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Craighead Co. Arkansas Genealogy

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			  1860 Federal Census

Pages 74-77 of the Free Inhabitants of Texas Township, County of Craighead,
State of Arkansas, enumerated by Jas. A. McNeely, Ass't Marshall,
from July 25, 1860 - August 29, 1860.

Transcribed by Donna Gist Moore from photocopies of microfilm.
Please email with corrections.

[Note - All inhabitants were marked W in the Color column]

	Page 74--Texas Twp.--Enumerated July 25, 1860

Dwelling/ First  Last           Age     Sex    Place    		Real    Personal   Note
Family                                        of Birth  Occupation      Estate  Estate

506/506	Jeremiah Blalock	30	M	TN	Farmer		240	150
	Martha F. Blalock	26	F	TN					Cannot read/write
	Irener E. Blalock	10	F	AR
	Asa C. Blalock		8	M	AR
	Sarah J. Blalock	6	F	AR
	Louisa Blalock		5	F	AR
	Nancey M. Blalock	2	F	AR
	Jeremiah Blalock	4/12	M	AR
	Elija Blalock		11	M	AR
	Martha E. Belew		12	F	AR
507/507	James Mosley		21	M	GA	Farmer		200	900	Cannot read/write
	Mary Mosley		25	F	TN					Cannot read/write
	Amanna Mosley		17	F	AR
	Elizabeth Mosley	14	F	AR
	Wm. F. Mosley		1/12	M	AR
508/508	Nicholess McCall	36	M	SC	Farmer			500
	Mary McCall		36	F	SC
	Mary McCall		15	F	AL
	Emeline McCall		12	F	AL
	Francis McCall		9	F	AL
	Hawkins McCall		6	M	AL
	George McCall		2	M	AR
509/509	N.W. King		54	M	SC	Farmer			300
	Elenor King		54	F	SC
	Robert R. King		23	M	KY	Farm Laborer
	William Hope		[1?]3	M	MS
510/510	J.A. King		34	M	SC	Farm Laborer
	Therrissa A. King	28	F	AL
	Rosebella King		5	F	MS
	Lucey C. King		2	F	MS
511/511	H.F. King		21	M	MS	Farm Laborer
512/512	Morgan Pool		25	M	MS	Farmer			350
	Zilpha Pool		26	F	TN
	Mary E. Pool		2	F	AR
513/513	Riley Carnatt		35	M	TN	Farmer			300
	P*rlina Carnett		33	F	TN
	Lucey A. Carnett	15	F	TN
	Lucinda Carnett		14	F	TN
	Joseph Carnett		12	M	TN
	John *. Carnett		7	M	AR

	Page 75--Texas Twp.--Enumerated July 25, 1860

Dwelling/ First  Last           Age     Sex    Place    		Real    Personal   Note
Family                                        of Birth  Occupation      Estate  Estate

	James [G?] Carnett	2	M	AR

514/514	Elias Sago		22	M	AR	Farmer		150	200
	Eliza J. Sago		25	F	AL					Cannot read/write
	Charles W. Sago		2	M	AR
515/515	James Blake		48	M	KY	Farmer			400
	Sintha Blake		45	F	AL
	William Blake		25	M	AL	Farm Laborer
	Benjamin Blake		22	M	AL	Farm Laborer
	Adam Blake		21	M	AL	Farm Laborer
	Sarah Blake		19	F	AL
	James Blake		17	M	AR
	Rachel Blake		16	F	AR
516/516	Rh[oad?]y Blake		48	F	TN					Cannot read/write
	Prudence Blake		17	F	AL
	William Blake		16	M	AL
	Elias Blake		13	M	AR
	Martha J. Blake		10	F	AR
	M*rney McDaniel		26	F	AL
517/517	David Blake		54	M	KY	Farmer		2000	900
	Sarah Blake		58	F	KY
	Jessee Blake		27	M	TN	Farmer
	Thomas Blake		25	M	AL
	Mary Blake		22	F	AL
	David Blake		17	M	AL
518/518	Sanders Cagle		30	M	SC	Farm Laborer
	Mary Cagle		25	F	GA
	Mary Cagle		6	F	GA
	Sanders Cagle		1	M	AR
519/519	Samuel Blackly		46	M	VA	Farmer		360	250
	Louisa J. Blackly	24	F	AR
	Wm. C. Blackly		14	M	AR
520/520	James W. McAnally	35	M	TN	Physician	300	1000
	Elizabeth McAnally	34	F	AL
	Wm. B. McAnally		14	M	TN
	James D. McAnally	11	M	TN
	Alexander F. McAnally	4	M	TN
	John T. McAnally	1	M	AR

