Many Thanks to Lou Ann Lunsford for being kind enough to share these newspaper articles with us here in Arkansas


Copied from a Special Edition of "THE MERRY GREEN PRESS"


Captain C. B. Boydstrom of the 33rd Iowa Infantry has furnished this paper with a list of enlisted men recorded as killed, wounded, or taken prisoner at Jenkins’ Ferry. The regiment is currently in Little Rock, and it is hoped that this list will reach families in Marion, Keokuk, and Mahaska counties where the companies were organized. (in the article copied, the names were not in alphabetical order…it is done here for quicker reference)

33rd Casualties: Companies A-K

Adams, David - wounded
Alsup, John R. - prisoner
Bacon, Daniel - wounded
Bartlett, Owen - wounded
Bevin, Clark - wounded/prisoner
Bird, Willis S. - wounded
Bonebrake, Peter A. - wounded
Bowers, William J. wounded
Brobst, Joseph - wounded/prisoner
Bruett, John - wounded/prisoner
Chadwick, Wheeler - wounded/prisoner
Cochram, Lewis H. - wounded
Coleburn, William H. - wounded/prisoner
Compton, James D. - wounded/prisoner
Coomes, Reuben - prisoner
Cornes, Amos - killed
Cowan, William R. - wounded
Crawford, John R. - wounded/prisoner
Cruzen, Benjamin - killed
Currey, Robert W.B. wounded
de Bruyn, Kyln - prisoner
Decker, Dennis - wounded/prisoner
Dewesse, Samuel L. - wounded
Dison, William T. - wounded
Doughman, Samuel H. - wounded
Dove, John - wounded
Downes, William O. - wounded
Duncan, James T. mortally - wounded
Dunlap, Smith - wounded/prisoner
Dyer, Francis M. - wounded/prisoner
Eichelberger, Adam - wounded/prisoner
Evans, David T. - wounded
Fergerson, Hans - prisoner
Finney, John M. - wounded
Garrett, James - wounded
Gaunt, John F. - wounded
Gibson, Framcis M. - prisoner
Gibson, Walker B. - wounded/prisoner
Goldthwalt, William - wounded
Goodenough, Eri - wounded
Graham, Edward - killed
Grover, James W. - wounded
Hager, Alfred - wounded
Harris, John B. - wounded
Harris, William H. - killed
Haskell, Henry C. - wounded/prisoner
Hawk, Anthony - wounded/prisoner
Henderson, Enoch F. - wounded
Henderson, John M. - killed
Henry, Hiram P. - wounded
Henry, John - wounded/prisoner
Hiner, Dorman - wounded
Hinkle, Thomas H. - killed
Holloway, David - wounded/prisoner
Hoyt, William R. - wounded
Jackson, Mortimer - wounded
Johnston, John S. - wounded
Jones, Alexander - wounded/prisoner
Jones, John W. - wounded/prisoner
Jones, Oscar L. - wounded
Landry, Thomas - wounded/prison
Lawler, Thomas J. - wounded
Martin, John W. - wounded
McCleland, John M. - wounded
McMullen, Philander - wounded/prisoner
McNeal, Owen P. - wounded
McNeil, Allen A. - wounded
Miller, John H. - wounded
Mitchell, George R. - wounded
Montgomery, Samuel B. - wounded
Nichols, John E. - wounded
Niermeyer, John - wounded/prisoner
Osborn, William - wounded
Parker, William H. - wounded
Parks, William J. - wounded/prisoner
Peck, Marin A. - wounded/prisoner
Playle, Francis M. - wounded/prisoner
Quaintance, Morris A. - wounded/prisoner
Ream, Samuel - wounded
Redpath, Joseph - wounded
Reed, William G. - wounded
Reynolds, Lucien - wounded/prisoner
Ritner, Isaac N. - wounded
Roberts, John C. - wounded
Robertson, Samuel S. - wounded
Rodman, William M. - wounded/prisoner
Rogers, Hannibal - wounded/prisoner
Roland, Joseph M. - killed
Shanafelt, George W. - killed
Shaw, Levi - wounded
Shoff, John - wounded
Skinner, Jasper - killed
Smith, Ephraim - killed
Smith, Samuel H. - wounded/prisoner
Snyder, John S. - wounded/prisoner
Stratton, George B. - wounded/prisoner
Strong, James W. - wounded/prisoner
Suitor, Philip - wounded/prisoner
Taylor, Jacob - wounded
Thorp, William - wounded
Tindall, Johathan S. - wounded
Towne, George W. - wounded/prisoner
Trobridge, William - wounded/prisoner
Walker, William B. - wounded
Wallace, Thomas D. - wounded
Welch, David T. - prisoner
Welch, James I. - killed
Wells, Joshua B. - wounded
Wertz, Francis M. - wounded
Wightman, John - killed
Wilson, Davis G. - wounded
Windell, James - killed

Grant County Museum in Sheridan, Arkansas printed in observance of the 125th Anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Jenkins' Ferry that was fought April 29-30th, 1864 in what was then Hot Springs and Saline County Territory...later incorporated into Grant County in 1869.

The above information may be used for non-commercial historical and genealogical purposes only and with the consent of the page owner may be copied for the same purposes so long as this notice remains a part of the copied material. EDWARD G. GERDES

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