Clinton Co. County Illinois Genealogy

Family of Elias Moore & Permilia Stephens


Permilia Stephens; b. July 6, 1818; d. Dec. 24, 1875 Elias Moore (no birth data available) Permilia married Elias Moore, Jan. 29, 18 Children of Elias and Permilia (born in Washington County, IL): Sarah E. Moore (Crabtree); b. Mar. 14, 1836 Mary W. Moore (Huggins)(O'Harnett); b. Dec. 12, 1839 [THIS INFORMATION COMES FROM THE FAMILY BIBLE.] David Huggins; b. 1800 in S.C; Rachael Huggins; b. 1809 in TN Children of David and Rachael: Willis J. Huggins; b. 1834, IL William Huggins; b. May 1836, IL Lewis Huggins; b. June 1842, IL David Huggins, Jr., b. Sept. 1845, IL [THIS INFO COMES FROM 1850 CENSUS, NASHVILLE (WASHINGTON CO) IL] William Huggins married Mary W. Moore, March 23, 1854, (presumably) Wash. Co. IL Children of William and Mary: Sarah Adeline Huggins (Lyon); b. May 6, 1856, Nashville IL Elias Luther Huggins; b. June 4, 1860; Nashville IL William Huggins died in Averysboro NC, March 16, 1865; as result of wounds suffered in Civil War; 60th Regiment of IL Volunteers, District 20, Washington Co. Mary Moore Huggins, widow of William, married Morrison J. O'Harnett of Carlyle IL, Nov. 6, 1876. M. J. O'Harnett died 1898. Oliver M. Lyons; b. Sep. 19, 1853, Richview IL; d. April 24, 1918, Texarkana AR. Oliver married Sarah Adeline Huggins, December 29, 1880; Carlyle IL. Children of Oliver and Sarah Lyons: Mary Eleanor Olive Lyons; b. Nov. 21, 1881; Mt. Vernon IL Ada Edith Lyons; b. Oct. 4, 1883; d. Jul. 18, 1887 Genevieve Lyons; b. Nov. 26, 1885; d. Apr. 11, 1889 Letha Gertrude Lyons; b. Nov. 26, 1887; d. Feb. 11, 1890 Oliver and Sarah, with daughter Eleanor, moved to Pine Bluff AR about 1890. Oliver's brothers James H. and Goodrich Lyons also moved to Pine Bluff in the early 1800's. Sidney Johnson McCarra; b. Aug. 12, 1878; Hope AR; d. July 1, 1842, Pine Bluff AR Sidney married Eleanor Olive Lyons, June 12, 1900; Pine Bluff AR Children of Sidney and Eleanor McCarra: (all born in Pine Bluff AR) Edwin Lyon McCarra; b. Jan. 9, 1903; d. Oct. 7, 1934 Letha Sidney McCarra; b. April 17, 1905; d. Aug. 18, Pine Bluff AR Genevieve Adeline McCarra (Huddleston); b. July 19, 1910; d. July 24, 1969, Longview TX Ada Florence McCarra; b. April 17, 1913; d. Oct. 29, 1921, Pine Bluff AR Clifton Dancy McCarra; b. Nov. 12, 1914; lives in Houston TX Eleanor Madeline McCarra (Birdsong); b. June 2, 19; lives in Houston TX Sidney Johnson McCarra, Jr.; b. Nov. 10, 1921; lives in Houston TX

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