	Page 76--Texas Twp.--Enumerated July 26, 1860

Dwelling/ First  Last           Age     Sex    Place    		Real    Personal   Note
Family                                        of Birth  Occupation      Estate  Estate

521/521	Thos. S. White		51	M	VA	Farmer		1000	885
	Sarah White		42	F	AL
	Wm. White		18	M	AR	Farm Laborer			Attended school this year
	Henry White		16	M	AR	Farm Laborer			Attended school this year
	Mary J. White		13	F	AR					Attended school this year
	Thomas White		12	M	AR					Attended school this year
	Perry White		10	M	AR					Attended school this year
	Tabitha White		7	F	AR
	Elenor White		5	F	AR
	[B?orR?]ica White	1	M	AR
522/522	Mary A. Gatlin		35	F	TN			300	100
	Riley Gatlin		15	M	TN
	Thomas Gatlin		15	M	TN
	Morgana Gatlin		10	F	TN
	Rosinda Gatlin		8	F	TN
	Arrina Gatlin		5	F	TN
	Felix Gatlin		2	M	AR
	Mary E. Gatlin		6/12	F	AR
523/523	C.C. Sharp		34	M	TN	Farmer		1300	1000
	Anna Sharp		23	F	TN
	Mary Sharp		13	F	TN					Attended school this year
	Jacob Sharp		11	M	TN					Attended school this year
	Catherine Sharp		9	F	AR					Attended school this year
	Adeline Sharp		7	F	AR
	Sarah Sharp		6	F	AR
	John Sharp		3	M	AR
	Albaney Sharp		1	F	AR
524/524	Simpson Albright	45	M	TN	Farmer		2000	1100
	Hulda Albright		39	F	TN
	Alany Albright		22	F	TN
	Eli Albright		19	M	TN	Farm Laborer			Attended school this year
	Elizabeth Albright	17	F	TN
	Tabitha Albright	16	F	TN
	Pheba Albright		15	F	TN
	Nancey Albright		4	F	AR
	Margaret Albright	1	F	AR
525/525	L.M. Stephens		46	M	SC	Farmer		1200	500
	Marieah Stephens	40	F	GA
	Samanth Stephens	12	F	GA
	Laura Stephens		10	F	GA

	Page 77--Texas Twp.--Enumerated August 27, 1860

Dwelling/ First  Last           Age     Sex    Place    		Real    Personal   Note
Family                                        of Birth  Occupation      Estate  Estate

	Alonza Stephens		7	M	GA
	Mary [O?] Stephens	5	F	GA
	Sarah Stephens		2	F	AR
	Lucinda Stephens	5/12	F	AR

526/526	James Brooks		25	M	NC	Farmer			300
	Loisa Brooks		24	F	MO
	John Baker		12	M	MO
	Wm. Baker		10	M	MO
	James Baker		8	M	MO
527/527	Margaret Guinn		50	F	TN			400	500
	Martha Guinn		14	F	AR
528/528	Jane Lain		50	F	?			1000	1500
	Mary Lain		21	F	AR
	Le[mm?]ons Lain		19	F	AR
529/529	Luke Needham		30	M	TN				300
	Elizabeth Needham	20	F	TN
	Jessee Needham		9	M	TN
	Josephine Needham	2	F	AR
530/530	Henderson Roberts	28	M	AL	Farmer			200
	Emily C. Roberts	22	F	AL
	James M. Roberts	6	M	AR


I James A. McNeely do certify and make oath that the above
and foregoing was made according to my oath and the instruction
to the best of my knowlege and belief

			  Jas. A. McNeely

Sworn to and subscribed before me on the 31st day of August AD 1860


                         Lewis W. Sutfin, Clerk

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