Our thanks to Mr. JESSE SUTTLES of Jonesboro, AR for transcribing and furnishing us with the following letter from his third cousin to his Mother. The blank spaces are from sections that have badly deteriorated in the folds of the letter.

Camp Hindman Pulaski County, Ark. June the 15th 1862

Dear Mother,

I now take this pleasure of sending you a few lines. I am well at present. We started from home about the 26th of May. We have been stationed at this place about 12 days, and we do not know when we will leave this place. I am getting very tired of this place. The water is getting very bad, and provisions scarce. John has been sick for several days he had one or two chills but he is umproving about now. We entended coming by to see you when we started. But it was out of the way and did not have time. We have not drawed any arms yet and I understand that there is no arms in Little Rock our encampunt is -------------------about five or six miles ------------of Little Rock. I have not-------------to you at present. I could write a good deal of nonsence that would not be interesting. I will write to you again before long and I will try to do better the next time. I will have to ----------dress parade in a few minutes al though it is sunday we have to muster about one forth of the boys w----------this morning for refusing to muster on sunday. give my respect to all my ------------frinds tell Andrew Warmack to write to me so no more at present remains you affectionate son until death.

Thomas S. Wicker

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