Camp Gum Springs near Fort Smith
May l4th,1863

A letter from  John M. Sorrells to his father

Dear Father,

I have just come in off of a scout after some jayhawkers and have but little time to write. I am well but very tired a riding I rode all night and didn't sleep a wink and I feel________ but I think I
will be all write in the morning. Father I havent much of importance to write. I have met up with
some of my kin up here some second cousins. I have been to see them and they
were glad to see me and teated me very well the old mans name is Samuel Sorrells and he is a nice
old fellow and he has a nice family and a Waren Sorrells a Lieutenant in Company I,
Carrol's Regt is a nice fellow. I have to bring my letter a close to soon. I rote one that will tell
you all that I could father. I want you to take care of my horse for me till I come home for I think
a great deal of that horse he is a fine young horse and is not troublesom he won't jump a fence of
any hight. Tell Thomas to take care of him but don't spoil him. So nothing more at present but
give my love and receive a portion for your self and I remain your affectionate son.

                                  John M. Sorrells

PS Father any expense you are out in reguard to my horse I will pay it so be kind
a nuf to take care of him for me and I will repay I remain yours as ever we do part
for the present

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