The Gatlin Cemeteries of Craighead Co. Arkansas

Thomas J. Wade 18 Dec 1894 - 11 nov 1918 PVT Co. L. 1st Inf

Fannie Bennett 26 Oct 1884 - 15 may 1907

Impresion of lots more graves but no markers.
This old cemetery is on the Fisher farm west of New Haven Church on 351.
Hope to get other names soon.

Hello Mr. Couch,

Iíve been running all over trying to find out who is buried at Gatlin and I think I finally may have a list for you.
The Gatlin side of the list was compiled by Jeanette (Gatlin) Tennant whom you suggested I seek out, and the rest of
the names are from my grandfatherís papers or from the tombstones there.  Jeanette had the years of birth for most
of the Gatlins and I researched and added in the dates of death where they could be found.  The Chamberlain side dates
are very accurate as they were pulled from the family bible.

Hereís a list of those so far:

Levi H. Gatlin 1810-1878

Adeline (Slatton) Gatlin 1817-1860

William C. Gatlin 1839-1858

Emeline (Vinson) Gatlin 1839-?bef.1888

Harriett (Brooks) Gatlin unk dates

Levi H. Gatlin Jr. 1837-1882

Nancy E. (?) Gatlin 1848-?

Stephen Gatlin 1812-1879

Martha C. (Shafer) Gatlin 1843-1878

Hardy J. Gatlin 1821-1860

Steven L. Gatlin 1852-1907

Priscilla Caroline (Box) Gatlin 1848-??

Susan Gatlin 1843-1844

Louisa Gatlin 1875-??

Sarah Gatlin 1877-??

Levi Edward Gatlin 1859-1900

Mary Jane Gatlin 1859-1905

Claudia (McNeil) Gatlin 1856-1893

Zachary Taylor Gatlin 1849-1870

Virginia (?) Gatlin dates unknown

Alice Gatlin 1870-1885

William Wilson Chamberlain 10/12/1841-10/08/1876

Sarah Catherine (Cooper) Chamberlain 01/01/1845-May 1880

Alice Elizabeth Chamberlain 1867-1867

Charles W. Chamberlain 02/02/1816-09/21/1872

Sousanah Chamberlain 06/06/1818-before 1890

Thomas J. Wade 1894-1918

Fannie Bennett 1884-1907

The next two names are my great great great grandparents and Iíve seen something written by my grandfather stating they are buried there but I canít find where now to confirm.

Elizabeth (West) Noble 1810-??

William A. Noble 1811-1862

According to Jeanette, most of the Gatlin graves were never marked except with round metal poles.  These poles were missing at my last visit.
Iíve also been in contact with Dr. Julie Morrow at ASU who is the district archaeologist and she is willing to help me in preserving this family cemetery.
Your nephew Brian has helped me recently as well with my family tree.  Itís been a busy couple of weeks.  I hope this helps.

Chris Chamberlain