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Check out General Funds for COUCH DNA testing5 Dec 2009

1. Establish the Project objectives The Y chromosome is passed from father to son unchanged, except for a mutation about every 500 generations. Testing the Y chromosome will provide you with a genetic finger print consisting of 12 or 25 numbers. By comparing this finger print to others with your surname, you can determine if they are related. The objectives of Surname Projects vary. Here are a few: Identify others who are related Prove or disprove theories regarding ancestors Solve brick walls in your research Determine a location for further research Validate existing research Often a Surname Project has multiple objectives, and the objectives may even change over the life of the project. Y-chromosome DNA analysis offers exciting opportunities to learn more about early Couch Descendants. You too can participate, I have arranged with FTDNA to offer a 12-locus DNA analysis for a reduced rate of $99.00 per test kit for those who wish to participate. We need to get 6 male Couch's to join in for this reduced rate.

Couch Participatants's Earilest Ancestors:

Below is a list of the Couch's that are particapating in this study presently. If you wish to have your name listed pleas contact me. (Bill Couch)

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Please include a address where to send the Kit and invoice.

As the kits get ordered I will place the kit number by name
you can click on name and it will take you to them on their Chart.

DNA Test Results are Back Click here

1.  #5370-Bill Couch  (
    (Benjamin Couch who died 1816 Spartanburg Co.>) ( Group5 )

2.  #5375-David A. Couch & Kathy( Harvey Couch of Lee Co. Ky

3.  #5378-Robert L."Bob" Couch   (   (/couch/johnIII.htm)

4.  #5379-Frank Ben Couch III ( Group8 )

5.  #5395-Kenny R. Couch ( /couch/prater.htm Group5 )

6.  #5397-LaRita&Jim C. Couch Richard Couch (/family/richard.htm)    (Group2 )

7.  #5417-Robert H. Couch( (Group5 )

8.  #5427-Daniel Carlton Couch( (Group5 )

9.  #5432-Bill L. Couch ( (/couch/robert.htm) (Group2 >

10. #5464-Robert Marion Couch & Sister Martha (/family/levi.htm)( Group5

11. #5484-H. Wayne Couch ( (/couch/jacob.htm)    ( Group9 )

12. #5490-Ron Couch ( (/couch/martinc.htm)     ( Group5 )

13. #5494-Richard W. Couch ( Group5 )

14. #5509-David Alfred Couch ( Mo. (Group3 )

15. #5528- James P. Couch (  (Old Simeon Couch line)( Group 6 )

16. #5530-James Timothy Couch ( (/couch/josephc.htm)( Group5 )

