Whittaker Family

Of Lawrence Co.Arkansas

Hi Barb,
    Thanks for your reply.After reading it   I beleive you are already
helping. Diane Henry is a cousin and she has been forwarding information from
you and trying to keep me updated.I did'nt realize you were the one already
helping us.However it is nice to meet you!
     My grandmother Maude May  is her grandfathers sister and we have just
recently met on line.Isn't this wonderful.
      Talemacus and Rebecca  are my grandmothers Mother and father.So there
does seem to be some confusion.I'm sure it will come to be straightened out
with more research.
        The information I have comes  from my aunt who talked with relatives
back in 1973.With some bible records.
         This is what I have.Sarah    Elizabeth Whitaker  Lewis was the
daughter of Tally Mack Whitaker and Rebecca Lucretica   Green Whitaker.Sarah
had three brothers,Jeff,John,and Mack.Three sisters,Carolyn,Mary,and
Cynthia.With info on Carolyn-Married a Doc Acres and had one child-Mary
Elizabeth(Bettie) Acres.She married William Calhoun Beegle.They had 7
children,Morton,Myrtle,Callie,Drew,Lannie,Bert, and Nora. Morton was 67 in
1973 and hence came this info.Morton had a son named Ted Beegle and I'm
trying to locate him.
           If you have anything don't worry about me I'll get with Diane
she's good about sharing with me.We appr. your help.

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