Copied from a Special Edition of "THE MERRY GREEN PRESS"


This special edition newspaper was complied and published by the Grant County Museum in Sheridan, Arkansas, in 1989, in observance of the 125th Anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Jenkins' Ferry fought April 29-30th, 1864, in what was then Hot Spring and Saline County Territory, a region later incorporated into Grant County in 1869.

The events and situations described here as well as comments and individuals depicted in the accounts were researched from contemporary sources in the museum archives.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the following persons for their interest in the preservation of our Grant county heritage and for their financial assistance in support of this "special edition":

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Bailey
Mr. & Mrs. Lavelle Bailey
Mr. & Mrs. Hurschel Ballard
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Brashears
W. H. Carder
Gerry S. Carter
Dr. & Mrs. Warren Douglas
Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Freeman
Mary Beth Glover
Kay M. Goolsby
Mr. & Mrs. Hollis Harrington
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hines
Dr. Jack Irvin
David J. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Leland Lamb
Odie Lovett
Mr. & Mrs. Euell Lowman
Mr. & Mrs. Gean McDonald
Julie McDonald
Dr. & Mrs. George Mitchell
J. L. Reeves
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Reeves
Dr. Bob Rushing
Mr. & Mrs. Roy L. Sharpe
Dr. & Mrs. Bob Slaughter
Mrs. Robert C. Smith
Murry Toler
Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Tygart
Dalton V. Walker
Don Waddell Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Whitworth
Dr. Ronald Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Wise, Jr.

Elwin L. Goolsby, Museum Director, Grant County Historian


I would like to express my thanks to all of you on these two lists that have been so patient and encouraging during the posting of these articles from the MERRY GREEN PRESS, Special Edition Newspaper regarding the Saline Territory, Arkansas 1864.

I could not hold in my possession this information that most of you would never see. The presentation of these facts concerning this area in what is now Grant County, AR is a wonderful piece of history that would benefit so many and help enhance their research of their family that were here during this time or were named as part of these history notes in this paper. Every little bit of information, no matter how small is of importance to make our ancestors real and to explain why they were who they were and why they lived where they lived and what it meant to be alive during this time.

I hope you enjoyed the presentation and I apologize to those that had a problem if the posts were too long. They were posted in 29 parts, but believe it or not, all came from only six pages of this special edition. The parts were my numbering system to be able to keep up with what I was doing (and I still duplicated one, sorry). None of the articles were numbered, just titled on the original newpaper that I have.

Thank you again for your patience.

See ya, Lou Ann


We hope you all read and love these articles as much as we do. We can't thank Lou Ann enough for all the work this involved and for the time she spent typing all this for us... It's our hope that all of you learn something about the Civil War and that yes, people did die and suffer the untold agonies of lost loved ones, starvation and the many hardships that were the end result of this war...

There was no glory in this war........

J & EG

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