Our thanks to ED PERSER of Hot Springs, AR for supplying this information.

At the eastern edge of Texarkana, AR is the town of Rondo.
During the war between the states Rondo was the gateway through which Texas  Soldiers passed to reach the active sectors of the Confederate Army.  Areas adjacent to town became their camps; and here they rested for  a day or so, received last minute drill for combat, and were issued equipment. According to the best information available, a contingent of the Warehouse Regiment was encamped near Rondo, Measles swept the camp causing the death of many soldiers.  These men were buried at various places near their camping ground,  but, after the war, citizens of Rondo moved the remains of   eighty-five unknown soldiers. They were buried side by side in the Rondo Cemetery.

 One hundred-thirty-four years later the Van Zandt County, Texas Historical Commission unveiled a historical marker at the cemetery and named twenty-one of the previously unknown soldiers.  All of them were members of the 19th Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment and were all from thirteen counties in Eastern Texas and were enroute to Camp Nelson at Austin, AR to intercept union forces.  Records show that in 1862  the black measles  killed most of the soldiers buried five to the grave in seventeen graves at Rondo. The cause may have , in  realty,  been caused by paratyphoid fever, which comes from drinking contaminated water.

 The twenty-four soldiers that were finally identified and honored at the ceremony were:

BARRY, A..B.     Co H. Died 17 Sep 1862

EASLEY, J.F.      Co H. Died 15 Sep 1862

EDGE, JASPER   Co H. Died 12 Sep 1862

GENTRY, J.G.     Co H. Died  2 Oct 1862

GOWINS, R.H.    Co H. Died  14 Sep 1862

HOSS, J.H.         Co F.  Died 18 Sep 1862

HIGH, JOHN T.   Co G. Died 18 Sep 1862

IRBY, JAMES      Co G. Died  22 Sep 1862

JOHNSON, W.A.   Co C. Died 1 Nov 1862

LITTLE, J.C.J.    Co H. Died 7 Oct 1862

McAFEE, JOSEPH R.   Co D. Died 23 Sep 1862

McKINNEY, JOHN  Co E. Died 16 Oct 1862

MERZBACHER, JOHN Cpl    Co A. Died  14 Oct 1862

PATTERSON, JAMES M. Co E. Died 14? Oct 1862

PERSER, A.J.   Co G. Died 17 Sep 1862

ROBINS ?, J.S.   Co E.  Died ??Sep 1862

SEALS, JAMES   Co F.  Died 15 Sep 1862

SEDBERRY, WM.   Co A.  Died 15 Oct 1862

SEPICH, G.W. Cpl  Co G. Died 6 Sep 1862

SINGLETARY, THOMAS Co E. Died 11 Oct 1862

STANLEY, A.   Co H. Died 11 Sep 1862

Also the following soldiers died and are buried at Washington, AR:

DODD, J.M.   Co E, 19th TX Inf. Died 10 Jan 1863

EASLEY, J.O.     Co E, 19th TX Inf. Died 19 Oct 1862

FARROW, D.W.  Co E, 19th TX Inf. Died 4 Jan 1863

McKNIGHT, J.F.  Co H, 19th TX Inf.  Died 18 Nov 1862

PERRY, A.C.    Co E, 19th TX Inf. Died 1 Dec 1862

REEVES, D.M.   Co A, 19th TX Inf. Died 8 Oct 1862

SPEARS(SPEERS), JAMES    Co E. 19th TX Inf, 1 Dec 1862

Thanks also to  the Southwest Arkansas  Regional Archives, Washington, AR 71860 and Raymond W. Watkins, Falls Church, VA.

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