Spartanburg County South Carolina Will Abstracts 1797-1840, Compiled by Brent 
H. Holcomb, C.A.L.S.
Will Book C, pp.58-61.

Will of Nathan Lankston, being advanced in life ... my books to be divided 
amongst all my children: to Sarah Bennett, Rippons Section of Hymns, and 
_____ Lyric poems; to Martha Yarborough my large Bible; to William Lankston, 
my pocket Bible; to Nancy Bearden, Butterworths Concordance; to Willis 
Lankston, Elements of useful Knowledge and Songs of the Night;  to John 
Lankston, 2nd Volume of Village Sermons and Wat's Hymn; to Elisabeth Stone, 
1st Volume Village Sermons and the Cook in the Lot; to Jacob Lankston, 
Dodridges use and progress of Religion in the Soul and Watt's Palms; to Mary 
Stone, Fullers Gospel ...; to Caleb Lankston, Gospel Worthy of all 
acceptation; to Absolom Lankston, Mercers Cluster and Bracons Concordance; to 
Jennett Stone, Walkers Dictionary and all the remnants of books not mentioned 
above; I will negro Rose to be applied to pay Rachall S. Compton her legacy 
of her father's estate; my bed and furniture to my wife Catherine Lankston; 
land on which I live and the place where my son Jacob formally lived to be 
sold; if Chany Stone pays the demand notes, I will the tract of land on which 
Chany Stone lives to my grandchildren of Chany and Elisabeth Stone viz  Sarah 
Ann Stone, Simpson Stone, Eliphas Stone and Matrha J. Stone, and Chany and 
Elisabeth have the privilege of living on the land till the children come to 
mature age; my nephew John Bearden my exr. 31 May 1832.
Nathan Lankston (seal)
Wit:    Davis Newman
        Hiram Yarborough
        B. Waters
Proved by Hiram Yarborough and B.Waters, 25 Feb. 1834.