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Copied from a Special Edition of "THE MERRY GREEN PRESS"


GENERAL ORDERS, No. 64 ADJT. And INSP. General's Office, Richmond, VA. 1864

I. The following roll of honor is published, in accordance with paragraph I General Orders, No.131, 1863. It will be read to every regiment in the service at the first dress-parade after its receipt. * * * *


Missouri:Eighth Regiment of Infantry

Capt. E. A. Pinnell, Co. D
Capt. A. M. Curry, Co. G
First Lieut. T. L. Johnson, Co. C
Senior Second Lieut. James Hulsey, Co. E
Junior Second Lieut. M. O. Roberts, Co. F
Junior Second Lieut. T. B. Logan, Co. I

Ninth Regiment of Infantry
Private George E. Kirby, Co. G

Tenth Regiment of Infantry

Private A. J. Hutchinson, Co. E
Private Ozias Benton, Co. F
Private J. R. Adams, Co. G
Private Stephen Crismon, Co. K

Eleventh Regiment of Infantry

Private W. H. Dodson, * Co. A
Private Peter Black, * Co. B
Private D. O. Daugherty, Co. C
Private William Park, Co. D
Sergt. Green B. Smith, * Co. F
Private B. F. Mock, Co. G
Private Thomas Conner, * Co. H
Private Jacob S. Barnard, * Co. I
Sergt. S. B. McBride, Co. K

Company E on detached service.

Twelfth Regiment of Infantry

Private J. W. Kilgore, Co. A
Sergt. James Hawkins, Co. B
Private H. K. Taylor, Co. C
Sergt. Geroge Hirsch, Co. D
Private John E. Morris, Co. E
Sergt. James Lincycomb, Co. F
Private M. Gibson, Co. G
Sergt. William Kemp, Co. H
Sergt. A. J. Hinkle, Co. I
Private N. C. Foster, Co. K.

Sixteenth Regiment of Infantry

Private Loyd T. Stepenson, * Co. C
Private D. P. Neel, * Co. F
Private William Tyree, Co. I
Private W. L. Jackson, Co. K

Other companies declined selecting.

Ninth Battalion of Sharpshooters

Private W. B. McElwee, Co. A
Sergt. H. B. Stiles, Co. B
Private W. Clay Green, Co. C
Private John King, Co. D

Lesueur's Battery Corpl.
Jefferson H. Gillespie

By order: S. COOPER, Adjutant and Inspector General

All noted [*] KILLED IN ACTION


Colonel C. Krez, 27th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, has filed this list of his killed, wounded, and missing at Jenkins' Ferry on April 30th:


Walter Osborn
Wesley H. Stagg
Peter Barth
Lawrence Dickensford
Carl White


John J. Borland
John Henry
G. Dietrick Vandaen
F. Rumery
Justin C. Cretton
Joseph Mesmer
Conrad Plinke
John Gehring
J. Kingsland
H. Hemke
Christian Timmingson


Paul Casley
Conrad Martin
Adam Eifler
H. Mandel
M. Wagner
Joseph Gretzer
Jacob Brick
Edward O'Hara
Philip Theiss
T. Proffsman
T. Abel
P. Refhel
Levi Dean
George W. Cole

Grant County Museum in Sheridan, Arkansas printed in observance of the 125th Anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Jenkins' Ferry that was fought April 29-30th, 1864 in what was then Hot Springs and Saline County Territory...later incorporated into Grant County in 1869.

The above information may be used for non-commercial historical and genealogical purposes only and with the consent of the page owner may be copied for the same purposes so long as this notice remains a part of the copied material. EDWARD G. GERDES

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