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Jacqueline Null
Good Morning Bill,

It is amazing what one can find when they clean off their desk.  The following are the facts from the probate records obtained in Fannin Co., TX on my last trip.

An affidavit from (looks like) D. Bradbury of Galveston Co., TX dated March, 1858. He first knew George W. Couch & family in 1842 living on Bolivar Peninsular. The family consisted of Sarah Mariah, eldest daughter, John and Simon B, their two sons, Caroline & Mahitable their two youngest daughters.  Mrs. Couch died in 1843 and buried on said peninsula.  Soon after the death of Sarah's mother, she married a Wm. Sanderson a resident of the Peninsula Point.  Then they moved to Galveston, TX.  G. W. Couch and the balance of his family moved to the upper part of the state, from whence Mr. Couch and his son Simon B. went to California.  Bradbury stated he saw Simon B. and his sister, Carolina while visiting their only sister, Mrs. Sanderson.  Also that John and Mahitable had died some where in upper Texas.  Simon and Caroline went together to Ellis Co., TX where Caroline married a John P. McCauley and now living in Ellis or Hill Co., TX.  He goes on to say in
the affidavit that he believes that Sarah M. Sanderson and Caroline McCauley are the only living heirs of Simon B. Couch.

In a document by William and his wife, Sarah M. Sanderson, stated that she and Caroline McCauley are the only survivors of their fathers family who migrated to Texas in July,1838.  Dated March, 1858.

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Jackie Null George W.* Couch was born (date unknown).

1-- George W. Couch-376086; (1805-1850), New York;
 sp Unknown -376202; died: 1843, Bolivar Peninsular, Texas
    2-- Sarah Mariah Couch-376203; (1826, Galveston County, Texas, United States
     sp William Sanderson-376208; (1804-    ) Hampden County, Massachusetts
        3-- Oliver Sanderson-388374; (1848-1915), New York
         sp Mary Nellie Lyons-388375; (1852-1926), New Orleans Parish, Louisiana,
            4-- Ella Sanderson-388377; (1868-    ), Texas
            4-- Mary "Mamie" Sanderson-388378; (1872-1909), Texas;
             sp Sydney Auger Hubbell-388379; (1860-1905), San Miguel County, New Mexico Territory,
                5-- Edna M. Hubbell-388380; (Aug 1889, Texas
                 sp Brown-388381; marr:
                    6-- Robert Eugene Brown-388382
                     sp _____ ______
                        7-- Diana Brown
-388383 2-- John Couch-376204 2-- Simon B Couch-376205 2-- Caroline Couch-376206; (1842, Texas sp John P. McCauley-376209; (1825-1876), Ville Platte, Louisiana 3-- George P. McCauley-376210; (1853-1932); 3-- Mary E. McCauley-376211; (1856-1945), Milford, Texas; died: 15 Jul 1945, Houston, Texas 3-- Ben McCauley-376212; (1862-1924), Galveston County, Texas, 3-- Bess McCauley-388376; (1863 2-- Mahitable Couch-3762 sp M.Elizabeth Ward-376087; 1819-1901), Belize, British Honduras; 2-- James H. Couch-388385; (1843-1877), Galviston County, Texas sp Eliza C. Cobb-376090; (1847-1871), Tennessee; 3-- Robert A. Oliver Couch-335705; (1866-1913), Ellis County, Texas sp Emma C. -338888; born: (1872-1938); marr: 1893, Arkansas; 4-- John B. Couch-338889; (1894-1902), Arkansas 4-- Harvey Wright Couch-338890; (18961974), Arkansas; sp Hellen -348925 4-- Robert F. Couch-338891; (1902-1990), Garland County, Arkansas, sp Mildred Saunders-359813; (1907- ), Arkansas; so Berneice Smith-387128; (1908-1984), Grimes County, Texas, 5-- Lawanda Fae Couch-387129; (1928- ), Texas 5-- Bertha A. Couch-387130; (1935- ), Texas 4-- Grace Dell Couch-338892; (1906-1979), Garland County, Arkansas, 4-- Ruth Estell Couch-338893; (1909- ), Garland County, Arkansas 4-- Louella Louraine Couch-338894; (1913- ), Garland County, Arkansas 3-- Stephen Oliver Couch-388389; (1869-1912, Ellis County, Texas sp Mattie Eula White-376092; (1885-1965), Alabama; 4-- Ollie Mae Couch-376093; (1906-1992), Ellis County, Texas sp Rebecca Leatherman-388390; (1876-1898), Tennessee 4-- Ira Adam Couch-379647; (1896-1978), Grand Prairie, Dallas, Texas sp Helen -379648; (1898- ), Texas 5-- Wanda G. Couch-379649; (1925- ), Texas 6-- Ann Thomas-379650 4-- Earl Jacob Couch-376187; (1897-1961), Texas; sp Gertie J. -376188; (1898-2004); marr: ; 5-- Earl J. Couch-376189; (1924-1997), Dallas County, Texas, 4-- Rebecca Couch-379652; (1898-1898), sp Elizabeth C. Cobb-388388; (1847-1871), Texas; 2-- Georginia Couch-335703; (1849, Ellis County, Texas, United States sp Edward B Lloyd-335706; (1850, Arkansas 3-- Lizzie Lloyd-335707; (1869, Ellis County, Texas, United States 3-- Freddy Lloyd-335708; (1871, Ellis County, Texas, United States 3-- Ida Lloyd-335709; (1874, Ellis County, Texas, United States