Organized with eight companies from the 15th Infantry Regt Militia ca March 1862. Reorganized on 8 May 1862. Companies A and B became 2nd I and K, 21st (McCrae's) Infantry Regiment on May- 12-1862. Battalion disbanded. Co G became Co k 31st Inf. Companies C and D became companies G and F, Brook's first Cavalry Battalion and companies E,F and H became companied E, K and I, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, on 25 May 1862. Commander: John L. Williamson, LTC.

The following roster appears to be the personnel who were not transferred to the above units during reorganization.  Date shown is the date elected.


ADAMS, J.L. Cpt 10 May 1862      E

ANDERSON, L.H.C. 3Lt 10 May 1862      A

ARMSTRONG, D.F. Lt Col 15 May 1862      --

ATKINS, H.N. 2Lt  10 May 1862       H

BARRETT, JAMES E. 3Lt 15 Mar 1862      E

BERRY, D.F. 2Lt 10 may 1862       G

BIZZELL, O.W. 3Lt 10 May 1862       H

BROWN, D.C. 1Lt 10 May 1862       E

CARDEN, H.M 1Lt 10 May 1862       F

CHILDERS, JAMES F. 10 May 1862       C

CLAUNCH, WILLIAM Pvt Died 15 May 1863 at Rorristown, Ross Co, AR. F

COBB, A.J. 2Lt 10 May 1862       E

COLE, JESSE 1Lt 10 May 1862       G

DAVIS, M.E. Cpt 10 May 1862       H

FLEEMAN, M.F. 1Lt 10 May 1862       B

FORBES, S.M. Pvt  Died - date and place not given.    G

HERVEY, F.P. 1Lt 15 May 1862       H

HODGES, D.L. 1Lt 10 May 1862      B

HOWELL, H. CLABE 1Lt 10 May 1862      D

JACKAWAY, JOHN A. Cpt 10 May 1862     G

KEETON, W.B. Cpt 10 May` 1862       F

KRIDER, A.B. Cpt 10 May 1862       B

LOVE, CALVIN M. 3Lt Discharged 8 May 1862. Not reelected.   D

LOVE, ROBERT - Includes a receipt for $5.00 for a coffin for Robert Love. B

McDANIEL, FINAS E. Pvt Captured 24 Jan 1864 in Polk Co, AR and sent to MP at Rock  C  Island, IL 6 Jul 1864. Exchanged 4 Mar 1865 at New Orleans, LA.

McDANIEL, JOHN Pvt Captured 24 Jan 1864 and sent to MP at Rock Island, IL 6 Jul 1864 C.  Exchanged 4 Mar 1864 at New Orleans, LA.

MONTGOMERY, G.P 2Lt 10 May 1862     A

PENDERGRASS, J.J. 3Lt 10 May 1862     G

RANDALL, JOHN Cpt 10 May 1862      D

RANSON, A.J. 1Lt 10 May 1862      A

ROACH, E. M. Maj Commanding 26 May 1862     --

RUSSELL, JAMES D. 2Lt 10 May 1862     D

STEELE, M.D. 1Lt 10 May 1862      H

STEELE, M.W. Lt Co,. 10 may 1862      --

STOUT, A.C. 3Lt  10 May 1862      C

STOUT, JAMES F. Cpt 10 May 1862      C

STOUT, J.W. 2Lt Captured 25 May1863 at Black River Bridge, MS and sent to MP at  Johnson'a Island, OH. Exchanged 24 Fe b1865.   C

STRAYHORN, JOHN  2Lt 15 May 1862      E

SUTHERLAND, M.V.  3Lt 10 May 1862     F

TOBY, STEPHEN H. 3Lt 10 May 1862     D

TWEEDY, R.C. Cpt 10 May 1862      A

WALKER, JOHN Pvt  Died 20 May 1862. Left $1.50.    G

WALKER, J.J. 2Lt 10 May 1862      F

WARREN, A.H. 3Lt 10 May 1862      F

WILLIAMSON, G.M.P. Major 10 May 1862     E

WILLIAMSON, J.L. Lt Col 10 May 1862 Commanding    --

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