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Also, below is the URL for a website I found while searching for James Finley Couch. It may be of interest to you. Maybe you have established contact with the author of the webpage or maybe not. Just thought I would forward it on to you "just in case". Brooks Genealogy I have written an email to the author of the above website in hopes that maybe someone will know how to get in touch with people of the James Finley Couch and Laura Etta Wheeler family. I will include that letter here because the same requests pertain to you and your Couch family. This is an attempt to locate "contacts" of the James Finley Couch and Laura Etta Wheeler family-line. If you know of anyone researching this family please forward my name and email address to them, or their names and email addresses to me. I have reviewed this family's pages at your website and would very much like to find these people. I noticed that your pages refer to Laura Wheeler as "Laura Elizabeth Wheeler". I would like to know where the information came from regarding her middle name. I am 99.99% certain her name was "Laura Etta Wheeler". I am not directly related to the Couch line however I am related to Laura Etta Wheeler. She was the full-sister to my great-Grandmother. Any descendants of James Finley Couch and Laura Etta Wheeler are of my relation. Of note, my Mother has pictures of most [if not all] of James Finley and Laura Etta (Wheeler) Couch's children. I also have information regarding Laura Etta Wheeler, her siblings and her ancestors if you know of anyone who may be interested. My Mother attended the 99th birthday/reunion party for "Uncle Finn" [as she knew him] back in 1954. She stated that he was unable to attend the party [due to ill health?]. I would appreciate any help you may be willing to give. Thank you so much for reading. My Mother attended all of the Couch family reunions in Speed, Indiana from 1953 or 1954 on. She has pictures that may be of interest to the Couch family. I will attempt to scan these pictures and have her identify each individual. This project may take a while but for anyone interested I will be willing to share these digital images. Sincerely, Diana Prater