17. #6131-Edward Couch (Cousin of Kay Couch Lopez) Got Cousin Test(Drewey Couch)(Group5 )
16. #6319- Bradley Steel Couch ( Meshack Couch line ( Group3 )P3 19 #6416 Jim E. Couch 20 #6418 Marlin Hershel Couch, this is Matthew Couch line son of James and Polly P3( Group5 ) 21 #6457 Larry Parr, Samuel Couch line from Georgia (Will Get Couch Cousin for test)( Group5 (P3) ) 22 #6826 Kimberly G.Forsberg She got dad to take test)( Group2 ) 23 #6827 Samuel G. Couch ( Nathaniel Couch of Allegheny Co. Pa. Line( Group2 ) 24 #6861 Kathryn Hopkins Joseph Couch line ( Group5 ) 25 #6882 Robert Murphy Couch ( William Couch & Rebecca Pierce line( Group5 ) 26 #7349 Edward Couch Meshack Couch line( Group3 ) 27 #7442 Robert Homer Couch( Group2 > 28 #7443 Elton Couch Nathan B. Couch SC Group5 29 #7663 Jim Couch ( Couch and Louisa Osborn( Group2 ) 30 #7725 Gordon Couch, ( Couch line, ( ">Group5 >) 31 #7976 Tony Couch ( ) Thomas Couch & Elvy Lynch( Group2 ) 32 #8161 Jay Robert Couch ( William Couch from England ( Group6 ) 33 #8357 Jack Couch ( Jacob Couch line ( Group9 ) 34 #8708 Becky Griswold & Uncle Wendell Couch (Group3 ) 35 #8824 Dale L. Couch ( Old Edward Couch of Edgefield Co. SC. ( Group8 ) 36 #10982 Bill Ray Couch James Couch ( Group2 ) 37 #13180 Robert Gerard Couch Nathaniel Couch line ( Group2 ) 38 Kit lost and number deleted 39 #14471 Connie Couch (Need To get ancestors )(Not received back at lab) 40 #15320 Carroll Lynn Couch Benjamin Couch Line ( Group5 ) 41 #16207 Robert W. Couch Joseph Couch ( Group5 ) 42 #17052 Andrew Jackson Couch Old John Couch of Alabama (Group 1) 43 #17613 Grady Couch Jr. ( Levi Couch line )25+ ( Group5 ) 44 #17705 Marilou Couch ( Need to get Ancestors )25+ (Not received back at lab) 45 #19947 Melvin Buford Couch (Does not have a match) placed in Group 7 46 #20563 John Ralph Couch Not received back at lab. 47 48 #21911 Timothy Newton Couch ( Eli Couch line )( Group5 ) 49 #22707 Eddie G. Couch Old John Couch of Alabama ( Group5 ) 50 #24953 Timothy Darren Couch (Test are back and he is in Group 1 ) 51 #26475 Gearld P. Couch (Jeremiah Couch line.) 37 marker and is back 52 #27601 Simon Anthony Couch (Of England ) Need to get a list of his ancestors. 53 #28008 Jesse Lee Couch John Couch line.( Group5 ) 54 #28155 Ronald Steven Couch John and Rachel Group3 ) 55 #29136 Marion Couch John Couch line.( Group5 ) 56 #29513 Kenneth Lee Couch (John Couch of Ash Co NC) ( Group5 ) 57 #29573 Glen Couch ( of Canada ) Arthur Couch of Ireland and Canada 58 #29923 Buddy Couch (Group 5) 59 #32354 Jeffery Wayne COUCH ( Group5 ) 60 #32659 Daniel Paul Couch Descendant of James Couch And Elizabeth Wideman (Group 3) 61 #35475 Joe Couch ( Group5) 62 #35490 Bobby Gene Couch ( Group5 ) 63 #37475 Will Crouch 64 #37537 Patrick E. Couch George H. Couch 65 #38591 Jeffery Thomas Couch Descendant Of Overton Couch of Gwinnett County. 66 #39254 Guy Lynn Couch Do not have his ancestors at this time. & kit has not been return to FTDNA 67 #41554 Paul Couch John Couch 68 #42428 Joseph Daniel Couch Nathaniel Couch, (Group 2) 69 #43458 Roy O. Crutcher Do not have his ancestors at this time.(Results are back.) I will put them next to old Simeon. The results fall between Simeon and Richard . 70 #46594 Leslie Charles Couch, Do not have his ancestors at this time. 71 #N10803 Bobby Dale Couch (Do not have his connection but does appear to be in Group 5) 72 #47012 Jimmy Leon Couch 73 #48106 Paul Richard Campbell DNa Results are back and ( Group5 ) 74 #54731 Donald Richard Campbell DNA results are back And ( Group5 ) 75 #75979 Gary William (Couch) Beleived to be part of the old Simeon line Have results back 76 #82812 Andrew Couch Jeremiah Couch line DNA results are back 77 #83570 David Gardner Crouch 78 #85600 Paul Couch DNA is back 79 #85896 Richard Crouch Don't know connection but DNA is back 80 #87588 Roger Couch DNA is back 81 #93274 Leonard Charles Couch Descendant of Joseph Couch ( Group5 ) 82 #95343 Daniel Sean Gray Dna Test came back and he