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Copied from a Special Edition of "THE MERRY GREEN PRESS"



Office returns filed by General Steele indicate that he employed about 4,000 officers and men in the fighting on the 30th. Killed, wounded and missing makes the Federal loss at least 700.

Brigadier General Samuel A. Rice, a staff officer of the 1st Brigade, was struck in the ankle by a minie ball resulting in the amputation of his foot. His wound is regarded as serious and may prove fatal.

Captain Paris T. Totten and 1st Lieutenant Thomas R. Connor were killed. Colonel C. H. Mackey, Lt. Col. J. E. Hayes, Colonel C. W. Adams, Captain Alexander Rush, Captain Andrew J. Comstock, 2nd Lieutenant Oliver J. Kindig, 2nd Lieutenant Wilson deGarmo, and Lieutenant Baird were wounded.

Other Federal losses are as follows: -

50th Indiana Infantry, Lt. Col. S. T. Wells: K-13, W-71, M-9

29th Iowa Infantry, Col. T. H. Benton, Jr.: K-8, W-84, M-0

33rd Iowa Infantry, Col. C. H. Mackey: K-9, W-105, M-9 9th

Wisconsin Infantry, Col. C. E. Salomon: K-14, W-71, M-0

Casual Detachment, Captain M. H. Darnall: K-5, W-27, M-5

43rd Illinois Infantry, Col. Adolph Englemann: K-3, W-9, M-0

40th Iowa Infantry, Col. J. A. Garrett: K-6, W-34, M-0

27th Wisconsin Infantry, Col. C. Krez: K-5, W-11, M-14

2nd Kansas Colored Infantry, Col. S. J. Crawford: K-15, W-55, M-3

Springfield Illinois Light Artillery, Lt. C. W. Thomas: K-15, W-55, M-3

Federal forces not engaged included the following:

Co. D, 3rd Illinois Cavalry - Co. H, 15th Illinois Cavalry - 2nd Missouri Light Artillery - Co. F, 9th
Wisconsin Battery - 2nd Arkansas Infantry - 18th Iowa Infantry - Indiana Light Artillery - 1st Kansas Colored Infantry - Arkansas Light Artillery - 2nd Kansas Cavalry - 6th Kansas Cavalry - 3rd Arkansas Cavalry
13th Illinois Cavalry - 3rd Iowa Calvary - 1st Missouri Calvary - 2nd Missouri Calvary - 10th Illinois Cavalry - 1st Iowa Cavalry - 3rd Missouri Cavalry -

Losses of the 1st Arkansas Infantry under Lt. Col. E. J. Searle;

12th Kansas Infantry under Lt. Co., J. E. Hayes; and the 14th Kansas Cavalry under Lt. Col. J. G. Brown were not reported.

Confederate forces commanded personally by General E. Kirby Smith numbered about 6,000. Of these, 800 to 1,000 were killed or wounded at Jenkins' Ferry, according to most recent figures.

The dead included Brigadier General William R. Scurry, General Horace Randal, Colonel J. R. Watson, Captain McIver, Lieutenant Cude, Lieutenant Lasiter, Lieutenant Ponder, General H. L. Grinstead, Lt. Col. Simon Harris, and Lieutenant Hugh McCollum.

Brigadier General Thomas N. Waul, General John B. Clark, Jr., Lt. Col. Smizer, Colonel W. M. Moore, Lieutenant Von Phul, Captain Anthony, Major Stanley, Lieutneant Scull, Captain Dickson, Lieutenant John Lockhart, and Surgeon Edward Rundall were wounded.

Other Confederate losses reported are as follows:

3rd Missouri Cavalry, Capt. D. Brown: K-6, W-31, M-0

4th Missouri Cavalry, Lt. Col. W. J. Preston: K-1, W-12, M-0

19th and 24th Arkansas Infantry, Lt. Col. W. R. Hardy: K-8, W-18, M-0

28th and 38th Arkansas Infantry, Col. R. G. Shaver: K-4, W-22, M-0

33rd Arkansas Infantry, Col. H. L. Grinstead: K-21, W-71, M-0

Gause's Brigade, Arkansas Infantry, Col. L. C. Gause: K-15, W-67-, M-0

Dismounted Casualties: K-1, W-14, M-1

8th Missouri Infantry, Col. C. S. Mitchell:K-7, W-22, M-0
9th Missouri Infantry, Col. R. H. Musser: K-7, W-45, M-0
Ruffner's Missouri Battery, Col. S. T. Ruffner: K-4, W-6, M-0
10th Missouri Infantry, Col. W. M. Moore: K-3, W-7, M-0
11th Missouri Infantry, Lt. Col. T. H. Murray: K-2, W-15, M-0
12th Missouri Infantry, Col. W. M. Ponder: K-1, W-2, M-0
16th Missouri Infantry, Lt. Col. P.W.H. Cumming: K-5, W-20, M-0
9th Missouri Sharpshooter Battalion, Maj. L. A. Pindall: K-4, W-4, M-4

Confederate forces not reporting losses or not engaged included the following:

14th Missouri Cavalry - 8th Missouri Cavalry Harris' Missouri Battery - 11th and 14th Texas Infantry - 28th and 6th Texas Cavalry Daniel's Texas Battery - 12, 18th and 22nd Texas Infantry Halderman's Texas Battery - 3rd, 16th, 17th and 19th Texas Battery - 29th, 34th, and 35th Arkansas Infantry Lesueur's Missouri Battery

Grant County Museum in Sheridan, Arkansas printed in observance of the 125th Anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Jenkins' Ferry that was fought April 29-30th, 1864 in what was then Hot Springs and Saline County Territory...later incorporated into Grant County in 1869.

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