(From an examination/questionaire.) These are generally the answers he gave.
Questions were printed and the responses written in longhand.

William Cooper
Age 19
Lived in Lawrence Co, AR.
Captured in Ripley Co, MO 25Dec1863
The cause of my capture was that I was a Rebel soldier - was with "Tim Reeves" in his raid at Centerville. I had been captured and paroled at Port Hudson. Was not exchanged.
I was in arms against the United States and was a private in Cpt Israel's Co G, 1st Ark Bn Inf.
Sworn in 4Apr1862 by Cpt Fellows in Lawrence Co, AR. for 3 years or the war.
When captured, I was first taken to Pilot Knob and remained there about one week and was sent to Gratiot St Prison about 5Jan1864.

I had been in arms twice during the war at Port Hudson.
I was armed in the ranks.

Question: Have you ever furnished arms, ammunition, horse, provisions etc to the rebels? Nothing but one mule that I rode while with "Reeves"
I never took or pressed horses, arms or property etc.

Question: Are you a Souther sympathizer? I am.

Question: Do you sincerely desire to have the Southern people put down in this war, and the authority of the United States Government over them restored? I do not.

I have been in camp with my command in MO, AR, TN, MS, LA.
I was captured and paroled at Port Hudson 9Jul1863. Went home and remained until ordered out by my officers about Dec 18, 1863. I went voluntarily. The company went and I went along. I did not report to the Federal authorities.

I had no slaves.

I have no wive nor children

I have no other relatives in the rebellion.
I am a farmer.

Sworn and subscribed 30Jan1864.          Signed by X.
George W. Schwinn, Lieut.