Johnson Family

Of Craighead Co. Arkansas

Researchers of this family

Jackie Pace
Bill Couch

1   JOHNSON, John? b: ca. 1815
..  +uk, Martha P.  b: Jan 1818 TN-c d: 10 Oct 1904 Ridgley, Lake Co, TN m:
Bef. 1854 TN
 2   JOHNSON, Gregory "Doc" b: 31 Oct 1854 IL-c d: 21 Nov 1905 Morning Star,
Green Co?, AR
  .....  +BASKINS, Jennie Davis b: 20 Mar 1867 Union city, Obion Co, TN
            d: 8 Feb 1936 Paragould?, Green Co, AR m: ca. 1888 (2nd w/4c)
Union City, Obion Co, TN
... 3   JOHNSON, Cora Mae Baskins  b: 13 May 1892 Union city, Obion Co, TN
              d: 21 Apr 1983 Lake City, Craighead Co, AR
.......   +PACE, Wm Joseph Buchanan  b: 23 Aug 1887 TN( Rector, Clay Co, AR)
              d: 19 Sep 1927 Lake City, Craighead Co, AR;
                 m: 1 Dec 1907 Morning Star, Green Co, AR
......  4   PACE, Chester Lee Johnson b: 11 Oct 1911 Lake City, Craighead
Co, AR
                    d: 13 Jun 1981Lake City, Craighead Co, AR
..........  +BURNS, I. Elise Looney b: 9 Jun 1917 Augusta, Woodruff Co, AR
                    d: 9 Jul 1978 Jonesboro, Craighead Co, AR; 1936 Pemiscot
Co, MO
........   5   PACE, Jerry Burns b: 1940 Lake City, Craighead Co, AR
                 + ASHLEY, Jacqueline Richey  1940 Harris Co, TX

Jackie Ashley Pace of Pasadena, TX

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