Cook Family

Of Craighead Co. Arkansas

We have more than one Family of Cooks here in Craigead Co. and they are all mixed
up in the same Big Creek TWP in most of the Census records.
We have made our best attemp to sort them out but lack the proof on lots of it.
Other than the Census records of Greene and Craighead Co. and Marriage Records
and Cemetery Records.

First ther was Isaac Cook who settled at Strawfloor
in 1845, Removed to Big Creed later as well as John T. Cook Who was on Cache River
in 1854. as per Williams History of Craigead Co.
But neither has can be found on the 1850 Census. (Or I have not been able to do so)
Williams Histrory said They was Brothers
They can be found in this file.

Same part of the History Book Also talk about
Christopher and George Cook being in Big Creek About 1840 and they are on the 1850
census of Big Creek TWP of Greene Co. We have two John Cook's listed in the Family
of this George Cook. We know he has a John in this family But do not know which one.
and they can be found in this file

 The third Cook Family Is of a Second George Cook
that has not been placed in a family at this at this time.
His Descendants can be found here found Here

The Fourth Cook Cook Family  is of A Old Henry Cook that was in 1850 Powell TWP
Also had the Big John Cook living with him ???
His Descendands can be found here

Any one with info or know something is not correct on this chart please let me
know and I will get it Correcte. Lots of people have worked hard to get this info.
The Court houses of both Craighead and Greene County have burnt after 1850. so lots
of records we need have been distroyed.

If people of the area that live on some of the properties of the ones listed here
will just look over their Abstracts you may have info that we need. lots of those
records was put into property Abstracts.

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