Old Nettleton

These are the 3 that I know about right now. I know that Gregg's in
Jonesboro buried my great grandfather Jesse Powell. But they wouldn't tell
me anything.
Renee Lynch

Anna Eveline Woodside  died Sept. 7 19?
Jesse Vergil Powell died July 12, 1923
William Stewart Woodside died Jan. 13, 1919

I was told you whee looking for the names of my relatives buried in the old Nettleton Cemetery. The one that was destroyed.  I've done some checking and talked with a few home owners and found its approx. location.  My Great Grandfather and an Uncle where buried there.

Henry Harry Hunt       born  Feb. 6,1861
                                 died  April 14, 1936

Clarence James Hunt      born March 9, 1932
                                     died  in 1933

 Mama said he was around 18 months old so that would put the month around Sept.

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