The Burk or New Haven Cemetery

This Cemetery is located on Mr Kee farm East of TV 8 (KAIT) Tower
This cemetery is about 300 ft square All but William Gullet grave was on the north part of it William was on the South by its self. Lots of sunken places that look like graves but no markers. it is in a woods lot all grown up with lots of brush But it was winter time when I was there and I beleive this is all the stones (BC)

I can link all but William Gullet to a family

Hilery N. Burk      20 Nov 1858 - 10 Dec 1859
James Newton Burk          1834 -        1882
Flora H. Burk       7  Feb 1869 - 31 Dec 1883
Jessee C. Sullins          1850 -        1875
William Gullet      15 nov 1827 - 21 nov 1862

New info sent to me by Edward Gerdes

Cornutt, J. M.   no dates
4 sides of one square stone:
          Scott     3-14-1850    -   3-21-1859
          N. B.    12-11-1847    -   3-16-1859
          N. R.    12-04-1855    -   3-22-1859
          Eliza    02-06-1863    -   3 18-1869

Possible buring place of Simpson and Hulda Albright parents of Above
No stone found.

Also Elsie Erwin Dawson said her grandmother was burried there.

this would be Sallie Nicholas Erwin No dates as of yet.


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