 8, Nancy J. 6, NC/AR dwg 380, Black River Twp.

WILLIAMS, James O. 27, Elizabeth 25, William E. 6, John 5, RAGSDALE, James 7, TN/KY dwg 744, Union Twp.

Note 2. 1850 Census of Jackson County, Arkansas also list:

RAGSDALE, Lancaster 60, William 24, Rick 22, Benjamin 18, Charles 15, Mary 14, Louisa 4, WORDALL, Thomas 6, NC/TN dwg 1, Breckenridge Twp.

See the information on this page: http://www.parsonstech.com/genealogy/trees/aragsdal/d677.htm#P2568 concerning a Lancaster Ragsdale that was born in 1790 in NC also.

Note 3. Lawrence Co., Arkansas RAGSDALE Marriages:

RAGSDALE, Calvin 25 to RUSSELL, Jane 19 on 30 Sep 1847 A2-188
RAGSDALE, William to HUDSON, Nancy on 23 Jul 1837 A2-007
RAGSDALE, William to ROSS, Sarah on 5 Feb 1851 A2-279
RAGSDALE, William to STARNS, Enetta on 25 May 1851 A2-285
WILLIAMS, James O. 20 to RAGSDALE, Elizabeth 18 on 29 Dec 1844
RAGSDALL, Ellis L. to SMITH, Zilpha on 25 Apr 1830 A1-016
WILLIAMS, William to RAGSDALE, Jane on 24 May 1835 A1-047

Note 4: "Loose Probate Papers" by Marion Stark Craig, MD. Lawrence Co, Arkansas.

Ragsdale, George and A. J. Hargus
A 17 Sept. 1880 inquest held over the dead bodies of these two determined that they died in the explosion of a grist mill. Ragsdale was age 30 and Hargus age 50.

Note 5: Jun 18, 1880, Federal Census, Spring River Twp, Lawrence Co, AR:

Last Name First Name Age Occupation Person Born Father Born Mother Born
Ragsdale Geo W. 35 farmer AR NC TN
Ragsdale Mary 30 wife GA GA GA
Ragsdale * James T. 12 son AR AR MS
Ragsdale * Sarah F. 10 dau AR AR MS
Ragsdale Alice L. 3 dau AR AR GA
Ragsdale Mary C. ** 5/12 dau AR AR GA
Note: * James & Sarah may have had different mothers than Alice & Mary
Note: ** Mary Cal Ladonia Ragsdale, wife of Sanford Bud Brown, was born on Dec 2, 1879 at Smithville, Ark. Her Death Certificate from Wagoner, OK states that her mother was a Mary Sewell. Sanford B. & Mary C. Ragsdale Brown are both buried in Wagoner, OK.

Note 6: LDS Online information. Another Researcher to this line is L Vadeina Whitney,
35066 Ede Rd, Lacomb, OR 97355-9139;
Submission to LDS: AF83-071816

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