Obadiah Lairamore Family

Of Sebastion County, Arkansas

It current appears that the father of Obadiah was a Richard Larimore, son of Philemon (Philip) Larimore of Rockingham County, North Carolina. Philemon and Richard were born in Maryland. Richard moved to Greene County, Kentucky, Sangamon County, Illinois, then to the Franklin/Morgan County area in Missouri were he probably died.

Obadiah Lairamore was born in Green County1, Kentucky in 1800. His parentage are not known at this time, however it is known that they were from Maryland, move to Green Co, Kentucky, then Sangamon County, Illinois. Please see the following Lairamore family information.

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Lairamore Cousins online: Edna Peters, Jim Lairamore, Ronald Lairamore, Bob Norman

John H. Lairamore was born December 25, 1828, in Morgan County, Mo., and is
a son of Obadiah and Emily (Esteys) Lairamore. The father was born in
Green County, Ky., July 8, 1800, and lived there until eight years of age.
He afterward lived in Franklin and Sangamon Counties, Ark. and Ill., when
these States were inhabited by Indians and wild animals, and he was of
great assistance in driving the former to the Indian Territory. He grew to
manhood in Petersburgh, and volunteered in the Black Hawk War from
Illinois. He also enlisted in the Mexican War, and during the late war
served as a Government scout and spy. He settled in this county, which was
then Crawford County, over sixty years ago, when there were but two log
cabins at Fort Smith.

The mother was born in Sangamon County, Ill., where she was reared and
married. She bore nine children. Those living are Nelton L., John H.,
Obadiah and Wiley. Those deceased: William, Martha J., Rebecca, Samuel, who
was killed in the war, and Elijah. Mrs. Lairamore died in Sebastian County
in 1862, and Mr. Lairamore afterward married Polly Cordin, a native of
Coffee County, Tenn., who came here in 1858. She is the mother of two
children, Mary Doney and Elizabeth (deceased).  The paternal grandparents
of our subject were natives of Maryland, who immigrated to Kentucky, and
the maternal grandfather was a resident of Illinois. John H. Lairamore came
to Sebastian County when three years old, and here grew up with but a
limited education. He lived with his parents until his marriage, in 1846,
to Jane, daughter of Lewis Pinnell and wife, formerly a Miss Turner, early
settlers of this county.  Mrs.  Lairamore was born in Illinois, and bore
three children: Elizabeth, Mary and Clarinda (deceased).

Mrs. Lairamore died March 12, 1858, and in 1860 our subject was united in
marriage with Ann P., daughter of Theophilus and Elizabeth Petty, natives
of Tennessee. Mrs. Lairamore was born in Missouri, and is the mother of six
children: John H., Milford, Frances P., William, Martha and George W.
(deceased). Mr. Lairamore is an ordained minister in the Free Will Baptist
Church, and his wife belongs to the same denomination.

In 1863 Mr. Lairamore enlisted in the First Arkansas Volunteer Infantry, 
and served in Company H until discharged at Fort Smith, August 10, 1865.
Since then he has lived in Sebastian County, with the exception of two
years spent in Missouri. He owns 155 acres of land, and cultivates sixty. 
In politics he is a Republican. Six months before the conscript law Mr. 
Lairamore sold 200 acres of land, taking it all in property, with a view
of trying to get north. His position south of the Arkansas River was a most
trying one, and the sufferings he, in common with other Union sympathizers,
underwent, can better be imagined than described. At one time several of
them were obliged to lie concealed in the brush until a favorable
opportunity was afforded for reaching the Federal lines. When it became
known that Mr. Lariamore had left the country, the jayhawkers entered upon
a course of indignities toward his family wholly unwarranted. Everything 
obtainable was taken, his wife and children being left so destitute that
the former found it necessary to travel fifty miles on foot to find a
place of safety among friends. A return of peace was bailed with sincere
joy, and barmony and good feeling have since prevailed1.



    1.     LAIRAMORE Obadiah, born 8 Jul 1800 at Green Co, KY.

           LAIRAMORE Obadiah married ESTEYS Emily died 1862.
           They had the following children:

            2     i LAIRAMORE Milton (Nelton) L.
       +    3    ii LAIRAMORE John Harvey. See reseachers below
            4   iii LAIRAMORE Obadiah. Tommy Curry
            5    iv LAIRAMORE Wiley.
            6     v LAIRAMORE William.
            7    vi LAIRAMORE Martha J.
            8   vii LAIRAMORE Rebecca.
            9  viii LAIRAMORE Samuel.
           10    ix LAIRAMORE Elijah.