is in ( Group5 ) 83 #95675 Dennis Floyd Couch Test are back ( Group5 ) 84 #95676 John Edwin Couch Test are back ( Group5 ) 85 #97238 Sheila Marie Couch MTDNA TEST 86 #101774 Kenneth Vance Couch Part of Old Jacob Couch line 87 #102380 William Couch Descendant of Matthew Couch (Group 2 ) 88 #123906 Tony Crouch No Matches 89 #125135 Dr. Charles Edward Couch, Descendant of Edward Couch 90 #134648 Guy Lynn Couch 12y Not returned to lab yet 91 #137057 Donald Scott Couch 37 marker, Benjamin Couch of Edgefield Test are back ( Group5 ) General fund Project 92 #141559 Colbert Lynn Crouch 93 #153676 TBA Couch 37 marker Test purchased by Vic Williams 94 #155444 John Couch John Couch 1753 St Giles in the Wood, Devon 95 #157567 John Michael Couch A descendant of Patrick Henry Couch 96 #159628 Dewayne Couch, 37 marker from general funds ( Group5 ) 97 #159740 Hoyt Couch Kentucky bunch 37 marker 98 #162310 David Trevanion Couch, (England Couch) Father to Sarah Melton 99 #164479 John William Crouch 100 #164876 Malcolm Couch Of England 101 #170216 Gary James Couch Descendant of James B. Couch 1822 of New York (37 marker) (Group 6) 102 #173968 Timothy G. Couch 103 #175683 Keep Private 104 #176402 Edward Davidson Couch Descendant of Samuel Couch of Clarke County, Georgia (67 marker) 105 #178470 Betty Jean Davidson (MTDNA) Test 106 #179989 Dylan Sizemore 107 #180103 Joyce Sizemore (Family finder test) 108 #183116 David Couch Same peerson as #41554 descendant of John Couch 109 #183787 John Calloway Couch Joseph Couch Chart 110 #191617 Mrs. Gerri Hoskins Claiibourn Has a Connection back to the Clay Co. Ky Couch's 110 #196151 Dr.W.David Couch 111 #200167 Kenneth George Couch 113 #209583 Eugene F. Couch #210660 Donald Goodman William Couch line (see email 377461rm5) #227579 George Thomas Strong #238911 Mrs. SUZAN LEA DENOUDEN See no COUCH Connection, Have sent message asking for Couch Connection (MTDNA Test)(Nathaniel Couch of Pa. see email at 166331rm5) #248500 George Earl Couch #265540 Mr. Steven Mark Couch (Listed in our group 5) 12-Y test #272348 Louis Michael Couch (Eli Couch ) THE ONES SBELOW HAVE JOINED OUR COUCH PROJECT, I HAVE SENT THEM A MESSAGE ASKING FOR THEIR CONNECTION. If anyone know how one of thes connect please contsct me. Or We need to remove them for our group. (bc) 123901 Alin Gabriel Fulgescu See no COUCH Connection, Have sent message asking for Couch Connection 180176 Ms. Kathy Babin See no COUCH Connection, Have sent message asking for Couch Connection 180855 Kathy Faulkner See no COUCH Connection, Have sent message asking for Couch Connection (A Nancy Couch 1820 from Tennessee no other info)email 377461rm5 201967 Mr. James Lee Gordon See no COUCH Connection, Have sent message asking for Couch Connection 202728 Mr. Langston Gibson III See no COUCH Connection, Have sent message asking for Couch Connection (Y-DNA) (No Family Tree) R1a1a ) 208189 Mr. Duane Richard Wold See no COUCH Connection, Have sent message asking for Couch Connection (MTDNA Test & Y-DNA) (No Family Tree) 232266 Mr. Brian Lee Hyatt See no COUCH Connection, Have sent message asking for Couch Connection (MTDNA Test & Y-DNA) (No Family Tree)
We also have William E. Necklen who has Joined our Couch Group. He has kit #7075 and is a Direct descendant of Old Simon Couch of Fairfield Conn. Not sure what he will get out of our group but he was not in a group of his own. And did not show up any place on Family Tree Dna Search. This will at least give William a chance to see how his DNA stack up against The Couch DNA
Other Connection we have with Group 5 Bruce Elliot Morrell, Jr Get chart soon
William David Carter Oldest ancestor was same Post office as Jeremiah Couch in Scott Co. Virginia.
Jeffery Allen Wright 25/25 match With Danny Carlton Couch
James & Karen Bond Key family

I have also started a Whittaker DNA project
The Rice DNA project is part of my line and I should be in Group 4 of this project
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