           LAIRAMORE Obadiah married CARDIN Polly.
           They had the following children:

           11     i LAIRAMORE Mary Doney.
           12    ii LAIRAMORE Elizabeth.


    3.     LAIRAMORE John Harvey (Farmer), born 25 Dec 1829 at Morgan
      Co, MO; died 11 Aug 1911 at Sebastion Co, AR.
      John serviced in the Civil War in the 1st Regimen of the Arkansas
      Infantry.   He was discharged on August 10, 1865 at Fort Smith,
      Arkansas.   He was 5 feet 8 inches, dark complexion, blue eyes,
      dark hair.

      Cemetery in the middle of Fort Chaffee.  Auburn Community.  Pinnell
      (Center Valley) Cemetery.
           LAIRAMORE John Harvey married PINNELL Jane H.  1846; born 12
      Mar 1827; died 12 Mar 1858.
           They had the following children:

           13     i LAIRAMORE Manda Elizabeth.
           14    ii LAIRAMORE Clarinda.
           15   iii LAIRAMORE Mary.

           LAIRAMORE John Harvey married PETTY Ann P.  (the daughter of
      PETTY Theophilus and       Elizabeth)  25 Jul 1860; born 29 Jan
      1832 at MO; died 31 Oct 1897 at Sebastion Co, AR.
           They had the following children:

           16     i LAIRAMORE John Henry. Jim Lairamore
           17    ii LAIRAMORE George W, born 21 Feb 1863 at Scott, AR;
                    died 15 Mar 1865.
       +   18   iii LAIRAMORE Milford Marion.
           19    iv LAIRAMORE Francis Pairlee.
           20     v LAIRAMORE William C.
           21    vi LAIRAMORE Martha A..


   18.     LAIRAMORE Milford Marion, born 15 Feb 1867 at Lawrence Co,
      MO; died 17 Jun 1897 at Charleston, AR; buried Jun 1897 at
      Bloomer, AR.
           LAIRAMORE Milford Marion married DAFFRON Melissa Jane  (the
      daughter of DAFFRON John and TEANOR Josephine) born 15 Jul 1868
      at TX; died 15 Mar 1940 at Seminole, OK; buried Mar 1940 at
      Morris Cem, Bloomer, Sebastion, AR.
           They had the following children:

           22     i LAIRAMORE Joseph Olen. 
			      Edna Peters,Ronald Lairamore,Bob Norman
           23    ii LAIRAMORE Mallie Ethel.
           24   iii LAIRAMORE Marion Elmer.
       +   25    iv LAIRAMORE Mattie Lee. Michael Brown
           26     v LAIRAMORE Annie Josephine.
           27    vi LAIRAMORE Charley Milford.


   25.     LAIRAMORE Mattie Lee, born 9 Sep 1893 at Branch, AR; died 2
      Apr 1973 at Paragould, Greene Co, AR; buried 4 Apr 1973 at
      Lawrence Mem Cem, Walnut Ridge, AR.
           LAIRAMORE Mattie Lee married HIBBARD Willian Nathaniel  (the
      son of HIBBARD George Washington and GOLIHAR Mary Ellen)  18 Jun
      1911 at Keokuk Falls, OK; born 28 Jan 1888 at Attica, Randolph,
      AR; died 14 Jun 1970 at Pocahontas, Randolph, AR; buried 17 Jun
      1970 at Lawrence Mem Cem, Walnut Ridge, AR.
           They had the following children:

           28     i HIBBARD Andrew Buel, born 17 Mar 1912 at Attica,
                    Randolph, AR; died 15 Sep 1929 at Wellington, TX.
           29    ii HIBBARD Thomas Marshall.
           30   iii HIBBARD Ruby Lucille.
           31    iv HIBBARD George Milford.
       +   32     v HIBBARD Mary Ellen.
           33    vi HIBBARD Betty Lou m Charles Darrell HOLDER.
           34   vii HIBBARD Willian Nathaniel JR.
           35  viii HIBBARD Johnny.
           36    ix HIBBARD Clifton Leon.


   32.     HIBBARD Mary Ellen, born at Bloomer, Arkansas.
           HIBBARD Mary Ellen married BROWN Virgil Alfred  (the son of
      BROWN Joseph Alfred and OLDHAM Nettie Eva) 12 Oct 1935 at Walnut
      Ridge, Lawrence, AR; born at Marked Tree, AR.
           They had the following children:

           43     i BROWN Virgil Ancil.
           44    ii BROWN Alan Dale.
           45   iii BROWN Sharon Alaine.
           46    iv BROWN Gerald Eugene.
           47     v BROWN David Anthony.
           48    vi BROWN Michael Wayne.

1Information taken from Goodspeed Biographies of Arkansas.

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